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Concerning it's Auxiliaries, and Specimens of the Pupils'




October, 1832.

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Head Master of the Institution, al CTAREMONT, GLASNEVIN, near


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Each Pupil will bave a separate Bed, and live, in all respects, as a Member of the Master's Fainily; whose wite wili tahe charge of the Female Pupils ; so that Parents may be assured, that all will receive uniform care and attention, Ine tirst Half year must be paid for, at entrance; and every succeeding, Quarter, iu advance. Three Corn's Nousce reuffed, previous tu tkie reniövalot a Púpti.

One Vacation in the year, - viz: four weeks in summer.


do gise "kind-bequeath, dento-the Treasurer, for the time being, of • The National Institution, for the Education of Deaf and Dumb Children of the Poor, in Ireland, established in Dublin, May, 13, 1816, and now situated at Clarěmont, 'near Glasnevin, in the vicinity of Dublin,' the sum of pounds, sterling, to be paid within months, next after my decease, free of Legacy duty and other expenses, and with legal interest, ofter the said term of payment; out-of -such-parts only of my personal estate, as shall not consist of chattels real ; upon trust, to be applied towards the carrying on the purposes of the said Institution. And I do hereby direct and declare, that the receipt of the Treasurer, for the time being, of the said Instituţibs, shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors for the said Legacy."

N B.-- Devises of land, or money charged on land, or to be laid out in land, äre void ; but money or stock may be given by will, if not directed to be laid out in Jand.


1. The Institution shall consist of a Patron, a Patroness, a Pre

sident; Vice-Patrons, Vice-Patronesses, Vice-Presidents; a Committee; a Treasurer, two Auditors, and a Secretary ;

Guardians, Members for Life, and Annual Members.
II. Every Subscriber of One Guinea annually, or Collector of

that sum yearly, by weekly or other subscriptions ;- Every
Donor of Pen Guineas, or Collector of that suin from friends;
And every Executor paying a legacy of £50-shall be a
Meinber, and have one vote at all elections of indigent pupils.
Donors of £50 shall be Guardians, and have five votes; and
Donors of £ 200 shalí be entitled to four-and-twenty votes,

or to have one indigent child always in the Institution. III. "There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Members,

on sych day as the Committee may deem 'expedient; when the proceedings of the past year, and the state of the accounts, shall be reported; a Committee elected, and laws passed. Members shall be summoned by advertisement to this meeting; and immediately afterwards, the Annual Report, and audited Accounts, with a list of the Members, stating the number of votes to which each is entitled, shall be published ;

with such Appendix as may be necessary. IV. The Committee may call an extraordinary General Meeting

of the members, by giving eight days notice by advertisement

in the public papers, stating its object. V. The property of the Institution shall be vested in the Com

mittee ; who with the Secretary, shall have the entire management of the Institution ; Gilling up all casual vacancies in their body; electing all the officers, and appointing the necessary servants. They şląll mect once, ag least, each month. Three attending members shall be a quorum, and

must sign all orders for payment, VI. To be placed on the list of indigent pupils, as a candidate for

election as a Boarder, the applicant must bę Deaf and Dumb; not deficient in intellect; betweep & and 12 years of age; and must have had either, the small-pox of cow-pock. The requisitę apswers, properly certified, must be given, to the queries in the printed form of application, and the forms of engagement in it also signed. The Committee alone shall decide the number of vacancies for pcpils, and the eligibility of candidates. Special meetings for the election of such pupils, to which the Members shall be summoned, by circular letter or advertisement, shall be held on the

last Friday in May, and in November, from 12 to 3, P.M.
when they shall be presented with all documents, necessary
to guide their votes, to the most deserving candidates.
Proxy votes shall be allowed, if presented by a member,
and signed, by the person deputing such member to vote, in

the proper form, which may be had from the Secretary.
VII. Any person, or persons, shall have a right to place an india

gent child, approved by the Committee, in the Institution,
on giving them a satisfactory bond to pay (a sum never more
than) 20 Guineas annually, during the education of such
pupil, or an equivalent sum at once; for which sum the
Committee will educate maintain, and clothe the pupil.
When the parents or friends of a Deaf and Dumb child are
not absolutely indigent, and yet able to pay only a part of
the expense of maintenance, clothing, and education, the
Committee shall fix what sum they shall become bound to
pay. The payments shall be quarierly, in advance. No

such pupils will be admitted for a less term than five years. VIII. The Committee may admit day scholars, either gratuitously

or for payment. IX. The school shall be made, as much as possible, one of io

dustry, as well as of instruction.
X. There shall be an Anniversary Meeting in the summer, at

the Institution; to which the principal Officers and Mem-
bers, and such other persons as the Committee may please,
shall be invited.

