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Laura, the, of Petrarch, account of, 297

Laurel, the, 159
JANUARY, Mexican festivals in, 269 Lawrence, Sir T., Lord Byron's opinion
James II., 495, 497

of, 233
Jasper Wilson, a work by Dr. Currie, 418 Law, (see Courts)
Jewels, precious in Sinde, 583

Lays from the East, by R.C. Campbell, 316
Jurdan, Mrs., life of, 28-birth of, 29- Leeches, 322

her appearance at York, 30—first ap- Lenses, account of those used in light-
pearance in London, 31-declared admi-

houses, 242
ration of the Duke of Clarence for, 33- Letters from Lord Bolingbroke, 569_Pope,
letter from, 34—anecdote of, 35-her 572-Duchess of Marlborough, 573
separation from the Duke, 40-a letter Leopold, Prince, effect of the announce
from, 41-settlement on her, and letter, ment of bis appointinent as King of
43–her melancholy death, 45-reflec- Greece, 108--abdication of, 111
tions on, 46

Libel, curious mode of compensating, 77
Journal of a Nobleman, 499

Life, remarks on, 519
Judges in ancient France, 171-modern, Light, refraction of, 287

172–English, under the local jurisdic Light-houses, the illumination of, 240
tion bill, 174-in America, 183

ancient method of, 241–French method
Juges de paix, jurisdiction of, 172

of, 242
July, ancient Mexican festival in, 266 Lingard, Dr. J., his 'History of England,
June, ancient Mexican festival in, ib.

463-his merits as a historian, 481-his
Justice, administration of, in ancient character of Cromwell, 490
Mexico, 264-in France, 168

Literature, Calmuc, 195
Lithopites, 608

Litigation, proneness to, in India, 313

Liverpool and Manchester rail-road, 597

Lives of the Italian poets, by Stebbing, 295
KA LUSHES, the natives of Sitka, which , (see Jordan, Pinkerton, Cannog,

Currie, Rodney)
Kangaroo, anatomy of, 147

Loaf, Mexican festival of the, 269
Karatch, or Greek capitation tax, 464 Locke, anecdote of, 621
Keepsake, the, for 1831, account of, 48 Locomotion, engines of, 597-power of,
Le, Français, 61

Keith, Rev. d., his Evidence of Christia- Locusts, descriptiou of, 197—swarm of, 198
nity, 476

Logan, J., his Scottish Gael, 345
Kennedy, W., poetry of, 18—character of, London University, 628
19, 27

London, mortality of, 284— topographical
Kenrick, Rev. J., his Abridgment of dictionary of, 475
Zumpt's Latin Grammar, 156

Longevity, remarkable instances of, 350
Khans of India, 576

Loo Choo, 613
Kingsborough, Lord, his assistance in the Looming, account of, 191
Antiquities of Mexico, 257

Lustig, meaning of, 502
Knowles, J., his Life of Fuseli, 619 Lyre, the, 159
Kotree, site of, 570
Kotzebue, 0. Von, new Voyage round the
World, 79




M'Doxald, J., a miracle worker in Scot.

land, 208
Machinery, praying by, 194
Mackintosh, Sir James, his History of Eng.

LABOUR, remarks on, 312
Lagoon Island, inhabitants of, 610
Lamp, the safety of, Davy, 380
Landscape, Annual, the, for 1831, 56
Landlords and tenants, advice to, 617
Languages, some of those into which the

Bible has been translated, 13 — the
English, Pinkerton's proposed alterations
in, 64– Walpole's letter on, 66-miracle

in the speaking of unknown, 209
Language, 614
Lungs, cure for disease of, 626

land, 484
Madonnas, those painted by Raphael, 357
Madrid, coffee-houses of, 447–peculiar

inhabitants of, 451- lodgings in, 536a
scene in, 537--social pleasures of, 541-
the prado of, 542
Malmaison, story of, 513
Malt Liquor Test, 478
Malthus, anecdote of his essay, 423
Man, thoughts on, 515-obseryations on,


Moore, T., his life of Byron, (2d vol.) 217

-objections to, 218-account of a visit
vy, to Lord Byron, 229
Morehead, Rev. R., his tour of the Holy

Land, 614
Morning Watch, the, 205
Mortality, comparative rate of, in London

and Paris, 284
Mount Duft, in the Pacific, 609
Mourad Ali, appearance of, 581
Mundy, General, his life of Lord Rodney,

