Ancient Records of Egypt: Historical Documents from the Earliest Times to the Persian Conquest, Volume 1

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James Henry Breasted
University of Chicago Press, 1906

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Page 125 - I never oppressed one in possession of his property so that he complained of me because of it to the god of my city; [but] I spake and told that which was good. Never was there one fearing because of one stronger than he, so that he complained because of it to the god.
Page 289 - This book was copied in the year 33, in the fourth month of the inundation season, under the majesty of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, A-user-Re', endowed with life, in likeness to writings of old made in the time of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Ne-ma'et-Re'.
Page 251 - Oryx nome, as far as its southern and northern boundary, preserving its people alive and furnishing its food, so that there was none hungry therein. I gave to the widow as (to) her who had a husband; I did not exalt the great above the small in all that I gave. Then came great Niles, possessors of grain and all things, (but) I did not collect the arrears of the field.
Page 330 - Ancient Rolls 758. His majesty proceeded 'to the library. His majesty opened the rolls together with these companions. Lo, his majesty found the rolls of the House of Osiris, First of the Westerners, lord of Abydos. King's Purpose 759. His majesty said to these companions: "My majesty 8hails my father Osiris, First of the Westerners, lord of Abydos.
Page 139 - heard,"b being alone with (only) the chief judge and vizier,c in every private matter in the name of the king, of the royal harem and of the six courts of justice;d because the king loved mea more than any official of his, more than any noble of his, more than any servant of his.
Page 294 - Southern boundary, made in the year 8, under the majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Khekure (Sesostris III) who is given life for ever and ever ; in order to prevent that any Negro should cross it, by water or by land, with a ship (or) any herds of the Negroes ; except a Negro who shall come to do trading in Iken or with a commission. Every good thing shall be done with them, but without allowing a ship of the Negroes to...
Page 301 - His Career; Birth 685. The chief attendant of the (residence) city, Zaa; "he says: "I was born [in] the year 27 under the majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Nebkure (Amenemhet II), triumphant. Commander of Six 686. "The majesty of the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Khekure (Sesostris III), triumphant, appeared with the double diadem upon the...
Page 158 - ... safety from Yam with the army which was with thee. Thou hast said in this thy letter, that thou hast brought all great and beautiful gifts, which Hathor, mistress of Imu...
Page 161 - I was one beloved of his father, praised of his mother, 'whom his brothers and sisters loved.
Page 123 - ... whose son shall do the like for him." MORTUARY INSCRIPTION OF NEZEMIBb 278. A short mortuary prayer, interesting for its quaint claim that the deceased was never beaten ! Nezemib (Ndmyb) was probably a private citizen of the middle class, from whom very few monuments have descended to us. 279. O ye living who are (yet) upon earth, who pass by this tomb; let water be poured out for me, for I was a master of secret things. Let a mortuary offering of that which is with you come forth for me, for...