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A Large Paper Edition of this Work is Published in Imperial 8vo., Price 31. 3s.


The Work may also be had at the Publishers' in a variety of Elegant Bindings, in which it is kept constantly on sale, and for inspection.


“This is, in all respects, so beautiful a book, that it would be scarcely possible to suggest an improvement. Its contents are not for a year, nor for an age, but for all time."-Examiner. "The plan of this beautiful and splendid work is as admirable as it is novel." --Literary Gazette.

"It is indeed a Book of Gems."-Times.

"A more desirable Present Book' could not have been devised."-Court Journal.

"It surpasses all that Art and Poetry have as yet completed among us."-News

"A truly aristocratic and chastely elegant book."—Sunday Times.

"A work which, for beauty of illustration and elegance of arrangement, has seldom, if ever, been surpassed."-John Bull.

"This sumptuons book has no less than fifty-three illustrations."-Athenæum.

"The Plea e Book' of the year-a treasury of sweets and beauties."-Atlas.

"It is a book by itself. We believe that the combined talents of fifty-three artists were never before brought to the illustration of one volume."--Observer.

"The Editor has done his part with great ability, and sound discretion. His explanatory notices are clear, without being laboured; and short, without obscurity. The getting up of the volume is in the best taste. There is nothing meretricious about it, for it is characterized by the perfection of a chaste elegance."-Metropolitan.

"The work before us reflects high credit on the taste and ability displayed in its composition-qualities alike conspicuous in the design and its fulfilment. The Editor may feel justly confident that his labours to extend the knowledge and appreciation of British poetry and British art will be favourably received by the public."-Morning Post.

"This book is happily designed, happily executed, and happily named. It is, in truth, a Book of Gems of the purest water-au assemblage of the brightest flowers of British genius. The ample size of the volume has enabled the Editor to give his readers a substantial banquet; and his excellent taste and judgment have rendered it a rich and elegant one."-Morning Chronicle.

"The felicity of the design is only equalled by the success of the execution.”—Watchman. "The enterprize of the publishers of such a work as this cannot fail of meeting its due reward, for it would be a libel on the taste and spirit of our age and country, to suppose that such a book will not enjoy that popularity which it may justly claim."-Hull Packet.

"This is a work of ravishing beauty, where the attractions of art, and the charms of poesie, combine to captivate the outward and the inward sense. It is indeed a daintie Book. The idea of thus exemplifying the Poets and Painters of Great Britain is a happy one; and no pains appear to have been spared to carry it into execution."-Spectator.

"To the selected specimens of each poet a brief memoir is prefixed, with some critical observations, which are always good, and often excellent. The book reflects great credit upon the good taste and industry of its Editor, Mr. Hall, and upon the spirit and enterprise of its publishers. We have no doubt that a work, in every respect so well executed, will be so popular as amply to repay them."-Albion.

"The collection is indeed exquisite. We should also add that a great number of autographs of the poets have been engraved for this rich volume. After having to say so much in favour of its essentials, it is almost superfluous to remark that in regard to paper, type, binding, &c., the Gem has been got up in the most elegant and substantial style. To Sir Robert Peel Mr. Hall has appropriately dedicated this splendid volume-a compliment well paid and well deserved. A work so honourable to art in this country could not be more fitly inscribed than to one who is at this moment, perhaps, the best patron that art has amongst us."-Morning Herald.

"Mr. Hall's book, then, essentially popular, as we see, in its character, and set off by every extrinsic advantage to recommend it to a wide popularity, will, we have no doubt, do a great

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