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Nor canst thou a brother's fond caress,
Or a sister's searching tenderness ;
Grieve I too for summer flowers,

In calm weather 1

Culld together,

And the merriment of fireside hours.

Something whispers, though our heartstrings cannot sever, These are gone, sister, - gone for ever.

And for these I must repine, –

Sweet sister mine.



tears shall flow with thine, brother,
At the sound of those quick chimes ;
And the thought of home - my father and my

mother Overfloods


heart at times;
And my grief will have its way:

And though to-morrow

Joy chaseth sorrow,

Sorrow chaseth joy to-day.
Tell me, wherefore should I lull myself asleep?
Let me weep, brother, — let me weep.

1 “In a season of calm weather.” – WORDSWORTH.

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Nay, I will not, cannot, sister, see them flow :

Weep no more, weep no more.
There is solace from the deepest of our woe,

That our partings will ere long be o'er.
We are one in joys undying,

In the family of Heaven, And we mourn not, like the Pleiads ever sighing,

“ We have lost our sister - we were seven.” Still, however wide our pilgrim footsteps roam,

Bright and glorious

Lie before us Mansions in an everlasting home. Trust me, sister; wherefore dost thou weep so sore ? Weep no more, sister, weep no more. For my spirit catches all the bloom of thine, Nor can I in thy prime of bliss repine,

Sweet sister mine.




HORROR-BODING, wild and ruddy,

Looms the morning, strange as night,
And the sunbeams, cold and bloody,

Track our bloody path with light:
In the coming hour's bosom

Clasp'd the fates of nations lie,
And the lot already trembles,

And there falls the iron die!
There's a claim on thee, brother, of holiest power,
And a pledge to redeem in this dawning hour;

True in life, true in death, when life has pass'd by.


In the gloom of night behind us

Lie the haunts our foemen spoke,
And the wrecks that still remind us

Strangers cleft Germania's oak:
Spurn'd is the tongue we lisp'd in childhood,

Ruin'd lie our shrines and low,
But our faith is pledged, brethren,

Haste redeem that pledge of woe.
There are flames in our land, -up, brethren! and slay,
That the vengeance of Heaven may turn away –

The Palladium lost redeem from the foe.


Blissful visions lie before us,

Lie the future's golden years, —
Stretch blue heavens their curtains o'er us,

Freedom smiles amid her tears;

German art and German music,

Beauty, love's entrancing chain, -
All that's noble, all that's lovely,

Float in prospect back again.

But a death-bearing venture is yet to be pass'd
On the chance must our life and our life-blood be cast,

And Joy only blooms o'er the victim slain.


Death now with our God we'll dare it,

Hand in hand our fate defy,
And our frail heart, sternly bear it

To the altar, there to die.
Fatherland! at thy great bidding

Here we yield our life for thee,
That our loved ones may inherit

What our blood bequeaths them free.
May thy free oaks, my fatherland, proudly wave
O’er thy children's corse and their silent grave.

And hear thou the oath, and the covenant see.


Give ye yet one blessed token

Of a glance towards beauty's bowers,
Though the poisonous South hath broken

All the bliss of spring-tide flowers ;

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