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of temporal calamities, is included in the tenor of that everlasting covenant, which is well ordered in all things and fure. Does the world then frown on you; are you afflicted with poverty, fickness, pain, and reproach? Do relations grieve you? Do friends prove unfaithful, or are you bereaved of them by death? Neglect not fo fair an opportunity of instruction, when you have experience itself to difgrace the pretenfions of the world, and your very flesh is made to feel that it is both vain and vexatious. Remember that God has fent these rough meffengers to bring you home to himself. Gratefully, then, comply with his call, and chufe him for your portion, leaving the world to those who have no better fources of fatisfaction.

4thly, Look forward to eternity, and take a ferious view of that world, wherein you must dwell for ever, after you have spent a few more days and nights in this. Remember that heaven or hell must be your everlasting abode; and muft it not be of the laft importance to know which of these different states fhall be your lot? Can that man spend his time and ftrength in the purfuit of trifles, who

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who believes and who confiders that he is haftening to appear before God in judgment, when his final ftate fhall be allotted according to his present behaviour? Muft not the forefight of this awful trial difengage his mind from the world, and cure his anxiety about earthly things, by producing in him an anxiety about matters of infinitely greater confe"Let quence. your moderation be known un


to all men (faith the Apoftle) THE LORD IS "" AT HAND.' A more powerful argument could not be used. An habitual impression of this awful truth, that the Lord is at hand, that he standeth before the door, would effectually cure our feverish desires after earthly things, and awaken us to a deep concern about the interests of our precious and immortal fouls.

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Finally, let us be wife in time, and give the fupreme affections of our hearts to God, who alone is worthy of them; imploring, for this purpose, the aid of his Holy Spirit, to enable us to comply with his own gracious expoftulation, Isaiah, lv. 2. "Wherefore do


ye spend money for that which is not bread, "and your labour for that which fatisfieth "not?

"not? Hearken diligently unto me, and eat 66 ye that which is good, and let your foul de<c light itself in fatnefs. Incline

your ear, and come unto me, hear, and your fouls fhall "live, and I will make with you an ever6c lafting covenant, even the fure mercies of "David." Amen.

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