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Prof. Todd finished in a few words, and set down, lookin' gloomy and morbid.

Lawyer Nugent now got up and said, that whereas the speaking was foreclosed, or in other words finished, he motioned they should adjourn to the dinner-table sine die.

The picnic never broke up till most night. I went home a little while before it broke, and if ever there was a beat out creature, I was ; I jest dropped my dilapidated form into a rockin' chair, and

says I,

6. There need n't be another word said. I will never go to another Fourth as long as my name is Josiah Allen's wife.”

"You ha'n't patriotic enough, Samantha," says Josiah, "you do n't love your country.”

“What good has it done the nation to have me all tore to pieces?” says I. “ Look at my dress! look at my bonnet and cape! Any one ought to be a iron-clad to stand it! Look at my dishes !” says

I. “I guess the old heroes of the Revolution went through more than that,” says

Josiah. “ Well, I ha’n’t a old hero," says I coolly. “Well, you can honor 'em, can't you?

“Honor 'em! Josiah Allen, what good has it done to old Mr. La Fayette to have my new earthen pie plates smashed to bits, and a couple of tines broke off of one of my best forks?

What good has it done to old Thomas Jefferson to have my lawn dress tore off of me by Betsey Bobbet? What benefit has it been to John Adams, or Isaac Putnam, to have old Peedick step through it? What honor has it been to George Washington to have my straw bonnet flattened down tight to my head ? I am sick of this talk about honorin', and liberty, and duty; I am

am sick of it,” says I. You


talk about honorin' the old heroes and goin’ through all these performances to please 'em. But if they are in heaven they can get along without hearin' the Jonesville brass band, and if they ha’n’t, they are probably where fire-works ha’n't much of a rarity to 'em.”

-Marietta Holley.

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