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among them.

they were despised among all peo- glory of the Lord which was upon ple.

his people. 11 And it came to pass, that the 22° And the Lord blessed the land, Lord said unto me, "Look, and I and they were blessed upon the mouncooked, and I beheld the land of tains, and upon the high places, and Sharon, and the land of Enoch, and did flourish. the land of Omner, and the land of 23 And the Lord called his people, Heni, and the land of Shem, and the Zion; because they were of one heart land of Haner, and the land of and one mind, and dwelt in rightHanannihah, and all the inhabitants i eousness; and there was

no poor thereof.

12 And the Lord said unto me, Go 24 And Enoch continued his preachforth to this people, and say unto ing in righteousness unto the people them, Repent; lest I come out and of God. smite them with a curse, and they 25 And it came to pass in his days, die.

that he built a city that was called 13 And he gave unto me a com- the city of Holiness, even Zion. mandment, that I should baptize in 26 And it came to pass, that Enoch the name of the Father, and of the talked with the Lord, and he said Son, who is full of grace and truth, unto the Lord, Surely, Zion sball and the Holy Ghost which beareth dwell in safety for ever. But the record of the Father and the Son. Lord said unto Enoch, Zion have I

14 And it came to pass, that Enoch blessed, but the residue of the people continued to call upon all the people, have I cursed. save it were the people of Cainan, to 27 And it came to pass, that the repent.

Lord showed unto Enoch all the in15 And so great was the faith of habitants of the earth, and he beheld, Enoch, that he led the people of God, and lo! Zion in process of time was and their enemies came to battle taken up into heaven. against them, and he spake the word 28 And the Lord said unto Enoch, of the Lord, and the earth trembled, Behold mine abode for ever. and the mountains fled, even accord- 29 And Enoch also beheld the reing to his command.

sidue of the people which were the 16 And the rivers of water were sons of Adam, and they were a mixturned out of their course, and the ture of all the seed of Adam, save roar of the lions was heard out of the it were the seed of Cain; for the wilderness.

seed of Cain were black, and had not 17 And all nations feared greatly, place among them. so powerful was the word of Enoch, 30 And after that Zion was taken and so great was the power of the up into heaven, Enoch bebeld, and language which God bad given him. 1o, all the nations of the earth were

18 There also came up a land out before him; and there came generaof the depths of the sea; and so tion upon generation. great was the fear of the enemies of 31 And Enoch was high and lifted the people of God, that they fled and up, even in the bosom of the Father, stood afar off, and went upon the (and the Son of Man ;) and, bebold, land which came up out of the depths the powers of Satan were upon all of the sea.

the face of the earth; and he saw 19 And the giants of the land also angels descending out of heaven, stood afar off; and there went forth a and he heard a loud voice, saying, curse upon all the people which fought Woe! woe! be unto the inhabitants against God.

of the earth! 20 And from that time forth, there 32 And he beheld Satan, and he had

wars and bloodshed among a great chain in his band, and it them; but the Lord came and dwelt veiled the whole face of the earth with his people, and they dwelt in with darkness; and he looked up righteousness.

and laughed, and his angels rejoiced. 21 And the fear of the Lord was 33 And Enoch beheld angels de upon all nations, so great was the scending out of heaven, bearing testi



iony of the Father, and of the of my hands there has not been 80 Son.

great wickedness as among thy bre34 And the Holy Ghost fell on thren; but, behold, their sins shall many, and they were caught up by be upon the heads of their fathers; the power of heaven into Zion. Satan shall be their father, and mi

35 And it came to pass, that the sery shall be their doom; and the God of heaven looked upon the re- whole heavens shall weep over them, sidue of the people, and wept; and even all the workmanship of my Envch bore record of it, saying, How bands. is it that the heavens weep, and shed 44 Wherefore should not the hea. forth their tears as the rain upon the vens weep, seeing these sball suffer? mountains? And Enoch said unto But, behold, these which thine eyes the Lord, How is it that thou canst are upon shall perish in the floods; weep, seeing thou art holy, and from and, behold, I will shut them up; a all eternity to all eternity?

prison bave I prepared for them, and 36 And were it possible that man that which I have chosen has plead could number the particles of the before my face ; earth, yea, and millions of earths 45 Wherefore he suffereth for their like this, it would not be a beginning sins, inasmuch as they will repent, to the number of thy creations; in the day that my chosen shall re