274-bis character of the Admiral, 281
Murray, J., his invention for preserving

from shipwreck, 620
Musical instruments, new plan of acquiring

facility on, 473


NAPOLEON, the Young, 504
Narrative of African discoveries, 311-

of a journey through Greece, 92
Nativity, the, of our Lord, painting of, 356
Natural philosophy, effect of, in physical

matters, 291
Naylor, account of, 489
Night, poetical description of, 567
Nobility, remarks on, 152
Norwich, effect of the coal duty in, 159
Novels, 113
November, ancient Mexican feasts in, 268
Nunez Vasco, account of, 245-his disco-

very of the Pacific Ocean, 248---bis cha-
racter, 250

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Manley, Mr., poems by, 202
Maouna, inhabitants of, cannibals, 85
Marchmont Papers, the, 563—Earls of, ib.
Marlborough, Duchess of, Jetters from,

Marriages, number of, in Paris, 285min

Great Britain, 286, customs at, in

Mexico, 261
Martignac, Mon., anecdote of, 161
Massaniello, a grand opera, 314
Masters, advice to, 617
Mauritius, Recollections of the, by a Lady,

385-manners of the Creoles of, 387-

account of a tragical event in, 388
Martyadale, Rev. H., his calender of the

Church of England, 317
Mathematics, use of, 289
Maxwell, a novel, 113
Meals, ancient Mexican custom at, 260
Meals in Madrid, 540
Meals in Pitcairn Island, 607
Mechanics, gross mistake respecting the

laws of, 142
Medici, Lorenzo de, account of, 301
Medicine, curious condition on the exhibi.

tion of, 580
Medicines, observations on, 622
Melodies, British, by T. H. Cornish, 319
Memoirs of the affairs of Greece, 92
Mendoza, an ancient collection so called,

Metastasio, birth and parentage of, 301-

character and genius of, 302
Metal, a new one, 628
Mexico, antiquities of, 253—custom at the

birth of a child in, 257---marriages, 261
-festivals, 266-9—various traditions in,

270—mode of computing time in, 272
Michell, N., bis Siege of Constantinople,

Millingen, Julius, his Memoirs of Greece,

92—his account of the habits, illness,

and death of Lord Byron, 93–100
Mill-stones, mode of making, 291
Milton, compared with Dante, 297
Mineral springs, Dr. Daubeny on, 237
Miniature painting on ivory, 315
Miracles, modern, 205-account of one

207-another, 209—reflections on, 214
Mirage, account of, 191
Missions of San Francisco, 613
Missionaries, Christian, in America, 2-

French, 3—in China and the East, 4, 5
-the London Missionary Society, 6–
treatment of a missionary in China, 7-
failure of our missionaries, and causes, 9,
10--anecdote illustrative of those causes,
11-effect of, in Otaheite, 81, 83, 84-

Danish, 315
Mitford, Miss, her American stories,

Monastery, that of the hermitage in Spain,

described, 549
Monument, inscription on the, 163

Oates, Titus, 493
Obituary, the Annual, for 1831, 474
Observations, Mr. Babbage's, remarks on,

Observatory of Paramatta, 146
October, ancient Mexican feasts in, 267
Oil, use of against attrition, 596
Olajava, an island in the South Seas, ac-

count of the inhabitants of, 85
Opinion, public cbservation3, 430
Optical phenomenon, a curious one, 289
Ordination, abuse of, 587
Otaheite, effect of missionaries in, 87-ac-
count of a missionary congregation in, ib.

Christianity in, 611
Otdia, a scene in, 86-warfare of, 87-

dramatic representations of, ib.-dinner

party in, 89
Ottomans, their government of Greece, 463
Oxford, Bulteel's sermon at, 586_charge

against the heads of the University, 588.
Oxydation, phenomenon of, 627


Population of Paris and London, 284-of

Great Britain, 286-excess of, 476
Population, the, of Easter Island, 606
Portugal, policy of England towards, 339
Prado, the, of Madrid, 542
Prater, the, of Vienna, 505
Praying, mode of, by machinery, 194
Pretender, the, 564
Printer, the King's, remarks on, 312
Pyrometer, a register, by Mr. Daniel, 239


QUACKERY, anecdote of, 368
Quacks, curious account of Greek, 103
Quarries, method of blasting rocks in, 291
Quinine, sulphat of, virtues of, 581


Pacific Ocean, discovery of, 248_

Beechey's voyage to, 601
Painting. backward state of, in England,

363-miniature, on ivory, 315
Paley's theory of morals vindicated, 318
Palos, the birth-place of Columbus, de-

scribed, 251
Paolo Fra, his maxims for the government

of Greece, by Venice, 462
Paramatta, observatory of, 146
Paris, Dr., bis Lite of Sir H. Davy, 364
Paris, mortality of, 284-number of mar-

riages, 285
Parkinson, Rev. R., his poetry, 560
Parnell, Sir H., on financial reform, 468
Parry, Mr., conduct of, in Greece, 97
Parsey, A., his art of miniature paiuting

on ivory, 315
Paseo, the, 542-3
Patent Laws, French, 628
Paul and Virginia, the tombs of, in the

