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Broken hearts and gentle bosonis, once serene and pure as


Woe, woe! broken now and withering soon to fall and die

like mine But I reck'd not, for my spirit seem'd alternate fire and

night, Like a cloud-robed sky at midnight riven and kindled into


Hush! speak low: how shall I tell thee after this of inno

cence ?

Thou wilt mock me brother, brother —I can never tell

thee - hence!

See! the embers all have smoulder'd see their faint

light dying wanes : Brother, look, a star is trembling through the tearful win

dow-panes. I can tell thee now, for blessed are to me the thoughts

that rise

With those silent pilgrims yonder wending through the

silent skies.

Even thus amid the darkness, and the winds, the waves, the


Of my sin-sick soul, I pass’d one evening by an angel form. She had seen me sadly smile upon some children sporting

by, And her heart was touch'd with pity — and a tear came in

her eye:

And she look'd upon me

- spell-bound, I stood still and look'd on her, And a gleam of light fell glancing down the mists of things

that were.

Surely ne'er o'er human bosom came love in such tempest

kind; All my spirit's dark foundations heaved like waves beneath

the wind. Often did I wrench the thought from out my bosom's core

and cry,

Never should my cloud-tost being cross that blue trans

parent sky. But again she pass'd, and sighing Jesus, it was all she said. Yet down, down into her heart-depths through bewildering

tears I read “ Thou art weary, way-worn, storm-tost - darker spots are

on thy soul:

Jesus died — fear not, dear wanderer - storms must bend

to His control.”

Oh, that word! I scarce had heard it since in music erst it


From our sainted mother's lips, who breathed it as her last

farewell. The dark thunder-clouds that long had risen with every

rising day, Heard it, and were troubled — heard it, and began to break


Bitter was the shame, and bitter were the first tears that I

wept ; Frequent still wild nightmare visions broke upon the sleep

I slept :But at length the spring was heal’d, and gentle tears began

to flow, And One whisper'd, “I have suffer'd — I have borne thy

load of woe!” All the fabled lights of Reason seem'd like torch-flames tost

and driven All its music was as discord to the melody of heaven. As I knelt and gazed (esteeming all the world beside but On the one lone star that glimmer'd o'er my Saviour's


silent cross. Brother, brother, canst thou wonder that, when peace began

to brood

Over those wild troubled waters of my spirit's solitude,
I should turn and bless the angel who had shewn that light

divine ? Blessing, see her - seeing, love her - win and bind her

· heart to mine?

Shall I tell thee of the beauty of her sylph-like form and


Such as sculptor's hands, entranced all the while, might

love to trace ?

Of her soft dark tresses shading the swift blushes of her


Of her clear and thoughtful forehead, sunlit like a cloud

land peak ? Of her gentle heaving bosom, heaving o'er her passionate


Of her soft blue eye that bound thee without thinking,

without art

But within whose cool deep fountain slept a thousand sunny


Tush! the world saw that, and often spoke thereof in

heartless praise. No, I will not tell thee, brother, if I could for grief and


Love is silent as the stars that love us in their voiceless

spheres, Thus far only — she was ever, as she wander'd by my

side, Like a rill of spirit-music flowing with ethereal tide Through my heart of hearts, and chasing all the discords

lingering yet On the ruffled waves of life that could not in an hour

forget. What, if on my holiest moments burst detested thoughts

and vile, Like a breath the cloud was scatter'd with the magic of

her smile.

Soon we parted— but that radiance pass’d not into mist

or dreams, Haunting still deep mystic caverns with the light of moon

light streams : Yes, we parted — but that music did not die upon mine


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