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have often established an insulting equality between them and men covered with crimes, and made up of ignominy.

You forget, then, that you have twenty times left them covered with opprobrium by your galleries.

You forget, then, that you have not thought yourselves sufficiently powerful to impose silence upon these galleries.

What ought a wise man to do in the midst of these cir. cumstances ? He is silent. He waits the moment when the passions give way; he waits till reason shall preside, and till the multitude shall listen to her voice.

What have been the tactics displayed during all these unions ? Cambon, incapable of political calculation, boasting his ignorance in the diplomatic, flattering the ignorant mul. titude, lending his name and popularity to the anarchists, seconded by their vociferations, denounced incessantly as counter-revolutionists, those intelligent persons who were desirous, at least, of having things discussed. To oppose the acts of union, appeared to Cambon an overt act of treason, The wish so much as to reflect and to deliberate, was in his eyes a great crime. He calumniated our intentions. The voice of every deputy, especially my voice, would infallibly have been stifled. There were spies on the very monosyllables that escaped our lips.****






718 Volumes, £158 8s. 6d.

N.B.-It is requested that all orders be accompanied by payment. Books are sent carriage free on the receipt of the published price in stamps or otherwise.

The Works to which the letters 'N. S.' (denoting New Style) are appended are kept in neat cloth bindings of various colours, as well as in the regular Library style. All Orders ere executed in the New binding, unless the contrary is exįressly stated.

Complete Sets or Separate Volumes can be had at short notice, half-bound in calf or morocco.

New Volumes of Standard Works in the various branches of Literature are constantly being added to this Series, which is already unsurpassed in respect to the number, variety, and cheapness of the Works contained in it. The Publishers beg to announce the following Volumes as recently issued or now in preparation :Seneca's Minor Essays and On Clemency. Translated by A. Stewart, M.A.

(Ready. See p. 16. Schopenhauer on the Fourfold Root and on the Will in Nature. Translated from the German.

[Ready. See p. 9. Schumann's Early Letters.

(Ready. See p. 8. Bond's Handy Book of Rules and Tables for Verifying Dates WITH THE CHRISTIAN ERA, &c.

[Ready. See p. 19. Chess Congress, 1862. Second and Cheaper Edition.

[Ready. See p. 18. Arthur Young's Travels in France. Edited by Miss Betham Edwards. With a Portrait.

[Ready. See p. 8. Johnson's Lives of the Poets. Edited by Robina Napier.

[In the press. The Works of Flavius Josephus. Whiston's Translation. Revised

by Rev. A. R. Shilleto, M.A. With Topographical and Geographical Notes by Sir C. W. Wilson, K.C.M.G.

(In the press. Hoffmann's Works. Translated by Lieut.-Colonel Ewing. Vol. II.

[In the press. North's Lives of the Norths. Pascal's Thoughts. Translated by C. Kegan Paul.

[In the press. Björnsen's Arne and the Fisher Lassie. Translated by W. H.

[In the press. Apollonius Rhodius. The Argonautica. Trans. by E. P. Coleridge. Racine's Plays. Translated by R. B. Boswell.

For forthcoming Volumes in the SELECT LIBRARY, see p. 24.



STANDARD LIBRARY. 322 Vols. at 35. 6d. each, excepting those marked otherwise. (571. Is. 6d.)

ADDISON'S Works. Notes of Bishop

Hurd. Short Memoir, Portrait, and 8 Plates of Medals. 6 vols. N. S.

This is the most complete edition of Addison's Works issued.

BRINK (B. T.) Early English Litera

ture (to Wielif). By Bernhard Ten Brink. Trans. by Prof. H. M. Kennedy. N. S.

[blocks in formation]

ALFIERI'S Tragedies. ln English

Verse. With Notes, Arguments, and Introduction, by E. A. Bowring, C.B. 2 vols.


of America. BACON'S Moral and Historical

Works, including Essays, Apophthegms, Wisdom of the Ancients, New_Atlantis, Henry VII., Henry VIII., Elizabeth, Henry Prince of Wales, History of Great Britain, Julius Cæsar, and Augustus Cæsar. With Critical and Biographical Introduce tion and Notes by J. Devey, M.A. Por. trait. N. S.

See also Philosophical Library. BALLADS AND SONGS of the Pea.

santry of England, from Oral Recitation, private MSS., Broadsides, &c. Edit. by


Selections. With Notes and Introduction

by Leigh Hunt. BECKMANN (J.) History of Inven

tions, . Discoveries, and Origins. With Portraits of Beckmann and James Watt.

2 vols. N. S. BELL (Robert).-Sc Ballads, Chaucer,

Green. BOSWELL'S Life of Johnson, with

the TOUR in the HEBRIDES and JOHNSONIANA. New Edition, with Notes and Appendices, by the Rev. A. Napier, M.A., Trinity College, Cam. bridge, Vicar of Holkham, Editor of the Cambridge Edition of the 'Theological Works of Barrow.' With Frontispiece to

each vol. 6 vols. N.S. BREMER'S (Frederika) Works.

Trans. by M. Howitt. Portrait. 4 vols. N.S.

BURNS (Robert). Life of. By J. G.

