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Sullivan, General, before Boston, 811; in Canada, 849, | Trenton, Hessians at, 904; battle at; American officers

850; hopes of, 850; driven out of Canada, 851;
commands on Long Island, 876; made prisoner, 878
in command of Lee's troops, 903; at Princeton, 920;
on Rhode Island, 995; chastises the Indians, 1018,


at, 905; Washington retreats from, 907.
Triana, de, first discovers land, 49.
Tripartite Treaty, notice of a proposed, 1385, 1386.
Tripoli, events in harbor of, 1176, 1178.
Trist, Nicholas P., Peace Commissioner, 1371, 1373.
Truxton, Commodore, captures L'Insurgente, 1167;
conquers La Vengeance, 1168.
Tryon, Governor William, tyranny of, 659; pride of, 661;
conduct of, in North Carolina, 690, 692; governor
of New York, 695; takes refuge on a British vessel,
836; author of a plot to murder Washington, 861;
assails N. E. coast towns, 916; raid of, 1013; on the
shores of Connecticut, 1014; at St. Augustine, 1038.
Turner's Gap, battle at, 1598.

Tuscaloosa and the Spaniards, 97; death of, 100.
Tuscaroras in North Carolina; join the Five Nations, 471.
Twiggs, General D. E., betrays his troops, 1462.
Tyler, John, acting President of the U. S., 1346: political
conduct of, 1348; death of, 1353; and the Peace Con-
ference, 1450.

Tyler, Royal, and Governor Hutchinson, 685.

Sumter, General Thomas, at Rocky Mount, 1041; at
Hanging Rock, 1042; defeated by Tarleton, 1044.
Swamp Angel," the, 1642.

Swedes on the Delaware, 333, 345; subjugation of the,


Swedish Colony in America, 269.


Tadousac, Frenchmen at, 162.

Talladega, battle at, 1259.
Tallashatchie, battle at, 1259.

Tallmadge, Major, custodian of Major André, 1056.
Talleyrand, M. de, notice of, 1161, 1163.
Taney, Chief-Justice, extra-judicial opinion of, 1397-

Tarleton, Lieutenant-Colonel, perfidy of, commended,
1039; defeated at the Cowpens, 1067.
Taxation of the Americans, 607.
"Taxation no Tyranny," Johnson's essay on, 671.
Taylor, General Robert B., commands militia at Nor-
folk, 1268.

Taylor, Zachary, in Florida, 1340; in Texas and Mexico,
1356; reinforces Scott in Mexico, 1362; elected Presi-
dent of the U. S.; death of, 1379.

Tea Act, the, 635, 670; how regarded in America, 687.
Tea, consignees of, 701, 708.
Tea-ships, landing of, opposed, 699.
Tecumtha, conduct of, 1194-1198; at Malden, 1205; de-
feat of, 1207; at Fort Meigs, 1234; in council, 1237;
death of, 1244; among the Creek Indians, 1258.
Telegraph, electro-magnetic, the, 1783,
Tennessee, guerilla warfare in, 1604.
Tenure of office act, 1711.


Uncas, the Mohegan, rebellion of, 250.
Underhill, Captain John, exploits of, 249-251.
Union, reorganization of the, began; President John-
son's plan of, 1702; final restoration of the, 1720.
Union Flag raised at Cambridge, 829.
Union League of Philadelphia, proceedings of, 1690.
Union Pacific Railroad, completion of the, 1387.
"United Colonies," the first so spoken of, 803.
United States Christian Commission, 1700.
United States Sanitary Commission, 1700.
United States, the, captures the Macedonian, 1224.
Utah created a Territory, 1380.
Utrecht, treaty of, 428.


Ternay, Admiral, at Newport, 1052.

Valverde, Canby's victory at, 1545.