Mauritius, 393
Peiresk, N., 530
People, sovereignty of, 428
Perch Rock, light-house of, 241
Percy, Dr., anecdote of, 79
Perouse, La, his visit to Easter Island, 602
Persian adventurer, 113
Peter, St., figure of, in one of Raphael's

Cartoons, 359
Petrarch, account of, 297-his residence

and occupations at Vaucluse, 298
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal

Society, 237-imperfect plan of, 151
Philosophy, Natural, 1. F. Herschel on, 286
Pictures, account of some of those of Ra-

phael, 356
Pictures, giving entertainment of, 507
Pinkerton, John, correspondence of, 62–

account of his life, 63- his failure as a
dramatist, 64_his reform of the English
language, 65—his lives of saints, 70-
letters from, 70-2—disputes with his
publisher, 76
Pious Minstrel, 623
Pipe (see bagpipe)
Pitcairn, Island of, 607
Plate-rail, 593
Pletenburgh, Count, curious anecdote of

Poets, Italian, lives of the, 295-humble,

199-curious description of one, 19
Polar Regions (see Beechey) discovery in

the, 624
Polignac, Prince de, his appointment as

Minister of France, 341
Political Economy, Cotterill on, 620
Polynesian Islands, population of, 611
Pope, the, calculation respecting, 323
Pope, Lord Byrou's remarks on, 227-

letter from, 572

Radack islands, manners of the inhabitants

of, 86 (see Otdia)
Rail-roads, treatise on, 592—history of,

593_object of them, 594—comparison
between and other modes of conveyance,

Raines, W., letter of, to Lord Tenterden,

Raphael, cartoons of, 353—great excel.

lence of, 356– account of his cartoon of
the Adoration of the Magi, 358—other

cartoons, 359-362
Recollections of the Mauritius, 385
Reece, Dr., observations on, 157
Reece, Dr., his Annual, 622
Reflections on the decline of science, 135
Reform, parliamentary, observations on,

425—443-financial, 468
Reformers in the days of Cromwell, 486
Refraction, phenomena of, described, 287

-double, 288
Register, Pyrometer, description of a new

one, 239

Religion, doubt on, 619
Remedies, account of certaia new ones, 622
Remembrance for 1831, 59
Reptiles, peculiarities marking their species,

405-circulation of blood in the, 406--

other peculiarities, 407
Respiration, theory concerning, 365—in

reptiles, 406
Revenue, public, nett proceeds of, at differ-

ent periods, 440
Rey, M., his Institutions Judiciares, 169
Reynolds, F. M., poetry by, 54
Richelieu, Cardinal, story of, 513
Ritchie, L., his Romance of History, 305
Roads, ancient state of, 592-history of

rail-roads, 593
Rock, crystal, singular property of, 288
Rodney, admiral, life and correspondence

of, 274-birth, 275-early success, 276
-letters frum, 277--great victory over

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Skin, blue colour of the, 479
Slaves, the treatment of, in the Mauritius,

Slave Trade advocated by Lord Rodney, 284
Slidell, Lieut., his Year in Spain, 533
Small-pox, ravages of, 285
Smelting of iron, how performed, 290
Snell, W., his discovery of a rule respecting

refraction, 287
Snowden, Miss E., her poetry, 562
Snuff, partiality of the Highlanders for, 349
Societies for diffusing Christianity, 1

Missionary, 2-the London Bible So.

ciety, 6
Society, Royal, 626—-Geographical, ib.
Society, Royal, transactions of, 237

the Tepidarian, 370
Solids, account of a pyrometer for register-

ing the expansion of, 239
Sound, march of, 627
Sounding boards, 478
South Seas (see Kotzebue)
Spain, revolution of, 329
Spain, a Year in, 533
Spanish Commission, 330-manners of, 443
Speech, phenomena of, 524
Springs, saline, of England, 237
St. Alban's, Duchess of, anecdote of, 34
St. Pierre, site of his Tale of Paul and

Virginia, 393
Stael, Mad. de, her lecture to Lord Byron,

Statford, Lord, his meauness, 495
S:apleton, A. G., his life of Canning, 325
Statistics of Great Britain, 286
Steam-engine, marine, account of a, 481
Stebbing, Rev. H., his lives of the Italian

Poets, 295
Stephenson, Mr., his new locomotive en-

gine, 591
Steppes of Astrachan, account of, 191
Stewart, Dugald, lines to his memory by