Lockhart, D.C.L. A new and enlarged edition. With Notes and Appendices by

W. S. Douglas. Portrait. N. S. BUTLER'S (Bp.) Analogy of Reli

gion; Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature ; with Two Dissertations on Identity and Virtue, and Fifteen Sermons. With Introductions,

Notes, and Memoir. Portrait. N. S. CAMÖEN'S Lusiad, or the Discovery

of India. An Epic Poem. Trans. from the Portuguese, with Dissertation, Historical Sketch, and Life, by W. J. Mickle.

5th edition. N. S. CARAFAS (The) of Maddaloni.

Naples under Spanish Dominion. Trans. by Alfred de Reumont. Portrait of Mas.

saniello. CARREL. The Counter-Revolution

in England for the Re-establishment on Popery under Charles II. and James II., by Armand Carrel ; with Fox's History of James II. and Lord Lonsdale's Memoir of James II. Portrait of Carrel.

CARRUTHERS. - Ser Pope, in Ilus.

trated Library,

CARY'S Dante. The Vision of Hell,

Purgatory, and Paiadise. Trans. by Rev. H. F. Cary, M.A. With Life, Chronological View of his Age, Notes, and Index of Proper Names. Portrait. N.S.

This is the authentic edition, containing Mr. Cary's last corrections, with additional

notes. CELLINI (Benvenuto). Memoirs of,

by himself. With Notes of G. P. Carpani.

Trans. by T. Roscoe. Portrait. N. S. CERVANTES' Galatea. A Pastoral Romance. Trans. by G. W. J. Gyll. N.S. Exemplary Novels.

Trans. by W. K. Kelly. N. S.

Don Quixote de la Mancha, Motteux's Translation revised. With Lock

hart's Life and Notes. 2 vols. N, S. CHAUCER'S Poetical Works. With

Poems formerly attributed to him. With a Memoir, Introduction, Notes, and a Glossary, by R. Bell. Improved edition, with Preliminary Essay by Rev. W. W. Škeat,

M.A. Portrait. 4 vols. N.S. CLASSIC TALES, containing Rasselas,

Vicar of Wakefield, Gulliver's Travels, and

The Sentimental Journey. N. S. COLERIDGE'S (S. T.) Friend. A Series

of Essays on Morals, Politics, and Religion Portrait. N. S.

Aids to Reflection, Confessions of an Inquiring Spirit; and Essays on Faith and the Common Prayer-book. New Edition, revised. N.S.

Table-Talk and Omniana. By T. Ashe, B.A. N.S.

Lectures on Shakspere and other Poets. Edit. by T. Ashe, B.A. N.S.

Containing the lectures taken down in 1811-12 by J. P. Collier, and those delivered at Bristol in 1813.

Biographia Literaria; or, Biographical Sketches of my Literary Life and Opinions; with Two Lay Sermons. N, S.

Miscellanies, Esthetic and Literary; to which is added, THE THEORY OF LIFE

Collected and arranged by T. Ashe, B.A. N.S. COMMINES.-See Philip. CONDÉ'S History of the Dominion

of the Arabs in Spain. Trans. by Mrs. Foster. Portrait of Abderahmen ben Moavia. 3

vols. COWPER'S Complete Works, Poems,

Correspondence, and Translations. Edit. with Memoir by R. Southey. gravings. 8 vols.

COXE'S Memoirs of the Duke of

Marlborough. With his original Corre. spondence, from family records at Blen. heim. Revised edition. Portraits,


vols. An Atlas of the plans of Marl. borough's campaigns, 4to. ios. 6d.

History of the House of Austria. From the Foundation of the Monarchy by Rhodolph of Hapsburgh to the Death of Leopold II., 1218-1792. By Archdn. Coxe. With Continuation from the Accession of Francis I. to the Revolution of 1848.

4 Portraits. 4 vols. CUNNINGHAM'S Lives of the most

Eminent British Painters. With Notes and 16 fresh Lives by Mrs. Heaton. 3 vots.

N. S. DEFOE'S Novels and Miscellaneous

Works. With Prefaces and Notes, in. cluding those attributed to Sir W. Scott.

Portrait. 7 vols. N. S. DE LOLME'S Constitution of Eng.

land, in which it is compared both with the Republican form of Government and the other Monarchies of Europe. Edit., with

Life and Notes, by J. Macgregor, M.P. DUNLOP'S History of Fiction. With

Introduction and Supplement adapting the work to present requirements. By Henry

Wilson. 2 vols., 55. each. EMERSON'S Works.

Most complete edition published. N. S.

Vol. 1.-Essays, Lectures, and Poems.

Vol. II.-English Traits, Nature, and Conduct of Life.

Vol. III.-Society and Solitude--Letters and Social Aims-Miscellaneous Papers

(hitherto uncollected)-May-Day, &c. FOSTER'S (John) Life and Corre

spondence. Edit. by J. E. Ryland. Por. trait. 2 vols. N. S.

Lectures at Broadmead Chapel. Edit. by J. E. Ryland. 2 vols. N. S.

Critical Essays contributed to the Eclectic Review.' Edit. by J. E. Ryland. 2 vols. N. S.

Essays: On Decision of Charac. ter; on a Man's writing Memoirs of Him. self; on the epithet Romantic; on the aversion of Men of Taste to Evangelical Religion. N.S.

Essays on the Evils of Popular Ignorance, and a Discourse on the Propa. gation of Christianity in India. N. S.

Essay on the Improvement of Time, with Notes of Sermons and other Pieces. N.S.

Fosteriana : selected from periodical papers, edit. by H. G. Bohn. N. S.

3 vols.

45 En.

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