Terry, General A. H., on James Island, 1642; captures Valley Forge, American Army at, 965-973; treaty with
Fort Fisher, 1674.
Test oaths introduced into Maryland, 443.
Texas, piracy on the coast of, 1321; independence of,
1351 annexation of, 1355; action of, for secession,
1427; Union troops occupy strong positions in, 1546.
Thanksgiving day proclaimed, 1132.
Thames, battle at the, 1244.
Thayer, Major, at Fort Mifflin, 964.
Thomas, General Geo. H., victory of, at Mill Spring,
1550; in Chickamauga battle; succeeds Rosecrans
in command, 1636; in battle on Missionary Ridge,
1638; defeats the Confederates at Nashville, 1668,
Thomas, General John, at Cambridge, 804, 811; in Can-
ada, 849, 851.
Thompson, Jacob, and the Indian Trust Fund, 1443.
Thomson, Charles, Secretary of Congress, 731, 800;
seconds the vote for Independence, 887; at Mount
Vernon, 1121.
Ticonderoga, French and Indians at, 563; expedition
against, 798; American army at, 898; evacuation and
British occupation of, 925.
Tighlman carries Lews of Cornwallis's surrender to Con-
gress, 1089.

Tingey, Commodore, burns the navy-yard at Washing-
ton, 1295.
Tillottson, Archbishop, order of, 408.
Tobacco, cultivation of, in Virginia, 198.
Toleration Act in Maryland, the, 437.
To-mo-chi-chi and the English, 293, 295; in England, 296.
Tompkins, Daniel D., Vice-President of the U. S., 1318.
Tories, departure of, from Boston, 836; embodied by
Tryon, 914.
Toscanelli, sends map to Columbus, 36.
Townshend, Charles, proposes a Stamp Tax, 608; taxa-
tion scheme of, 335.

Trades and Plantations, Board of, 419; Lords of, 506.
Treaty of Alliance with France, 978, 979; ratified, 987;
terms of the, 889.
Treaty of Paris, 591.

Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, 1093, 1098; commis-
sioners to negotiate a, 1093; with Sweden, France,
Spain and Holland, 1098; with Mexico, 1375.

France celebrated at, 982.
Van Berkel, letter of, 1035.

Van Buren, Martin, President of the U. S., 1340, 1342;
chief events of administration of, 1345.

Van Dam, Rip, acting governor of New York, 367.
Van Dorn, General Earl, in Arkansas, 1545; in Tennes-

see, 1633.

Van Horn, Major, defeat of, 1206.

Van Ness, General, commands Washington's militia,


Van Rensselaer, Killian, patroon, 329.
Van Rensselaer, Solomon, at Queenstown, 1217.
Van Rensselaer, Stephen, commands troops, 1215, 1218.
Van Rensselaer, Manor of, 266.

Van Twiller, Wouter, governor of New Netherland,
329; wrath of, 332.

Vane, Sir Henry, 246; governor of Massachusetts, 262;
notice of, 382; execution of, 392.
Vaudreuil, governor of Canada, 534; wins the Indians,
563: at Montreal, 588, 589.
Vaughan, General, on the Hudson River, 951.
Vergennes, the, French minister, 888.
Vermont, controversy of, with New York, 1139.
Verplanck's Point, 1014.

Verrazani, John, exploring expeditions of, 104.
Vicksburg, importance and strength of, 1607; Farragut
at, 1608; siege of, begun, 1615; surrender of, to
Grant, 1617.
Vigilance committees in South Carolina, 1429.
Vincennes, events at, 1001.

Virginia, origin of name of, 146; settlers in, 179; suffer-
ings in, 183; emigrants in, 187; colony established in,
199; colonization of, 301; introduction of slavery in ;
young women sent to, 302; marriages in, 303; edu-
cation in, 304; new government for, 305; sufferings
in, 307; people of, attached to monarchy, 312; parlia-
mentary forces in; Charles, Prince, invited to be king
of, 313; republicans, and society in, 315; invaded by
Indians, 316; action of Assembly of, 523, 695; action
of, on Boston Port Bill, 718; important events in,
790–793; end of royal rule in, 793; action of conven-
tion of, 838; and the Confederacy. 1464; secession
convention of, 1478; attached to the Confederacy,

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Wadsworth, General, at Queenstown, 1217.
Wadsworth, General J. S., death of, 1656.
Waldron, Major, services and death of, 406.
Walke, Captain, exploit of, 1561.

