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bad Men suggested them; and the Reasonings of all, that would reason, confirm'd chese Apprehensions. So that when they are revealed, one would think there could be no Objection. The Evidence I have here insisted upon, is what arises from the Nature and Necessicy of things. The particular Circumstances of a Judgment to come, which Revelation has given us, as far as we have now enquired into them, appear not only reasonable, but absolutely necessary. Now where a thing was so agreeable to che natural Notions and Expectations of Mankind, before it was reveald, and after its Revelation appears in all its Parcs and Branches so strictly reasonable and necessary; They who reject it, must not be directed by Reason, but by Darkness, and a resolute Love of and Adherence to it. The Perplexities on their Side are endless; all is Darkness; there is no other Resort, or



Shelter. On the other side the Light fhines, all Difficulties are removed, seeming Contrarieties reconcil'd, and Wisdom, Goodness and Justice established for ever.

The other Application I have to make is such as may influence our Practice. The natural and internal Evidences of a future Judgment revealed, before we come to consider its external and adventitious Evidenees, are such, as no impartial Reasoner can resist. Now the Matter of it is of so supreme an Importance, that not to admit it, as our first Principle or Motive of Action, must be Madness. Was it barely doubeful, every wise Man would choose the safest Side : But, as it is evident, to disregard it, is to disregard our highest possible Concern. We must all appear before the Judgment-Seat of Chrift

, none shall be exempt. The Secrets of all Hearts shall be disclosed, no Arci

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fice, no Subtilty will avail, no Power
can rescue us, no Covering hide us.
Our Confederates together with our
own Hearts will witness against us.
Our present Glories will be our Shame.
There is no need of many Words up-
on this Occasion, the plain Impor-
tance of the Thing it self is sufficient
to make us very careful in our Con-
duct, which is to come before so aw-
ful a Tribunal. But at last what is
this Conduct? There is nothing re-
quired of us, if attended to, but what
our Reason must approve as most ex-
cellent, and our Affections embrace
as most conducive to our Happiness,
even in this Life. The whole is, the
Love of God, and of our Neighbour,
to do unto others, as we would they
should do unto us; which we cannot
contradict in our Manners, without
offending our Consciences, and gene-
rally counter-acting our own Interest,
And the pleasures, we propose to our


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felves in the Neglect and Breach of these Duties, are so insignificant and unworthy, that they will bear no Examination with regard to their ordinary Consequences in chis Life, much less to their future and eternal Consequences. For what is a Man profited if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own Soul? Or what shall a Man give in Exchange for his Soul?

Mat. xvi. 26.

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Be careful for nothing, but in every

thing by Prayer and Supplication with Thanksgiving, let your Requests be made known unto God.


RAYER and Thanksgiving to God, have been the principal Branches of all Reli

gions in all ages and Nations of the World. How much soever Mankind have differ'd in their Conceptions of the Divine Being, and


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