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VII. 1. The Sea-Kings in England : An Historical Romance of

the time of Alfred. By the Author of The Fall of Ni-


2. First Love. A Novel.

3. Maxwell. By the Author of Sayings and Doings.'

4. The Persian Adventurer ; being the Sequel of The

Kuzzilbasb.' By J. B. Frazer, Esq., Author of 'A Tour

to the Himala Mountains,' « Travels in Persia,' &c.

5. The Talba ; or, Moor of Portugal: A Romance. By Mrs.

Bray, Author of The White Hoods,' &c. &c.

6. The Exiles of Palestine : a Tale of the Holy Land. By

the Author of Letters from the East,' &c.


IX. Reflections on the Decline of Science in England, and on

some of its Causes. By Charles Babbage, Esq., Lucasian

Professor of Mathematics in the University of Cambridge,

and Member of several Academies.


X. The Comic Annual. By Thomas Hood, Esq.


XI. Domestic Gardener's Manual : being an Introduction to Gar-

dening, &c. &c.

· 155

XII. The Island Bride, in Six Cantos. By the Rev. Hobart

Caunter, B. D.


XIII. An Abridgment of Zumpt's Latin Grammar, for the Use of

Schools. By the Rev. J. Kenrick, M. A.


XIV. The Emperor's Rout.

XV. 1. Hints addressed to the Small Holders and Peasantry of

Ireland, in Road-making and on Ventilation, &c. &c. By

Martin Doyle.

2. Hints to Small Holders, on Planting and on Cattle, &c.

&c. By Martin Doyle.


XVI. The Gentleman in Black.

XVII. A Practical Treatise on the Anti-Asthmatic Properties of the

Bladder Podded Lobelia, &c. &c. To which is added,
an Account of the Chirayita Herb, &c. &c. By R. Reece,

M. D., Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, &c. - ib.

XVIII. The Family Cabinet Atlas, conducted upon an Original Plan.

By Mr. Thomas Starling. Part VIII.

- 158

XIX. Military Events of the late French Revolution, or an account

of the Conduct of the Royal Guard on that occasion. By
a Staff Officer of the Guards. From the French.


XX. 1. The Lyre ; Fugitive Poetry of the Nineteenth Century.

2. The Laurel; Fugitive Poetry of the Nineteenth Century 159

XXI. Observations on the Duty on Seaborne Coals; and on the

peculiar Duties and Charges on Coal in the Port of London. ib.

XXII, Satan in Search of a Wife; with the whole Process of his

Courtship and Marriage, and who danced at the Wedding.

By an Eye Witness.


Literary and Miscellaneous Intelligence.

- 160

Monthly List of Recent Publications.


Art. I. 1. A Bill, intituled an Act for establishing Courts of Local


2. An Estimate of Mr. Broughanı’s Local Courts Bill. Ву

an Observer.

3. A Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Tenterden, Lord Chief

Justice of the Court of King's Bench, &c. &c.; on the

Bill for Establishing Courts of Local Jurisdiction. Ву

William Raines, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn.


II. Calmuc Tartary; or, a Journey from Sarepta to several

Calmuc Hordes of the Astracan Government; from May

26 to August 21, 1823. By Henry Augustus Zwick. - 190

III. 1. The Retrospect, or Youthful Scenes : with other Poems

and Songs. By John Wright.

2. Miscellaneous Pieces in Verse, Moral and Religious. By

Richard Manley.

3. The Mechanic's Saturday Night, a Poem in the Vulgar

Tongue; humbly addressed to Sir Robert Peel. By a



IV. The Morning Watch ; or Quarterly Journal of Prophecy,

and Theological Review. No. VII. and VIII.


V. Letters and Journals of Lord Byron ; with Notices of his

Life. By Thomas Moore.

- 217

VI. The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of

London, for the Year 1830. Part II.


VII. Voyages and Discoveries of the Companions of Columbus.

By Washington Irving.


VIII. Antiquities of Mexico ; comprising Fac-similes of Ancient

Mexican Paintings and Hieroglyphics, preserved in the

Royal Libraries of Paris, Berlin and Dresden ; in the

Imperial Library of Vienna ; in the Vatican Library; in

the Borgian Museum at Rome; in the Library of the

Institute at Bologna; and in the Bodleian Library at

Oxford : together with the Monuments of New Spain, by

M. Dupaix, with their respective Scales of Measurement,

and accompanying Descriptions. The whole illustrated

by many valuable inedited Manuscripts. By Augustus



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IX. The Life and Correspondence of the late Admiral Lord

Rodney. By Major-General Mundy. -


X. Annuaire pour L'An 1831, Presenté au Roi, par le Bureau

des Longitudes.


XI. The Cabinet Cyclopædia, Vol. XIV. A Preliminary Dis-

course on the Study of Natural Philosophy. By J. F. W.

Herschel, Esq. M.A. -


XII. Report of the Commissioners for the Herring Fishery of

their Proceedings for the Year ended 5th April, 1830.


XIII. Lives of the Italian Poets. By the Rev. Henry Stebbing,

M.A., M.R.S.L.


XIV. The Romance of History-France. By Leitch Ritchie. - 305

XV. Narrative of Discovery and Adventure in Africa.

- 311

XVI. Senior's Lectures, on the Rate of Wages


XVII. An Appeal to the Legislature on the Subject of King's


- 312

XVIII. Bussola per

lo Studio Pratico Della Lingua Italiana, per or-

dine di difficolta.


