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II. What to be understood by speaking, or search,

ing after the Truth in Love. Love a Term of peculiar Import in the New

Teftament. --- an Assemblage of Virtues rather than a particular Affection.

implies that Temper of Mind which Jesus Cbrift recommended to his Disciples. III. The Connexion between this Temper of

Mind and the Discovery of Truth. Difficult to convince Men of Truth, who will not regulate their Dispositions.

without that, even their Convictions useless. To remove our Interest in Error is preparing the

Mind, not only for receiving, but embracing


The Causes of Aversion to Truth,

John viii. 48.
Because I tell

ye the Truth, ye believe me not. Truth the natural Object of the Understanding. --- to hate it, is inverting human Nature. I. Men may so far corrupt their Natures as to

become Enemies to Truth. Falshood as such, not to be embraced by the Un

the Power of disposing this Faculty variously

necessary to free Agents.
and in this View the great Degeneracy of Man-
kind furprising

II. The Reason which our Lord here assigns for
Aversion to Truth, viz. a Heart governed

by evil Dispositions.

Happiness of some sort or other the supreme View

of all Men.

Every different kind of it requires a different


By the Choice of our Happiness the Faculties of

our Perception influenced.

A Mistake in this respect of course multiplies

-- introduces by Degrees a sort of moral Necef-

sity of disbelieving Truth.
III. The proper Method of correcting this Evil.
The Over-poise of the Affections the great Dif

order of human Nature.
The Remedy must be applied here.
To this Point the Gospel Revelation is ad-

The Means there provided.

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Fohn Baptist, the Forerunner of Jesus Christ,

taught no other Doctrine. Jesus Christ himself teaches it.

fends his Disciples to preach it, - then the seventy --- on the fame Account. Hence it appears to be the Means first

prescribed. II. An Enquiry into the Nature of this Duty. Which appears evidently from the Baptist's An

swers to the Questions put to him. It is overcoming those particular evil Habits to

which we are enslaved. This the only natural Method of beginning a

Reformation. There can be no Improvements without it. Little or no Notice taken of it by the ancient



Directions for reading the Scriptures.

John v. 39.
Search the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye

bave eternal Life. Our strong Desire and Longing after Immorta

lity. The Scriptures afford us the best and utmost Affu

rances of it. Rules and Regulations that thus necessarily result

from our searching the Scriptures. I. We should read them with this constant View, viz. of finding in them eternal Life.


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The Gospel Notion of eternal Life enquired into

and explained.

John vi. 68.

Then Simon Peter answered bim, Lord, to whom shall

we go ? I bou beft the Words of eternal Life.

The Occasion of these Words.

What sort of eternal Life was made manifest by

Jesus Chrift.

The Immortality of the Soul a Principle well

known both to Jews and Gentiles.
The Nature of the eternal Life discovered in the

Gospel not a bare Inmortality.
It is being like Jesus Christ in his glorious Body.
- in our Tempers and Diipositions.
in having a Fellowship with God the Father,

a Relembiance of his eternal Life.
The Words of Chriít exhibit not only the Nature

of eternal Life, but the Means of attain-
ing it.

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