37 And thy curtains are stretched turn unto me; and until that day out still, and thou art there, and thy they shall be in torment. bosom is there ; and also, thou art 46 Wherefore for this shall the beajust, thou art merciful and kind for vens weep, yea, and all the work

manship of my hands. 38 Thou hast taken Zion to thine 47 And it came to pass, that the own bosom, from all thy creations, Lord spake unto Enoch, and told from all eternity to all eternity; and Enoch all the doings of the children Daught but peace, justice, and truth of men. is the habitation of thy throne; and 48 Wherefore Enoch knew and Inercy shall go before thy face and looked upon their wickedness, and bave no end. How is it that thou their misery ; and wept, and stretch. eanst weep?

ed forth his arms, and his heart 39 The Lord said unto Enoch, Be- swelled wide as eternity, and his bold, these thy brethren, they are bowels yearned, and all eternity the workmanship of mine own hands, shook. and I gave unto them their knowledge 49 And Enoch saw Noah also, and in the day that I created them. his family, that the posterity of all

40 And in the garden of Eden gave the sons of Noah should be saved I unto man his agency; and unto with a temporal salvation. thy brethren have I said, and also 50 Wherefore Enoch saw that Noah gave commandment, that they should built an ark, and the Lord smiled love one another; and that they upon it, and held it in his own hand; should choose me their Father. but upon the residue of the wicked

41 Bat, behold, they are without came the floods and swallowed them affection, and they hate their own

up. blood; and the fire of mine indigna- 51 And as Enoch saw thus, he had tion is kindled against them; and in bitterness of soul, and wept over his my hot displeasure will I send in the brethren, and said unto the heavens, foods upon them; for my fierce I will refuse to be comforted. anger is kindled against them. 52 But the Lord said unto Enoch,

42 Behold, I am God; Man of Holi- Lift up your heart and be glad, and dess is my name; Man of Council look. And it came to pass, that is my name; and Endless and Eter- Enoch looked, and from Noah he benal is my name also.' Wherefore I held all the families of the earth; can stretch forth my hands and hold and he cried unto the Lord, saying, all the creations which I have made, When shall the day of the Lord and mine eye can pierce them also. come? When shall the blood of the 43 And among all the workmanship I righteous be shed, that all they that mourn may be sanctified, and have come forth with songs of everlasting eternal life?

joy. 53 And the Lord said, It shall be in 61 And it came to pass, that Enoch the meridian of time; in the days of cried unto the Lord, saying, When wickedness and vengeance.

the Son of Man cometh in the flesh 54 And, behold, Enoch saw the day shall the earth rest? I pray thee of the coming of the Son of Man, show me these things. even in the flesh; and his soul re- 62 And the Lord said unto Enoch, joiced, saying, The righteous is lifted Look; and he lovked, and beheld the up; and the Lamb is slain from the Sor of Man lifted up on the cross, foundation of the world; and through after the manner of men. faith I am in the bosom of the 63 And he beard a loud voice, and Father; and behold, Zion is with the heavens were veiled ; and all the me !

creations of God mourned, and the 55 And it came to pass, that Enoch earth groaned; and the rocks were looked upon the earth, and he beard rent; and the saints arose, and were a voice from the bowels thereof, say- crowned at the right hand of the Son ing, Woe! woe! is me, the inother of Man, with crowns of glory. of men ! I am pained, I am weary, 64 And as many of the spirits as because of the wickedness of my were in prison came forth and stood children! When shall I rest, and on the right hand of God. And the be cleansed from the filthiness which remainder were reserved in chains of has gone forth out of me? When darkness until the judgment of the will my Creator sanctify me, that I great day, may rest, and righteousness for a 65 And again Enoch wept, and season abide upon my face.

eried unto the Lord, saying, When 56 And when Enoch heard the earth shall the earth rest? mourn, he wept, and cried unto the 66 And Enoch beheld the Son of Lord, saying, O Lord, wilt thou not Man ascend up unto the Father; and have compassion upon the earth? he called unto the Lord, saying, Wilt wilt thou not bless the children of thou not come again upon the earth? Noah ?

