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Nor luck: though drifting to and fro
Chances and changes come and go ;
Though joys are broken lights empearld
On wild waves of this troublous world ;
Though unsuspected griefs and woes
Rise, ere a whisper whence they rose;
Though oft the crystal morning-light
Is dark with tempest long ere night;
Though smiles and tears are driven away,
Like sun and cloud some April day ;
Though hopes elate, or fears appall,
Not luck, but Love is over all.


“A RUIN'D sinner, lost, undone, — Lord Jesu, hear my cry: The brand of guilt is on my soul; Lord, save me, or I

die.” “I will, thou wreck’d and ruin'd one: before thee, lo, I

stand; Upon my bosom throw thyself, and grasp my pierced


I will not spurn thee from my side for all thy rags and

chains, I love thee;

come to me, and wash thy dark and crimson stains."

“ Ten thousand talents, Lord, I owe, - nothing have I to

pay ; I dare not come, whose nakedness would shame the light

of day."

“Come unto me, thou bankrupt soul; why dost thou linger


With my own life-blood I have paid the last mite of thy

debt. My wealth, my goodness, give I thee, and, for thy royal

dress, Will clothe thee with a seamless robe, my perfect right


“I fain would come, I fain would pray, my tears alone

must speak; I come;

yet seems my strengthless heart too wayward and too weak.”

I come to thee, come thou to me, thou weary one, and


And my meek Spirit shall abide within thy troubled


His life and love, His power and peace, His majesty and

might, Are with thee; listen to His voice; He speaks, and there

is light.”

“I come, He draws me; I am thine, Lord Jesu, Thou art I ask no more, if only thus upon me Thou wilt shine.” “My Father loves thee, and I love; my Spirit dwells in

thee: Herein is life, and joy, and heaven, and immortality. But haply clouds will come, and hide thy Saviour from

thine eyes ;

Say, wilt thou love me on beneath those future wintry


“I only cast me on Thee, Lord; I love Thee, though

unseen ;

But when shall this dividing veil be raised that hangs

between ?” “ Press onward, ransom'd one, press on to that celestial

realm : The voyage may be rough and long, but I am at the helm : The wilderness is void and vast ; but, see, I go before

thee : The battle may be fierce; but I lead on before to glory.”

“And shall I never leave Thy side upon that blissful shore. But see Thee in Thy glorious home, and love Thee ever“ For ever — thou shalt share my throne, my Father's


face behold, And swell the rapturous melodies of thousand harps of

gold; Fear not, for I will greet thee with my well-remember'd

smile: Press on, be faithful unto death — 'tis but a little while.”

Hinton Martell, 1853.

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