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Saul and Jonathan were lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not divided.

2 Sam. i. 23.

How are the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle. 2 Sam. i. 25.

Very pleasant hast thou been unto me: thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women.

2 Sam. i. 26.

And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man.

2 Sam. xii. 7.

And are as water spilt on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again.

2 Sam. xiv. 14.

A proverb and a by-word among all people.

1 Kings ix. 7.

How long halt ye between two opinions?

1 Kings xviii. 21.

Behold, there ariseth a little cloud out of the sea, like

a man's hand.

A still, small voice.

1 Kings xviii. 44.

1 Kings xix. 12.

Let not him that girdeth on his harness boast him

self as he that putteth it off.

There is death in the pot.

1 Kings xx. II.

2 Kings iv. 40.

And the driving is like the driving of Jehu, the son

of Nimshi: for he driveth furiously.

2 Kings ix. 20.

The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.

Job i. 21.

There the wicked cease from troubling, and there the weary be at rest.

Fob iii. 17.

Yet man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward.

Job v. 7.

My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle.

Fob vii. 6.

He shall return no more to his house, neither shall

his place know him any more.*

Job. vii. 10.

I would not live alway.

Miserable comforters are ye all.

I am escaped with the skin of my teeth. Fob xix. 20.

Seeing the root of the matter is found in me.

Job vii. 16.

Job xvi. 2.

Job xix. 28.

The price of wisdom is above rubies.

Job xxviii. 18.

I was eyes to the blind, and feet was I to the lame.

Job xxix. 15.

Fob xxxi. 35.

Oh . . . that mine adversary had written a book.

When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy. Job xxxviii. 7.

Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further; and here shall thy proud waves be stayed. Job. xxxviii. 11.

*For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more.-Psalm ciii. 16.

Usually quoted, 'The place that has known him shall know him no more.'

The sweet influences of Pleiades.

Job xxxviii. 31.

The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places.

Ps. xvi. 6.

Yea, he did fly upon the wings of the wind.

Ps. xviii. 10.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

Ps. xxiii. 2.

Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Ps. xxiii. 4.

I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. Ps. xxxvii. 25.

Spreading himself like a green bay-tree. Ps. xxxvii. 35.

Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright.

While I was musing the fire burned.

My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

Oh that I had wings like a dove !

Ps. xxxvii. 37.

Ps. xxxix. 3.

Ps. xlv. 1.

Fs. lv. 6.

They are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear; which will not hearken to the voice of charmers, charming never so wisely.

Ps. lviii. 4, 5.

His enemies shall lick the dust.

Ps. lxxii. 9.

Mercy and truth are met together: righteousness

and peace have kissed each other.

Ps. lxxxv. 10.

We spend our years as a tale that is told. Ps. xc. 9.

They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken

man, and are at their wit's end.

Ps. cvii. 27.

He giveth his beloved sleep.

Ps. cxxvii. 2.

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.

We hanged our harps upon the willows.

Ps. cxxxiii. 1.

Ps. cxxxvii. 2.

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.

Ps. cxxxvii. 5.

For I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Ps. cxxxix. 14.

Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.

Prov. iii. 17.

Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.

Prov. vi. 6.

Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep. Prov. vi. 10; xxiv. 33.

Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant.

Prov. ix. 17.

In the multitude of counsellors there is safety.

Prov. xi. 14.

A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast; but Prov. xii. 10.

the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.

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Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.

Prov. xv. 17.

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

Prov. xvi. 18.

The hoary head is a crown of glory.

Prov. xvi. 31.

A wounded spirit who can bear?

Prov. xviii. 14.

A man that hath friends must show himself friendly; and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Prov. xviii. 24.

Train up a child in the way he should go ; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Prov. xxii. 6.

For riches certainly make themselves wings.

Prov. xxiii. 5.

As he thinketh in his heart, so is he.

Prov. xxiii. 7.

Look not thou upon the wine, when it is red; when it giveth his colour in the cup; at the last it biteth

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like a serpent and stingeth like an adder. Prov. xxiii. 31, 32.

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