for inasmuch as thou art God, and I 57 And it came to pass, that Enoch know thee, and thou hast sworn unto continued his cry unto the Lord, say- me, and cominanded me that I should ing, I ask thee, O Lord, in the name ask in the name of thine Only Begotof thine Only Begotten, even Jesus ten; thou hast made me, and given Christ, that thou wilt have mercy me a right to thy throne, and not of upon Noah, and his seed, that the myself, but through thine own grace; earth might never more be covered wherefore I ask thee if thou wilt not by the floods.

come again on the earth? 58 And the Lord could not with- 67 And the Lord said unto Enoch, hold; and he covenanted with Enoch, As I live, even so will I come in the and sware unto him with an oath, last days, in the days of wickedness that he would stay the floods ; that and vengeance, to fulfil the oath he would call upon the children of which I made unto you concerning Noab; and be sent forth an unalter the children of Noah. able decree, that a remnant of his .68 And the day shall come that the seed should always be found among earth sball rest. But before that day all nations, while the earth should the henvens shall be darkened, and a stand.

veil of darkness shall cover the earth; 59 And the Lord said, Blessed is he and the heavens shall shake, and also through whose seed Messiah shall the earth. come; for he saith, I am. Messiah, 69 And grent tribulations shall be the King of Zion, the Rock of among the children of men, but my heaven, which is broad as eternity ; people will I preserve; and rightand whoso cometh in at the gate, and eousness will í send down out of climbeth up by me shall never fall. heaven, and truth will I send forth

60 Wherefore blessed are they of out of the earth, to bear testimony of whom I have spoken, for they shall mine Only Begotten; his resurrection



fruin the dead; yea, and also the with Enoch, that Noah should be of resurrection of all men.

the fruit of his loins. 70 And righteousness and truth will 80 And it

to pass, that I cause to sweep the earth as with a Methuselah prophesied that from his flood, to gather out inine own elect loins should spring all the kingdoms from the tour quarters of the earth, of the earth; (through Noah,) and he unto a place which I shall prepare; took glory unto himself. an holy city, that my people may gird 81 And there came forth a great up their loins, and be looking forth famine into the land, and the Lord for the time of my coming; for there cursed the earth with a sore curse, shall be my tabernacle, and it shall and many of the inhabitants thereof be called Zion; a New Jerusalem. died. 71 And the Lord said unto Enoch, 82. And it

to pass, that Then shalt thou and all thy city meet Methuselah lived one hundred and them there; and we will receive them eighty-seven years, and begat Lainto our bosom; and they shall see mech; and Methuselab lived after he as, and we will fall upon their necks, begat Lamech, seven hundred and and they shall fall upon our necks, eighty-two years, and begat sons and and we will kiss each other;

daughters. And all the days of 72 And there shall be mine abode, Methuselab were nine hundred and and it shall be Zion, which shall come sixty-nine years, and he died. forth out of all the creations which I 83 And Lamech lived one hundred have made; and for the space of a and eighty-two years, and begat a thousand years shall the earth rest. son, and he called his name Noah,

73 And it came to pass, that Enoch saying, This son shall comfort us saw the day of the coming of the Son concerning our work, and toil of our of Man, in the last days, to dwell on hands, because of the ground which the earth, in righteousness, for the the Lord bath cursed. space of a thousand years.

84 And Lamech lived after he begat 14 But before that day, he saw great Noah, five hundred and ninety-five tribulation among the wicked ; and

years, and hegat sons and daughters. be also saw the sea, that it was And all the days of Lamech were troubled, and men's hearts failing seven hundred and seventy-seven tbem, looking forth with fear for the

years; and he died. judgment of the Almighty God, which 85 And Noah was four hundred and should come upon the wicked.

fifty years old, and begat Japheth, 15 And the Lord showed Enoch all and forty-two years afterwards, he things, even unto the end of the begat Shem, of her who was the sorld. And he saw the day of the mother of Japheth, and when he was righteous, the bour of their re

five hundred years old, he begat Ham. demption, and received a fulness of


The sms of God transgress by taking uires 76 And all the days of Zion, in the of the daughters of men, Noah declares days of Enoch, were three hundred the gospel- The carth fillod with rilence and sixty-five years.