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1. Each Auxiliary is recommended to give its Subscribers a privi.

lege of voting at elections of Pupils, similar to that given to the Parent Society's members by Law VI. and to elect pupils in the same manner and months: also to send up, each year, a fortnight before the Annual Meeting, a Report of proceedings, with lists of officers and members, and of the Deaf and Dumb in their district. Extracts will be printed with the Report, of which one copy, at

least, shall be returned to the Auxiliary, for each of its members. 2. For 200 Guineas, or for – annually, an Auxiliary may keep

always in the Institution, one indigent pupil elected by themselves.

The Auxiliaries are informed, that if they have trustees, they may, (first applying to the Commissioners of Stamps,) advertise without stamp duty.

As to the Plan of the Institution, &c. &c.

1. Correspondence. The following are the regulations of the New Post-Office Act, for the transmission of Letters, on the business of Charitable Institutions, at a reduced rate of postage, to which particular attention is requested, as any deviation from them, will not only subject the Institution to a heavy expense of postage, but may be the means of occasioning the withdrawal of the privilege altogether

1. The Letters must relate solely and exclusively to the business of this Institution, and are not to exceed one ounce in weight. They are also not to contain any cash, bank note, bill of exchange, promissory note, draft, order for the payment of money, or any other valuable security.

II. The sum of two-pence is to be paid by the person forwarding the Letter, at the time of depositing it in the Post-Office. If this is not done, the Institution will be charged full postage for the Letter. *

III. They are not to be wafered or sealed, and are to be directed as follows:

National Deaf and Dumb Institution.

or, Mr. WILLIAM Hopper, Assistant Secretary,

Committee's Office,
Post paid,

16, Upper Sackville-street,


IV.-It is suggested that remittances of money may be made by means of orders from the branches of the Provincial Bank of Ireland; but, as stated above, such orders cannot be transmitted under this privilege.*

2. The Subscribers' address, as to their Sir-name, Christian name, and designation; the number of the house, and it's street ; or their country residence, and it's post town; should be exactly entered on the books; in order to prevent the delay or misdirection of any printed notice, circular or letter, connected with their rights as to elections, &c.' &c. They are requested also to notify any changes of them to the Secretary, or any errors, as to them, in the Reports, &c.

3. Candidates for admission may procure the printed form of application, from the Clerk.

4. The Eligibility of Candidates, as indigent boarder pupils, depends on their being Deaf and Dumb, not idiotic,. in good health, between eight and twelve years of age; and having had the small or con pock. And the Answers, Certificates, and Engagements, in the printed? form of application, must be filled up. Any deception in these will subject the child to exclusion or expulsion. Paying Pupils are admissible after twelve.

5.“ Half-yearly elections of poor Pupils are held, at special meetings of the Subscribers, in the Committee-Room of 16, Upper Sackville-street, on the last Fridays of May and November, from twelve. A. M. till three P. M. The Committee fix the number of vacancies, and the Subscribers elect by ballot.

6. Subscriptions become due yearly, in advance, on the first of January; and every contributor is requested to take, and keep the Collector's receipt.

* If a delay occur, in the receipt of an answer to a letter, or if any list of Candidates for election, or other printed circular miscarry, the Members are requested to observe, that as all are regularly forwarded, this must arise either from their not baving their exact address entered in the list of Benefactors; or from somo negligence of the Post-man; or, as has ofte been the cas with printed papers, from their own Servants, either refusing to receive, or neglecting to deliver them. They are, therefore, requested to excuse any such accident, and to notify it în stantly to the Secretary.

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