XIX. An Inquiry into the Alleged Proneness to Litigation of the

Natives of India

XX. Masaniello: a Grand Opera.

. 314

XXI. The Works of Dr. Isaac Barrow.

- ib.

XXII. The Art of Miniature Painting on Ivory.

- 315

XXIII. Sketches of the Danish Mission on the Coast of Coromandel ib.

XXIV. Tales of a Grandfather. Inscribed to Master J. H. Lockhart 316

XXV. Lays from the East.


XXVI. The Temple of Melekartha.

- 317

XXVII. A Familiar Analysis of the Calendar of the Church of


XXVIII. The Foreigners' English Conjugated : Elucidated through

French Examples.

- 318

XXIX. A Vindication of Dr. Paley's Theory of Morals.

. ib.

XXX. British Melodies, or Songs of the People.

- 319

XXXI. The History and Topography of the United States of North


XXXII. The Vizier's Son, or the Adventures of a Mogul. - 320

XXXIII. Sermons on Practical Subjects.

Literary and Miscellaneous Intelligence.


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Art. I. The Political Life of the Right Honourable George Can-

ning, from his acceptance of the Seals of the Foreign

Department, in September, 1822, to the period of his

death, in August, 1827. Together with a short Re-

view of Foreign Affairs subsequently to that event. By

Augustus Granville Stapleton, Esq. In three volumes 325

II. The Scottish Gaël; or, Celtic Manners as preserved among

the Highlanders : being an Historical and Descriptive

Account of the Inhabitants, Antiquities, and National

Peculiaries of Scotland ; more particularly of the Nor-

thern, or Gaëlic parts of the Country, where the singular

Habits of the Aboriginal Celts are most tenaciously

retained. By James Logan, F.S.A.S. In two volumes. 345

III. Cartonensia ; or, an Historical and Critical Account of the

Tapestries in the Vatican; copied from the designs of

Raphael of Urbino, and of such of the Cartoons whence

they were woven, as are now in preservation. With

Notes and Illustrations. To which are subjoined, Re-

marks on the Causes which retard the progress of the

higher departments of the art of Painting in this country.

By the Rev. W. Gunn, B.D.


IV. The Life of Sir Humphry Davy, Bart., LL.D., late Pre-

sident of the Royal Society, Foreign Associate of the

Royal Institute of France, &c. &c. &c. By John Ayrton

Paris, M.D., Cantab., F.R.S., &c., Fellow of the Royal

College of Physicians.


V. Recollections of Seven Years' Residence at the Mauritius,

By a Lady.


VI. The Siamese Twins. A Satirical Tale of the Times. With

other Poems. By the Author of “ Pelham," &c. 396

VII. The Animal Kingdom Described and Arranged, in confor-

mity with its Organization. By the Baron Cuvier.

Translated with large additional Descriptions of all the

Species bitherto named, and of many not before noticed,

and with other additional matter. By E. Griffith, F.L.S.,

A.S., and others.


VIII. Memoir of the Life, Writings, and Correspondence of

James Currie, M.D., F.R.S., of Liverpool, Fellow of the

Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh, London Medical

Society, &c. &c. Edited by his Son, William Wallace

Currie. In two volumes.


6. Great Britain's Crisis ! Reform, Retrenchment, and

Economy: the Hard Case of the Farmers, and the Dis-

tressed Condition of the Labouring Poor : a Letter to

the Right Hon. Sir James Graham, Bart. By the Rev.

Richard Warner, F.A.S.


X. The Incognito; or Sins and Peccadillos. By Don T. De

Trueba, Author of“ Romance of History, Spain,

Castilian," &c, &c.


XI. Time's Telescope for 1831 : or, a Complete Guide to the

Almanack, &c. &c.


XII. The History of Modern Greece, from its Conquest by the

Romans, B. C. 146, to the Present Time. By James

Emerson, Esq., Trinity College, Dublin


XIII. On Financial Reform. By Sir Henry Parnell, Bart., M.P. 468

XIV. American Stories for Little Boys and Girls. By Miss Mitford ib.

XV. The Sunday Library. By the Rey. T. F. Dibdin, D.D. · 469

XVI. Beauties of the Mind. By Charles Swain.

- 470

XVII. Narrative of the Peninsular War. By Major Leith Hay. 472

XVIII. A Dictionary of the Architecture and Archæology of the
Middle Ages. By John Britton, F.S.A.


XIX. Landscape Illustrations of the Waverley Novels.


XX. Pen Tamar. By the late Mrs. H. M. Bowdler.

- 473

XXI. A New System for learning and acquiring extraordinary
facility on all Musical Instruments.


XXII. The Annual Obituary : 1831.

- 474

XXIII. A Grammar of the German Language.


XXIV. A Topographical Dictionary of London and its Environs,

&c. By James Elmes, M.R.I.A.


XXV. Historical Sketch of the Bank of England.


XXVI. A Statement of the Consequences likely to ensue from our

excess of Population, if not remedied by Colonization. 476

XXVII. Evidence of the Truth of the Christian Religion,


XXVIII. The History and Topography of the United States of

North America. By J. H. Hinton.


XXIX. Observations on the History of the Preparation for the
Gospel. By the Rev.J. Collinson, M. A.

. ib.

Literary and Miscellaneous Intelligence.

- 478

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