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Creature's at his dirty work, 190
Creatures, delicate, 109
Creatures, millions of spiritual, 139
Creatures we dissect, 182
Cre illon, romances 231
Creditor, glory of a, 30
Credulity, ye who listen with, 220
Creed, sapping a solemn, 309
Creed, suckled in an out-worn, 274
Cricket on the hearth, 148
Crime, worse than a, 367
Crimes, the dignity of, 254
Crimes, undivulged, 75
Crispian, feast of, 63
Critical, nothing if not, 107
Criticizing elves, 242
Critic's eye, 267
Critics, before you trust in, 317
Cromwell damned to fame, 181
Crony, drouthy, 259,
Crook the pregnant hinges, 100
Crops the flowery food, 177
Cross, last at His, 348
Cross, sparkling, she wore, 188
Cross, the bitter, 55
Crosses and cares, 25
Crotchets in thy head now, 29
Crowd, foremost, 194
Crown, fruitless,
Crown, head that wears a, 61
Crown of glory, 7
Crown of life, 22
Crown of sorrow, 333
Crown us with rosebuds, 124
Crude surfeit, 146
Cruel as death, 216
Cruel only to be kind, 103
Crumbs, dogs eat of the, 15
Crush of worlds, 171
Crutch, shouldered his, 231
Cry and no wool, 153
Cry havoc, 71
Cry is still they come, 89
Cudgel thy brains, 104
Cunning, hand forget her, 6
Cunning in fence, 52
Cup, kiss but in the, 117
Cupid is painted blind, 35
Cupid kills with arrows, 34
Cups, in their flowing, 63
Cups that cheer, 246
Cur of low degree, 238
Curled darlings of our nation, 105
Current of a woman's will, 214
Current of domestic joy, 220
Currents turn awry, 99
Curs mouth a bone, 242
Curse on all laws, 195
Curses, not loud, but deep, 89
Curses, rigged with dark, 147

Curst be the verse, 191
Cushion and soft dean, 185
Custom always in the afternoon,

Custom honoured in the breach,

Custom stale her variety, 74
Cut, the most unkindest, 72
Cut purse of the empire, 102
Cycle and epicycle, 141
Cycle of Cathay, 333
Cymbal, tinkling, 20
Cynosure of neighbouring eyes,

Cynthia of this minute, 183
Cytherea's breath, 49
DACIAN mother, 310
Daffodils before the swallow, 49
Dagger I see before me, 84
Dagger of the mind, 84
Daggers-drawing, 154
Daggers, speak, to her, 102
Daily beauty in his life, 111
Dainties bred in a book, 38
Daisies pied, 39, 149
Dale, haunts in, 285
Dalliance, path of, 93
Dame, our sulky sullen, 259
Dames of ancient days, 233
Damn with faint praise, 191
Damnable iteration, 55
Damnation of his taking off, 83
Damnation round the land, 196
Damned, see him, first, 52
Damned to fame, 181
Damned who first cries, Hold, go
Damsel lay deploring, 201
Dan Cupid, 38
Dan to Beersheba, 363
Dance attendance, 69
Dance, on with the, 309
Danger, out of this nettle, 57
Danger's troubled night, 290
Dangers, loved me for, 107
Dangers of the seas, 374
Daniel come to judgment, 42
Dare, I, what man dare, 87
Dare to be true, 122
Dare to die, 180
Darien, upon a peak in, 326
Daring dined, 195
Dark, illumine what is, 131
Darkness, Cimmerian, 288
Darkness, the raven-down of, 145
Darkness visible, 131
Darling sin, 283
Dart, like the poisoning of a, 127
Dart, time shall throw a, 113
Daughter, harping on my, 96

Daughters of my father's house, 51
David, Nathan said to, 3
David, not only hating, 159
Dawn, exhalations of the, 285
Dawn is overcast,
Daws to peck at, 105
Day, as it fell. upon a, 116
Day, big with the fate of Rome,

Day brought back my night, 150
Day, burden and heat of, 15
Day, critic on the last, 187
Day, I've lost a, 296
Day, jocund, stands tip toe, 80
Day lost, think that, 387
Day may bring forth, 8
Day, merry as the, 33
Day, not to me returns, 138
Day of nothingness, 312
Day, posteriors of, 39
Day, suffering ended with, 337
Day, suficient unto the, 14
Day, the great important, 169
Days dull and hoary, 151
Day's march nearer home, 287
Days mere glimmerings, 151
Days o' lang syne, 262
Days, one of those heavenly, 270
Days, race of other, 341
Days, sweet childish, 268
Days, swifter than a shuttle, 4
Days that are no more, 334
Days, the melancholy, 338
Days, though fallen on evil, 140
Daystar, so sinks the, 147
Dizzles to blind, 242
Dazzling fence of rhetoric, 146
Dead, he mourns the, who lives as