Walker, Admiral Sir Hovenden, sails for Quebec, 427.
Walker, General, operations of, in Central America, 1389.
Wallace, Colonel Lew, exploit of, at Romney, 1501; in
Northwestern Virginia, 1503; at Fort Donelson,
1554, 1555; at Shiloh, 1565; saves Cincinnati, 1605;
defends Baltimore and Washington, 1660.
Wallace, Sir James, on the Hudson, 951.
Walloons in New Netherland, 219.
Wainman, Sir Fernando, general of Virginia, 190.
Wanton, Governor, acts of, concerning the Gaspé, 695.
War, preparations for, with Great Britain, 725; rumors
of, at Boston, 727; last battle of the, for Independ-
ence, 1101; close of the, for Independence, 1102; be-
tween the United States and France, on the ocean,
1166; declaration of, against Great Britain, 1202;
declaration of, against Mexico, 1360; declaration of,
against the Union, 1446.

Ward, Captain J. H., on the Potomac; death of, 1492.
Ward, General Artemas, at Cambridge, 795, 804, 811;
sends reinforcements to Prescott, 807.
Wareham, destruction of property at, 1287.
Warner, Seth, captures Crown Point, 799; at Hubbard-
ton, 925.

Warren, Joseph, letter of, 752; narrow escape of, 788;
President of Provincial Convention, 789; oration of,
at Boston, 773; warns Hancock of danger, 774;
loyalty of, 800; letter of, to Samuel Adams, 803;
death of, 809.
Warren, Mercy, drama of, 623; apologizes for Samuel
Adams, 970.
Warren, Admiral Sir Peter, 429; scatters a French fleet,

Warren, Admiral Sir J. B., reinforces Cockburn, 1267.
Warren, General G. K., leads Union troops, 1656.
Warrington, Commodore, honors to, 1301.
Warwick, Earl of, conveys Connecticut Territory to
Lords Say and Seal, and Brook, 242.
Warwick River, conflict at the, 1581.
Washington City in 1800, 1172; threatened, 1291; de-
fenders of, 1292; destruction of property at, 1294-
1299; preparations of the Confederates to seize, 1480,
1482; critical situation of, 1485; rendezvous of
National troops at; aspect of, 1488; swarming with
Secessionists, 1503; danger at; meeting of Congress
at, 1504; Lee attempts to capture, 1593, 1594; inci-
dents of a race for, 1632.
Washington, George, mission of, to French ports, 517-

521; in command of troops, 522; leads troops to the
Ohio, 523; leaves the army, 531; with Braddock,
542; loves Mary Phillipse, 552; finds a rival, 553;
commands a stockade, 559; captures Fort Du
Quesne; in the Virginia Assembly, 577; appointed
Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Armies, 803;
takes command of the army at Cambridge; besieges
Boston, 811; sends troops to Schuyler, 830; on Dor-
chester Heights, 834; drives Howe from Boston,
835; medal struck in honor of, 836; at New York,
852; in New York and Philadelphia, 860, 861; plot
to murder, 861-863; forces of, in New York, 875;
the battle on Long Island and, 879; army of, escapes,
880; holds a council of war, 882; retreats to Harlem
Heights, 883; holds another council of war, 893;
decides to fortify West Point, 894; at Fort Lee, 898;
flight of army of, across New Jersey, 902; victory
of, at Trenton, 905; made a Dictator, 906; at Prince-
ton, 909;
Frederick the Great on; proclamation of;
at Morristown, 912; moves from Morristown, 920;
treatment of, by Congress, 953, 963; seeks General
Howe, 957; on the conspiracy of Gates, 969; memo-
rial of, to Congress, 982; pursues Clinton in New



