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peace, that he will shortly accomplish the number of his elect, and receive his blessed Saints into everlasting happiness.

To make us worthy repeaters of this petition, it is necessary that we should have a due sense of God's goodness in establishing a kingdom amongst us, which is founded upon such mild and easy conditions as that of Grace, and strengthened with fuch great and glorious promises as that of Glory; we thould acknowledge the great privilege of being under his government, whose every action is dictated by infinite mercy, and guided by unerring wisdom for the benefit of his creatures; we should entertain all those affections for God which good subjects have for their kings, and perform all those duties which they pay to them in as much greater a degree, as God is superior to the greatest


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Monarch. We ought also, in using this petition, to have an univerfal love and charity for all men, a due sense of the corruption of manners, of the prevalence of infidelity and vice, an holy forrow for all who knowing the truth live not up to it, and for all who know it not, but walk in ignorance and in the shadow of death, And these charitable affections should upon all occasions break forth into action, inspiring us with a sincere zeal to instruct the ignorant and reclaim the wicked,

A glorious employment this for a reasonable creature, and a necessary qualification to make us true subjects of that kingdom which was founded and is governed by Christ, who spent his whole life in doing 'good, in converting the Sinner from the evil of his ways, and bringing him to the knowledge of God, Christianity was never intended to be kept in a corner, or confined, like the doctrines of the philosophers, to any particular school, but to spread itself over the face of the whole earth. No one therefore can be a worthy subject of Christ's kingdom, who does not endeavour to advance and propagate it.

intended endeavoured

It is not to be expected that we should, like the Apostles; visit remote and barbarous nations, since we have not, as they had, the credentials of Miracles to produce; but surely it is our indispensible duty to plant and propagate the Christian religion in our own colonies, and as we reap their temporal things, to which we have I know not what right, to low in them fpiritual things, to which our religion entitles them, without any other con. sideration. Had we been more careful to perform our parts in this respect, had we


endeavoured to civilize those rude nations, and instil into them the principles of the Gospel, we had not so often lamented their virulent cruelty and repeated perfidies Of late years indeed there has been established among us a most excellent charity for

propagating the Gospel into foreign parts, and if the success has not as yet answered our wishes, it has been sufficient to quicken our endeavours.

It is evident from Scripture, that before the consummation of all things Christ's kingdom shall be univerfal, that the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea, that the kingdom Thall be the Lord's, and he shall go. vern the nations. It is our duty therefore to advance and hasten, to the utmost of our power, this happy æra, by approving ourselves true fubjects of Christ, and striving to erect his throne in the hearts of others; by endeavouring ourselves to promote Chriftian knowledge at home, and encouraging those who strive to propagate it abroad, adnjiniftring such means to them as may tender their labours casy, and pave the way for their success, so that the word of God, and the kingdom of his Christ, may grow mightily and prevail.

It is our interest, as well as duty, to pray for the coming of Christ's kingdom, both in regard of the happy confequerices attending his universal dominion in the state of Grace, and our speedier admission into that of Glory. Universal Happiness must be the result of universal Christianity, and the world shall enjoy uninterrupted peace, when that religion which forbids all the motives to war, is fincerely professed by all; the wolf shall dwell with I 4


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