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2 0, shall not warmer accents tell
The gratitude we owe

To Him, who died, our fears to quell,
And save from sin and woe?

3 While yet his anguished soul surveyed Those pangs he would not flee, What love his latest words displayed!"Meet and remember me."

4 Remember thee! thy death, thy shame,
The griefs which thou didst bear!
O, memory, leave no other name
But His, recorded there!

C. M.

Coming to the Lord's Supper.

1 LET vain pursuits and vain desires
Be banished from the heart,
The Saviour's love fill every breast,
And light and life impart.



2 He knew how frail our nature is,
Our souls how apt to stray;
How much we need his gracious help
To keep us in the way!

3 These faithful pledges of his love
His mercy did ordain,

To bring refreshment to our souls,
And faith and hope sustain.

4 Since such his condescending grace, Let us with hearts sincere, Obedient to his holy will,

is table now draw near.

5 And while we join to celebrate
The sufferings of our Lord,
May we perceive new grace and power
Tobey his holy word.

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A Communion Hymn.·

1 O, FOR a prophet's fire,
O, for an angel's tongue,
To speak the mighty love of him
Who on the cross was hung!

2 In vain our hearts attempt,
In language meet, to tell
How through a thousand sorrows burned
That flame unquenchable.

3 Yet would we praise that love
Beyond expression dear:
Come, gather round his table, then,
And celebrate it here.

4 These symbols of his death,

O, with what power they speak! Prophetic lips and angels' lyres

Compared with these, are weak.

5 And shall they plead in vain With our forgetful souls?

Forbid it, God, while through our veins The vital current rolls.



647. S. M.


Obeying Christ.

HERE, Saviour, we would come,
In thine appointed way;
Obedient to thy high commands,
Our solemn vows we pay.

2 O, bless this sacred rite,

To bring us near to thee;
And may we find that as our day
Our strength shall also be.


C. M.

The Table of the Lord.

1 Now I approach thy table, Lord,
With reverent joy and love;
I call to mind my Saviour's word,
And will obedient prove,


2 O, shall I not remember one,
Who bled and died for me?
Nor think on all that he has done,
To make me pure and free.

3 Yea, I'll remember him and strive
To love him more and more;
So that I may with Jesus live,
When this short life is o'er.



649. S. M.
·Grateful Remembrance of Christ.

1 JESUS, the Friend of man,
Invites us to his board;
The welcome summons we obey,
And own our gracious Lord.

2 Here we show forth his love,

Which spake in every breath,
Prompted each action of his life,
And triumphed in his death.
3 Here let our powers unite

His honored name to raise;
Let grateful joy fill every mind,
And every voice be praise.

4 One faith, one hope, one Lord,
One God alone we know;
Brethren we are; let
every heart
With kind affection glow.

5 Warmed with our Master's love,
And thy unmeasured grace,
Lord! let our thankful hearts expand,
And all mankind embrace.

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Communion Hymn.

1 NOT with terror do we meet
At the board by Jesus spread;
Not in mystery drink and eat

Of the Saviour's wine and bread.

2 'Tis his memory we record,
"Tis his virtues we proclaim;
Grateful to our honored Lord,

Here we bless his sacred name.

3 See him, on the dreadful day Of his mortal agony, Break the bread, and hear him say, "Eat of this, and think of me!" 4 See him standing on the brink

Of the tomb, and hark, he cries, "Take the cup, and as ye drink,

O, remember him who dies!"

5 Yes, we will remember thee,

Friend and Saviour; and thy feast
Of all services shall be
Holiest and welcomest.

7s. M.

A Communion Hymn.

1 Ar thy table, Lord of life,

May our souls find peace and rest;
On the Saviour may we lean,
Safe repose upon his breast.



2 He invites us to this feast;

He hath said, "Remember me;
May we come with trustful hearts,
Hearts devoted, Lord, to thee.

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3 May thy grace our souls awake—
Make them glow with holy love;-
While we take the bread and cup,
Set our hearts on things above.

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