Jersey, 990; rebukes Lee at Monmouth, 992;
marches for the Hudson, 993; confers with Congress,
1006; at Morristown, 1049; at Yorktown, 1085-1089;
honors given to, 1090; adopts children of Custis,
1091; suppresses sedition at Newburgh, 1097;
Northern New York and at Princeton, 1099; Fare-
well Address of, to the army, 1099; parts with his
officers, 1102; surrenders his commission, 1104;
President of the Society of the Cincinnati, 1105; on
Government, 1109; President of National Conven-
tion, 1110; President of the United States, 1115;
journey of, to New York, 1121; reception of, at
Trenton, 1123; inauguration of; personages at the
inauguration of, 1124; tour of, in New England,
1131-1133; portraits of, 1133, 1135; quells Whiskey
Insurrection, 1150; Farewell Address of; abuse of,
1156; forged letters of, 1157; made General-in-Chief,
1162; patriotism of, 1163; death of, 1169; honors paid
to, 1170.
Washington, Martha, at Cambridge, 829; attempt to
abduct, 839; at Morristown, 1049; reception of, in
New York, 1124; life of, at New York, 1125; at
Mount Vernon, 1126.

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Washington, Mary, mother of George, death of, 1121.
Washington, John, opposes the Indians, 316.
Washington, William, at the Cowpens, 1067; wounded
at Eutaw Springs, 1081.

Wasp, the, captures the Frolic, 1223; fate of the, 1299.
Wauhatchie, battle at; mule charge at, 1637.
Wayne, General, captures Stony Point, 1016; gold
medal awarded to, 1017; in Virginia, 1073; holds the
British in Savannah, ro82; expedition of, against the
Indians, 1142.

Weatherford, Creek chief, 1258, 1259; Jackson and, 1261.
Weather Signal, uses of, 1735.

Webb, General, at Fort Edward, 561; conduct of, 566.
Webster, Daniel, on “Boston Massacre," 684.
Webster, Noah, on Government, 1109.

Weitzel, General Godfrey, leads troops in Louisiana,
1609; enters Richmond, 1681.

Weldon Road, operations against the, 1663, 1664.
Wellington, veterans of, sent to Canada, 1272.
Wells, Captain, killed at Chicago, 1211.

Wells, Gideon, Secretary of the Navy, action of, 1508.
Welsh, John, chairman of Centennial Board of Finance,


Wemyss, sent after Sumter, 1046.

Wesley, Charles and John, in Georgia, 297.
West. growth of the Great, 1319.
West Cambridge, fight at, 788.

West India Company, Dutch, 217; send settlers to New
Netherland, 218; notice of the, 328.

West Indies, hostile fleets in the, 1002.

Western Virginia, Averill's raid in, 1633.

West Jersey, purchaser of; Friends or Quakers settle in ;
Penn, assignee of, 454.

Westminster, first blood of the Revolution shed at, 782.
West Point, military academy at, 1203.
Weston, colony of, in Massachusetts, 373.
Weymouth, Captain George, on the coast of New Eng-
land, 157.
Wheeler, Wm. A., Vice-President of the U. S., 1769.
Whipple, Abraham, and the Gaspé, 697, 698; at Charles-
ton, 1036.
Whiskey Insurrection, the, 1149.
White, Father, influence of, 435.

"White House," the, 1586; base of supplies at the, 1658.
White, John, governor of Virginia colony, 150.
White, John, attempts of, to found a colony, 376.
White, Peregrine, birth of, 208.
White Marsh, Americans encamped at, 964.
White Oak Swamp, battle in, 1592.
White Plains, battle at, 892.

Whitney's Cotton Gin, 1188, 1776.

Wigfall, Senator, exploits of, at Fort Sumter, 1468, 1469.
Wilderness, battle of the, 1656.

Wilkes, John, magistrate in London, 671; boldness of,

Wilkinson, General James, and the Indians, 1140; in
Mississippi, 1180; notice of, 1204; succeeds Dear-
born, 1250; ordered to Sackett's Harbor, 1251; leaves
the Niagara frontier, 1254; in command of the Army
of the North, 1255; expedition of, against Montreal,
1256; in Northern New York; end of military
career of, 1274.


