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so honorable to God, so worthy of Christ, as that embraced in the final salvation of a lapsed world! Let none entertain views of God so low and wicked, as to imagine he will visit evil upon any being for believing the plain declarations of his word, and attributing to him the best and holiest work that an Infinite Deity can accomplish! No where can intelligent creatures be in a position so safe, as to plant themselves on the Truth !! That truth we have found. Behold and accept it, О man!

Philanthropists, would you have an assurance of the final good of all our race ? Christians, would you enjoy a hope, that at last, all enmity, bitterness and strife, shall cease; thai disobedience, evil and sin, shall be destroyed, and holiness and happiness fill the entire Universe ? Parents, children, relatives, friends, do you yearn for a confident faith that you shall hereafter meet all the the objects of your hearts' dearest affections? Here alone, in the belief of Universal Salvation, can such assurances, such hopes, such a faith be found! Embrace it as the beacon-light God hath kindly sent, to lead you to peace and joy! None will say I exhort you to adopt a doctrine of a painful or repulsive nature. The very thought of the final repentance and salvation of all inlelligent beings, fills the soul of the good man, the humble christian, with the highest rapture. All christians, all pious followers of Christ, all holy and pure men, love this doctrine. This entire audience love it. You, Gentlemen Moderators, love it. My brother opposite, although contending against it, with all his might, and strength, and soul, still LOVES it with all his Might, and Strength, and Soul! He has not denied this love, but will freely acknowledge it. And he will yet BELIEVE the doctrine he now so ardently loves!! Yes, my brother, I anticipate with the highest satisfaction, meeting you in a world where there will be the most perfect unanimity of feeling and opinion between us ! No longer will you raise your hand, or lift up your voice, in opposition to God's glorious purpose of reconciling the world to himself. In the midst of the countless throngs of the great race of man, all made holy and happy, you will see, and feel, and rejoice, in the truth of that doctrine, against which you now exert those talents which God gave you for a better purpose. You will acknowledge your fault in combatting a truth so evident and so glorious. That will be a happy day! Hand in hand we will walk the streets of the New Jerusalem, recounting the scenes of past existence, beholding the displays of infinite wisdom, goodness and power, which will blaze around wherever we direct our admiring eyes, and rejoicing at the movements of that wonderworking Providence, which from imperfection, darkness and sin, will have educed universal perfection, light, and holiness !!

In conclusion, I beg the Moderators to receive the expression of my sincere thanks, for the dignified, patient and impartial manner in which they have presided, during this protracted dis

and peace.

cussion. I pray God to reward them for this labor of love, and to bless them with all spiritual and temporal good, and at last to grant them an abundant entrance into his endless kingdom of grace

In taking leave of my brother opposite, I tender to him my regard and friendship. If in the ardour of debate, and the excitement of the moment, I have uttered anything that has wounded his feelings, or the feelings of any who sympathize with the sentiments he has advocated, I can but express my sincere regret, and beg them to attribute it to an error of the head and not of the heart. If I know myself, my feelings towards those who differ from me, are characterized by friendship and good will. Although my opponent has said many things ungenerous and ungentlemanly during this debate, yet I feel I ought to charge these things more to his

false, blinding, and pernicious doctrines, than to any confirmed depravity in his principles of action. I design to pay him the highest compliment, when I assure him I have a much greater estimation of the qualities of his heart, than of his head ? His affections are right-his thecry is wrong. The best prayer I can utter in his behalf is, that he may speedily be converted to the WHOLE truth, as it is in Christ Jesus, and become highly instrumental in proclaiming far and wide, that heaven-born Gospel ofUniversal Grace and Salvation, which he has on this occasion, labored so assiduously to overthrow. May Heaven's choicest blessings rest upon him and his, through life, and through eternity!

To the audience I return thanks for the respectful attention they have given during this debate. I exhort them to weigh candidly, whatever they have heard from either party. Let them imitate the conduct of the Bereans, of whom St. Paul speaks, who “were more noble than the people of Thessalonica, in that they received the word in all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether these things were so." May we all be led to love God supremely, and our neighbors as ourselves to discharge faithfully, our every duty in all the relationships of life! May we enjoy his light and truth while we live, and when we die, may we hear his voice whispering peace and trust to our departing souls, saying, “ Fear no evil; I am with thee; my rod and my staff shall comfort thee." Amen and Amen!--[Time expired


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