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3 No more fatigue, no more distress;
Nor sin nor death shall reach the place;
No groans to mingle with the songs
Which warble from immortal tongues.

4 No rude alarms of raging foes;
No cares to break the long repose;
No midnight shade, no clouded sun,
But sacred, high, eternal noon.

5 O long expected day, begin;

Dawn on these realms of woe and sin;
Fain would we leave this weary road,
And sleep in death, to rest with God.


C. M.


The Sabbath of the Soul. Morning.

1 SLEEP, sleep to-day, tormenting cares
Of earth and folly born!

Ye shall not dim the light that streams
From this celestial morn.

2 To-morrow will be time enough
To feel your harsh control;
Ye shall not violate this day,
The sabbath of my soul."

3 Sleep, sleep forever, guilty thoughts!
Let fires of vengeance die;

And, purged from sin, may I behold
A God of purity!




The day of Rest. Morning or Evening. Ps. 92. 1 SWEET is the task, O Lord,

Thy glorious acts to sing,

To praise thy name, and hear thy word,
And grateful offerings bring.

2 Sweet, at the dawning hour,
Thy boundless love to tell;

And when the night-wind shuts the flower, Stil. on the theme to dwell.

3 Sweet, on this day of rest, To join in heart and voice

With those who love and serve thee best, And in thy name rejoice.

4 To songs of praise and joy
Be every Sabbath given,

That such may be our best employ
Eternally in heaven.


C. M.


For the Morning of the Lord's Day. Ps. 118. 1 THIS is the day the Lord hath made: O earth, rejoice and sing;

Let songs of triumph hail the morn,
Hosanna to our King!

2 The stone the builders set at nought,
That stone has now become

The sure foundation, and the strength
Of Zion's heavenly dome.

3 Christ is that stone, rejected once, And numbered with the slain; Now raised in glory, o'er his church Eternally to reign.

4 This is the day the Lord hath made: O earth, rejoice and sing;

With songs of triumph hail the morn, Hosanna to our King!

[blocks in formation]

The Lord's Day; or, Delight in Ordinances.

1 WELCOME, Sweet day of rest,
That saw the Lord arise;
Welcome to this reviving breast,
And these rejoicing eyes!

2 The King himself comes near,
And feasts his saints to-day;
Here we may sit, and see him here,
And love, and praise, and pray.

3 One day amidst the place
Where my dear Lord hath been,
Is sweeter than ten thousand days
Of pleasurable sin.

4 My willing soul would stay
In such a frame as this,
And sit and sing herself away
To everlasting bliss.



L. M.


The Sacrifice of the Heart.

1 WHEN, as returns this solemn day,
Man comes to meet his Maker, God,
What rites, what honors shall he pay?
How spread his sovereign's praise abroad?
2 From marble domes and gilded spires
Shall curling clouds of incense rise?
And gems, and gold, and garlands deck
The costly pomp of sacrifice?

3 Vain, sinful man! creation's Lord
Thy golden offerings well may spare:
But give thy heart, and thou shalt find
Here dwells a God who heareth prayer.


C. M.


Christ in the midst of his People.

1 On the first Christian Sabbath eve,

When his disciples met,

O'er his lost fellowship to grieve,
Nor knew the scripture yet-

2 Lo, in their midst his form was seen,
The form in which he died;

Their Master's marred and wounded mien,
His hands, his feet, his side.

3 Then were they glad their Lord to know,
And hailed him, yet with fear ;-
Jesus, again thy presence show;
Meet thy disciples here.

4 Be in our midst; let faith rejoice
Our risen Lord to view,

And make our spirits hear thy voice
Say, "Peace be unto you."

5 And while with thee in social hours
We commune through thy word,
May our hearts burn, and all our powers
Confess, "It is the Lord."

29. C. M.


After Divine Service.

1 AGAIN our ears have heard the voice
At which the dead shall live;
O may the sound our hearts rejoice,
And strength immortal give!

2 And have we heard the word with joy? And have we felt its power?

To keep it be our blest employ,
Till life's extremest hour.


C. M.


The Good Seed. After Sermon.

1 ALMIGHTY God, thy word is cast
Like seed into the ground;
Now let the dew of heaven descend,
And righteous fruits abound.

2 Let not the foe of Christ and man
This holy seed remove;

But give it root in every heart,
To bring forth fruits of love.

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