Willett, Colonel Marinus, sortie of, from Fort Schuyler, | Woodworth, Samuel, poem of, 1288.
930; mission of, to General Schuyler, 931.
William of Orange, marriage of, 356.
William and Mary, sovereigns, accession of, 325, 404.
William and Mary, College of, 304.
Williams, Colonel Ephraim, founds a college; death of,


Williams, General, death of, at Baton Rouge, 1608.
Williams, John, sufferings of family of, 422.
Williams, Roger, conduct of, 249, 252; at Salem, 257;
banishment of, 258; founds a colony, 266; honors to,
265; obtains a charter for Rhode Island, 451; career
of, in England, 452.
Williamsburg, powder magazine at, 79c; battle at, 1582.
Wilmington, capture of, 1674.
Wilson, Henry, elected Vice-President of the U. S., 1738.
Wilson's Creek, fight at, 1524.

Wilson's Zouaves at Fort Pickens, 1532.

Winchester, battle at, 1581, 1661.
Winchester, General, at the River Raisin, 1232.
Winder, General, warns the government of danger, 1292;

at Bradensburg, 1293.

Wingina, King, at Roanoke Island, 145; sickness of, 147.
Wingfield, Edward, President of Virginia Council, 181;
conduct of, 182.

Winslow, Edward, befriends Roger Williams, 260.
Winslow, Captain John A., destroys the Alabama, 1671.
Winslow, Captain Josiah, expeditíon of, 400.
Winthrop, John, message of, to Governor Van Twiller,
242; governor of Massachusetts, 379; founds Boston,
Winthrop, John, governor of Connecticut Territory,
246; in command of an invading army, 406; obtains
a charter for Connecticut, 447.
Wintermoot, house of, in Wyoming Valley, 998.
Wisconsin, admission of, 1376.

Wool, General John E., at Queenstown, 1217; in Mexico,
1361; efforts of, to save the capital, 1485, 1486; at
Fortress Monroe, 1581, 1583; capture of Norfolk, 1584.
Woolsey, Melancthon T., on Lake Champlain, 1227; at
Oswego, 1275.

Wood, General J. T., at Nashville, 1670.
Woodford, Colonel, commands Virginia militia, 838.

Wooster, General David, with troops, at Harlem, 802; at
Montreal, 821; commands in Canada, 848; offends
the Roman Catholics, 849; death of, 916.
Worcester, scenes at, 780.


Worden, Lieutenant J. L., at Pensacola, 1471; bad treat-
ment of, 1472; commands the "Monitor," 1580.
Wright, General, on the Florida coast, 1571.
Wright, governor of Georgia, opposition to, 842.
Wright's Bluff, capture of, by Marion and Lee, 1075.
Writs of Assistance, 602.

Wyatt, Governor Sir Francis, 305, 310.
Wyoming Valley, desolation of the, 997-999.


Yale, Elihu, founds Yale College, 501.
Yancey, W. L., mission of, 1417.
Yeardley, Governor George, 198, 310.
Yeamans, Governor Sir John, 285.

Yeo, Sir James, on Lake Ontario, 1249; near Oswego,


York, Duke of, is presented with New Netherland, 348 ;
new charter to, 354.
York, Congress meet at, 957.
York (Toronto), surrender of, 1247.
Yorktown, siege of, 1581, 1583.
Young, Brigham, in Utah, 1382.
Young, Colonel G. D., at St. Regis's, 1229.
"Young Pretender," the, 840.

Wolfe, General James, at Louisburg, 571; before Que-

bec, 581-587.

Women, first European, in Virginia, 189.

Women, work of, in the war, 1509-1511; work in and for Zagonyi, charge of, 1528.
the Centennial Exhibition, 1756.


Zenger, J. P., Journal" of, 367; trial of 368.

Zollicoffer, General, invades Kentucky, 1527; death of,



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