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nified nothing, he offers up his precious

Life as a Ransom for the World: He voha luntarily submits to all the Outrages that

Malice could invent, to lewd Mockings, and Buffetings, and Scourgings, to an unjust Sentence of an unjust Judge, to a cruel, painful, ignominious Death in ignominious Company,

This did the most innocent, the most virtuous, the most noble of Mankind do, that he might purchase Happiness for the World, not for his Friends only, but his Enemies, even those very Enemies that thus contumeliously treated him ; and at the same Time that they were expressing the utmost of the Cruelties and Malice against him, loading him with new Torments, did not only forgive them, but with a Generosity without Example, prayed to God to forgive them also ; nay, and made Excuses and Apologies for them, Father, (faith he) forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Oh, how heroical was this Goodness! how unparallelled was this Kindnefs! Who can declare the Greatness and the Strength, the Height and the Depth of thy Love, O thou great Benefactor to Mankind! We can never utter it, but we stand amazed at it, and we will for ever adore it. O Holy, and Immaculate Jefus ! Blefsed,


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for ever bleffed be thy glorious Name, O thou King of Love, for thy inexhausted Treasures of Love towards us, and the excellent Example thou hast hereby given to ns.

And now we have fome Part of the Picture of our blessed Saviour, tho' it must be confessed it is very rudely drawn, and infinitely short of the Original ; yet these are the Lineaments in which he himself defired chiefly to be expreffed and represented to the Sons of Men. This is the Temper, and thefe are the Qualities which he was most of all to be known by, and which God moft valued in him, and which he himfelf hath most laid his Commands upon us to imitate him in.

And Oh, that we would so long and so earnestly fix our Eyes upon this loving Saviour, as to be transformed into his Love!

Oh, that we were so affected with his Goodness, as ourselves to become all Goodnefs, all Kindness to our Brethren! Oh, that this Flame of Love that was in him, would feize upon our Hearts, and utterly turn out of them all Self-love and Narrownefs of Spirit, that we, with as extended Arms as Jefus, did embrace the whole Creation of God! Oh, when will the Time come, that, laying aside all Piques, and


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Quarrels, and Contentions, all Hatred and Animosity, all Parties and Factions, all Wrath, and Bitterness, and Evil-speaking, all Malice and Cenforiousness, all Sourness and Moroseness of Temper; we shall be kind and affectionate one to another, bearing with one another, and forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's fake hath forgiven us, doing all the Good we can, obliging all sorts of Persons, as much as is in our Power, being easy of Access, ready to do Kindnesses, relieving, according to our Abilities, every one's Necessities, and, as much as in us lies, setting forward the Salvation of all Men.

This is to imitate Jesus ; this is to walk as we have him for an Example ; and in vain do we call ourselves his Disciples, if we do not thus walk, if we do not possess ourselves of this Spirit and Temper. If we would have Recourse to Jesus himself, and delire to know of him what Evidences he would have us give to him, and to the World, that we are truly his Followers and Disciples, he hath already resolved us, Fohn 13. 34. Hereby (faith hej hall all Men know that ye are my Disciples, if ye love one another. And if we further desire to know of him how we must love one

another, what kind of Love he expects I from us, he hath, in the foregoing Verle, VOL. y. Bb




told us that also, A new Commandment
(faith he) give 1 unto


ye love one another; even as I have loved


ye love one another.

Away therefore with all other Marks of Christianity that fall short of this. Let us have never so much Knowledge in the Mysteries of the Gospel ; Let us have never so strong a Faith in Christ, though it were even effectual for the removing of Mountains; Let us be never fo Orthodox in our Opinions; Let us preach and pray never fo Auently and affectionately; nay, though we spoke with the Tongues of Men and Angels ; nay, though we bestow all our Goods to feed the Poor, and give ourselves to be burnt for Martyrs, yet, if we have not the true Love and Charity that was in Jesus, all signifies nothing. This the Apostle St. Paul does largely and eloquently set forth to us in the whole 13th Chapter of the ist Epistle to the Cam rinthians.


And so much for my Third general Point. Other Particulars remain to be spoken to, which I shall reserve to

another Occasion. In the mean time I will conclude this Discourse with a Collect of our Liturgy:

Almighty Almighty God, who haft given thy only Son to be unto us both a Sacrifice for Sin, and also an Ensample of godly Life ; Give üs Grace, that we may alway most thankfully receive that bis inestimable Benefit, and also daily endeavour ourselves to follow the blessed Steps of his most holy Life, thro. the same Jefus our Lord.

To whom, with the Father, &c.

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