The fined forretold The ark made--Com

mandment of Noah Two by twn, the 77 And Enoch and all his people male and his female savedThe ark rests, walked with God, and he dwelt in the the waters abate. midst of Zion.

ND Noah and his sons hearkened

unto the Lord, and gave heed ; was not, for God received it up into and they were called the sons of God. bis own bosom; and from thence 2 And when these men began to went forth the saying, Zion is fled. multiply on the face of the earth, And all the days of Enoch were four and daughters were born unto them, hundred and thirty years.

the sons of men saw tbat their daugh79 And it came pass, that ters were fair, and they took them Methoselsh, the son of Enoch, was wives even as they chose. not taken, that the covenants of the 3 And the Lord said unto Noa', Lord might be fulfilled which he made The daughters of thy sons have sold to Epoch; for he truly covenanted themselves, for behold, mine

anger ia

78 And it came to pass, that Zion A


Lindled against the sons of men, for 14 And the Lord said, I will destroy they will not hearken to my voice. man whom I have created, from the

4 And it came to pass, that Noah face of the earth, both man and beast, prophesied, and taught the things of and the creeping things, and the fowls God, even as it was in the beginning of the air;

5 And the Lord said unto Noah, My 15 For it repenteth Noah that I Spirit shall not always strive with have created them, and that I have man, for he shall know that all flesh made them; and he bath called upon shall die, yet his days shall be an me, for they have sought his life. hundred and twenty years; and if 16 And thus Noah found grace in men do not repent, I will send in the the eyes of the Lord; for Noah was floods upon them.

a just man, and perfect in his gene6 And in those days there were ration; and he walked with God, and giants on the earth, and they sought also his three sons, Shem, Ham, and Noah to take away his life;

Japheth. 7 But the Lord was with Noah, and 17 The earth was corrupt before the power of the Lord was upon him; God; and it was filled with violence. and the Lord ordained Noah after his And God looked upon the earth, and own order, and commanded him that behold, it was corrupt, for all flesh he should go forth and declare his bad corrupted its way upon the earth. gospel unto the children of men, even 18 And God said unto Noah, The as it was given unto Enoch.

end of all fiesh is come before me; 8 And it came to pass that Woah for the earth is filled with violence, called upon the children of


that and behold, I will destroy all flesh they should repent, but they heark- from off the earth. ened not unto his words.

19 Make thee therefore, an ark of 9 And also, after that they had gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make heard him, they came up before him, in the ark, and thou shalt pitch it saying, Behold, we are the sons of within and without with pitch ; God; have we not taken unto our- 20 And the length of the ark thou selves the daughters of men ? and shalt make three hundred cubits; the are we not eating and drinking, and breadth of it fifty cubits; and the marrying and given in marriage? | height of it thirty cubits. and our wives bear unto us children, 21 And windows shalt thou make to and the same are mighty men, which the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou are like unto them of old, men of finish it above; and the door of the great renown. And they hearkened ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; not unto the words of Noah.

lower, second, and third chambers 10 And God saw that the wicked- shalt thou make in it. ness of man had become great in the 22 And behold, I, even I will bring earth; and every man was lifted up in a flood of water upon the earth, in the imagination of the thoughts of to destroy all flesh, wherein is the his heart; being only evil continually. breath of life, from under heaven;

11 And it came to pass, that Noah every thing that liveth on the earth continued his preaching unto the shall die. people, saying, Hearken and give 23 But with thee will I establish my heed unto my words, believe and re- covenant, even as I have sworn unto pent of your sins and be baptized in thy father Enoch, that of thy posthe name of Jesus Christ, the Son of terity shall come all nations. God, even as our fathers did, and ye 24 And thou shalt come into the ark, shall receive the Holy Ghost, that ye thou and thy sons, and thy wife, and may have all things made manifest; thy sons' wives with thee.

12 And if you do not this, the floods 25 And of every living thing of all will come in upon you ; nevertheless, flesh, two of every kind shalt thou they hearkened not.

bring into the ark, to keep alive with 13 And it repented Noah, and his thee; they shall be male and female. heart was pained, that the Lord made 26 Of fowls after their kind, and man on the earth, and it grieved him of cattle after their kind, of every at the heart.

creeping thing of the earth after his

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