Lord J. Russell, 50
Stewart, Rev. Mr., pious proposal of, 206
Storm, account of one, 91
Story, a strange one, 513
St. Vincent, account of, 621
Suits at law, calculation respecting, 177
Sun, a midnight one, 613
Sunday, manner of spending it at Otaheite
18-remarks on,

Superstition, power of, over Lord Byron, 99
Sussex, Duke of, fit president of the Royal

Society, 136
Swain, Charles, his poetical sketch, 470
Sydney, Algernon, objects of, 493-merits

of, 496


Safety Lamp, account of, 380-2
Sails, cotton, 478
Salamander, natural history of, 415
Salmasius, 530
Salutation, mode of, in Gambier's Group of

Islands, 608
Saud Cloth, 626
Satan in search of a Wife, 159
Saturday Night, a poem, 204
Science, reflections on the decline of, in

Eagland, 135—state of, in France, 137
-suggestions for the advancement of,
151-physical effects of, on mankind,

291-definition of the word, 293
Scott, Sir Walter, 627
Scotland, conduct of Lords of, in 1749;

565-7-union of, with England, 574
Scotland (see Gael)
Scott, Sir W.,

remarks on,

Sea Kings, a novel, 113
Sematology, outline of, 614
Senior, N. W., his three lectures on the

rate of wages, 311
September, ancient Mexican feast of, 267
Seringa patam, method of blasting rocks in,

Sermon, Bulteel's, at Oxford, 587
Sermons on practical subjects, 320
Serpents, natural bistory of, 412
Shall and Will, use of, 318
Shelley Percy, B., his first acquaintance

with Lord Byron, 222
Slielley, Mrs., a Story by, 50
Sheppard, C., his account of St. Vincent,

Ships, bottoms of, protection for, 479—plan

of controlling the fire of, 163
Shipwreck, apparatus for protection in, 620
Siam, state of Christianity in, 4
Siamese Twins, a poem, 396
Siddons, Henry, letter from, 77
Siode, narrative of a visit to, 575
Sinde, government of, 582
Sitka, account of the natives of, 90
Sketches of Venetian History, 624

TaHaiti, costume of, 81-population aud

missions of, 83
Talba, a romance, 113

Tales of a Grandfather, 316

Talisman for 1831, 62
Tallow, use of against attrition, 596 Wages, three lectures on the rate of, 311
Tattooing, as practised in Easter Island, Wainewright, Rev. L., bis vindication of

Paley, 318
Tax, the Greek capitation, 464-on glass, Wales, courts of, 180

Walker, Dr., his Life by Epps, 617
Taylor, Jeremy, remarks on, 314

Walpole, Horace, letters from, 67, 68
Temple of Melekartha, a rhapsody, 317 Walpole, Sir Robert, his administration,
Tenants, advice to, 617

Tepidarians, society of, 370

Walsh, Sir J., his pamphlet against Reform,
Test Act, attempt to repea), 498

427-his observations on the ballot, 131
Theatre, anecdote of the French, 161

--on the English gentry, 434
Theory in opposition to Practice, 142 Warfare, method of, in the Radack Islands,
Thoughts on Man, 515

Time, Mexican mode of computing, 272 War, lines deprecating it, 58-the Penin.
see Calendar

sular, Major Hay, narrative of, 472
Toki, 610

Water-spout described, 609
Topography of the United States, 319 Watt, James, 323
Trant, Captain T., his Journey through Waverley Novels, illustrations of, 472
Greece, 92

Wellington, Duke of, his policy as minis.
Translations, various, of the Bible, 12

ter, 340
Travellers, female compared with male, Whale-fishing, 321, 322

Whale-fishery, disasters of the fleet engag.
Treaty of Canada, effect of, 276

ed in, 624
Tremayne, Rev. W., his letter on altera. Wheat Plant, uses of, 163
tions in the English language, 65

W beels, account of iron ones, 595
Turkey, infamous proposal of the Sultan Whitfield, Mr., his poetry, 561
respecting Greece, 336

Will and Shall, use of, 318
Turner, J. D., his correspondence of Pin William IV., speech of, on the death of
kerton, 62--see Pinkerton

Rodney, 283
Turtles, natural history of, 408

Wind, the soughing of, 324
Twins, proportion of, 286

Winter, account of one in California, 91
Witchcraft, 480

Wollaston, Dr., gift of, to the Royal So-

ciety, 160—-benefactions of, to Science.

148, 149, 152-temperament of, 374
United States, history and topography of, Women, as painted by Raphael and Guido,

University, Oxford, charges against, 588 Wood, Nicholas, his History of Rail-roads,


World, calculation of its duration, 162

Wright, John, poems by, 200

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