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from several Places in the New Teftament.
And bere indeed, in these extraordinary
Manifestations of himself for the Propaga-
tion of the Chriftian Doctrine, did the Holy
Spirit most visibly and illustriously shew
himself a Patron of the Cause of Chrift.

To reckon up the several Powers of this
Nature that were bestowed upon the first
Christians, will be a hard Task at this Dir
tance of Time. Nine of them St. Paul has

joined together in one Text : To one, says 1 Cor. 12. hé, is given tbe Word of Wisdom by the Spi

rit; to another the Word of Knowledge by v.9. the same Spirit; to another Faith by the fame

Spirit; (that is, such Faith as our Saviour
Speaks of, when he says, If ye have Faith as
a Grain of Mufard-feed, ye shall say unto
this Mountain, Remove hence to yonder Place,
and it shall remove ; and nothing shall be im
possible to

you, Mat. 17. 20.) To another the
Gifts of Healing by the fame Spirit ; to an-
other the Working of Miracles, to another
Prophecy, or foretelling Things to come; to
another discerning of Spirits, or knowing
People's Hearts; tn another divers Kinds of
Tongues ; to another the Interpretation of
Tongues. All thefe, faith he, worketh that
one and the self fame Spirit, dividing to every

Man severally as he will. These were the
P1.68. 18. Gifts which our Lord Jesus, when he ascended

up on high, received for Men. These were
the Gifts that his Vicegerent, and our Ad-
vocatė upon Earth, bestowed upon the


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Apoftles, and they to others, both Clergy and Laity, both Men and Women, so long as there was Occasion for them.

What now was the Result; what was the Success of these Atrange Things ? Why, it is notorious to all the World ; a Religion that had nothing of any external Charms in it ; a Religion, whose principal Article was to believe in a crucified Saviour; and the principal Reward of owning it was, in this World, only a Crown of Martyrdom; a Religion that was preached only by poor and contemptible Persons, Men of no Learning, no Education; a Religion that was opposed with the greatest Malice and Violence imaginable, and against which the whole Power of the Empire did set its self, endeavouring by all manner of Arts, all manner of Cruelties, to extirpate it out of the World; yet this Religion, through the uncontroulable Power of the Spirit, broke thro' all Oppofition, bore down all before it, spread like Lightning thro' all Places, and gained Entertainment where-ever it came, till, at last, it became the Religion of the Empire, and Kings and Princes were Nursing Fathers to it.

Thus powerful an Advocate did the Holy Ghoft shew himself for the Christian Cause; and thus effectually did he make good what our Saviour had foretold of him, that he should convince the World of Sin, of Righteousness, and of Judgment.

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2. But all this while we do not deny, nay we 'earnestly contend, that the Holy Ghost is still with us, as well as he was with the Apostles. He still is the Church's Advocate, now that Christianity is planted, and there is no need of those extraordinary Afsistances we before fpoke of : Present still he is with his Church, and ever will be, to all Purposes that are needful, either for the Glory of God, or the Preservation of the Church, or the Salvation of any Man's Soul.

Now, tho' I dare not be nice and particular in giving an Account of this Matter, yet these four Things I dare say we may always expect and promise to our felves from him, even to the End of the World. I shall be very brief in speaking to them.

First of all, We may be sure that as by his Power and Influence the Church of Christ was first effectually planted in the World; so he will always take care that the Church built upon the Foundation of Christ and his Apostles, shall in all Times and Ages be continued and preserved : And in order to that, that there shall be always a Succession of Paftors and Ministers in the Church, who shall always teach all necessary fundamental Truths, and be furnished with sufficient Powers and Abilities for the Discharge of their Function, viz. for the begetting Souls to Jesus Chrift; and by the Administration of the Word and Sacraments, putting them



into a Way of obtaining everlasting Salva-
tion. Less than this we cannot fuppose to
be contained in these Promises of Christ,
that the Gates of Hell shall never prevail Mat. 16.
againfi bis Church, and that he, by his
Spirit, will be with his Apostles and their
Successors to the End of the World. But then Ch. 28.
it is to be remember'd always, that it doth": 20.
not follow from hence, either that any par-
ticular Church is secure from Error, or from
other great Failings; or that any particular
Church shall always continue to be a Church.
Because a particular Church, or a particu-
lar Nation, may fo reject the Guidance of
the Holy Spirit, and by their grievous and
often repeated Transgressions fo affront God,
as to provoke him at last to give them up,
and to remove their Candlestick from them, as Rev.2.54
St. John expresses it. The Promise of the
perpetual Presence or Advocateship of the
Holy Spirit is only made to the Church of
Christ in general, not to any particular
Church or Member of that Body; and it is
only so made to the Church in general, as
to import that that Church shall never fail
from the Earth; but not at all that it shall
never fall into Errors or Corruptions.

Secondly, As the Holy Ghost, for mak-
ing good the Promises of Christ, will take
care that there shall always be a Church;
(viz. several Societies of Men agreeing in
the common Faith under their lawful Pa-
Itors, wherein so much Christian Truth shall


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be taught as is necessary to Salvation); fo
the fame Spirit will always take care to be
present in the Ordinances and Administra..
tions of the Church, both for the enlight-
ening the Understandings of Men to receive
and embrace all necessary Truths, and in-
clining their Wills to practise accordingly.
I dare not say of any Sort of Men in the
World that have the Effentials of Christiani-
ty among them, but that the Holy Spirit is
always at hand, by his inward Power and
Virtue, to accompany the outward Means
which God hath been pleased to bestow or
continue amongst them.

Thirdly, I lay this further; the Holy
Spirit of God never did, nor ever will fail
to direct and govern the Lives and Actions
of all Believers that mean honestly, and
heartily devote themselves to the Service of
Jesus Christ

. He will not fail to inspire their minds with good Thoughts, to give them Grace and Strength to resist the Temptations of the Devil ; to assist them in their Prayers and Devotions; and whereas they

knowo not what they should pray for as they Rom. 8. ought, to make Interceffion for them with

Eroanings which cannot be uttered (for which Reason chiefly, as some learned Men have conceived, he hath the Name of Paraclete or Advocate given him in Scripture, namely, as the Intercessor for the Saints; tho I am apt to think, with St. Chryfoftom, that this Text is rather to be understood of the

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