they desire, 206
Dead in his harness, 13
Dead, my days among, 281
Dead, not, but gone before, 331
Dead' of midnight, 254
Dead Past bury its dead, 342
Deal damnation, 196
Dear as the ruddy drops, 227
Dear beauteous death, 151
Dearest thing he owed, 82
Death and brother sleep, 322
Death, be thou faithful unto, 22
Death borders on our birth, 209
Death by slanderous tongues, 35
Death came with friendly care, 284
Death, cowards sneak to, 173
Death, cruel as, 216
Death, grinned horrible, 137
Death has all seasons, 324
Death in the midst of life, 23
Death in the pot, 3
Death loves a shining mark, 209

Death most in apprehension, 31
Death, nature never made, 208
Death of each day's life, 85
Death, on every breeze, 305
Death, ruling passion in, 183
Death shook his dart, 143
Death, simple child know of, 268
Death, soul under the ribs of, 146
Death, studied in his, 82
Death, valiant taste but once, 71
Death, the way to dusty, 90
Death, they were not divided in, 3
Death to us, play to you, 151
Death urges, knells call, 207
Death, wages of sin is, 18
Death, where is thy sting, 20
Death's pale flag, 81
Deathbeds, ask, 206
Deathbed 's a detector of the heart,

Debt, a double, to pay, 236
Debtor to his profession, 353
Decay, vesture of, 43
Decay's effacing fingers, 312
Deceit in gorgeous palaces, lo
December, roses in, 317
Decencies, content to dwell in, 184
Decencies, daily flow, 142
Decencies, those thousand, 142
Decency, emblems right meet of,

Decency, want of, want of sense,

Deed and flighty purpose, 88
Deed dignifies the place, 50
Deed, so shines a good, 43
Deed, the attempt, not the, 85
Deed without a name, 87
Decds ill done, 54
Deeds, necessity excused, 139
Deeds, we live in, 336
Deep as a well, 81
Deep as first love, 334
Deep damnation, 83
Deep, in the lowest, a lower, 138
Deep, spirits from the, 58
Deep, yet clear, 126
Deeper than plummet, 26
Deep-mouthed welcome, 319
Deer, strucken, 10
Deer, such small, 76
Defend me from my friends, 381
Defer, madness to, 206
Defiance in their eye, 234
Degrees, fine by, 169
Deliberation and public care, 136
Delight in this fool's paradise, 258
Delight into a sacrifice, 122
Delight with libertie, 24
Delightful task, 215

Delphian vales, 340
Democraty, that fierce, 143
Den, beard the lion in his, 294
Denide, he comes to neere that

comes to be, 120
Denmark, something rotten in, 94
Depart, loth to, 168
Derby dilly, 267
Descend ye Nine, 198
Descent and fall adverse, 135
Descent, claims of long, 335
Description, beggared all, 74
Desdemona seriously incline, 106
Desert blossom as the rose, il
Desert, my dwelling-place, 311
Desert of a thousand lines, 192
Deserted at his utmost need, 157
Desert, man after his, 97
Desire, bloom of young, 226
Desire, kindle soft, 157
Desire of the moth, 323
Despair, depth of some divine, 334
Despair, fierce by, 134
Despair, reason would, 222
Despair, wasting in, 120
Despatchful looks, 140
Despond, Slough of, 163
Destroy his fib, 190
Destruction, pride gocth before, 7
Detector of the heart, 207
Detraction at your hcels, 51
Devil a monk was he, 350
Devil a pleasing shape, 97
Devil as a roaring lion, 22
Devil can cite Scripture, 40
Devil, give the, his due, 56
Devil, go, poor, 363
Devil hunting for one fair female,

Devil, in his quiver, 322
Devil, laughing, 315
Devil, of all that dread, 269
Devil, resist the, 22
Devil sends cooks, 225
Devil take the hin'most, 388
Devil, to serve the, 327
Devil, truth and shame the, 58
Devil was sick, 350
Devil wear black, 101
Devil with devil damned, 136
Devotion, ignorance, mother of, 160
Devotion's visage, 98
Dew, chaste as morning, 209
Dewdrop from the lion's mane, 69
Dial, figures on a, 336
Dial to the sun, 156, 243
Diana's foresters, 55
Dictynna good-man dull, 38
Die, and go we know not where,


Die because a woman's fair, :20
Die, heavenly days cannot, 270
Die, in moulding Sheridan, 317
Die in the last ditch, 380
Die, let us do or, 262
Die of a rose, 177
Die, stand the hazard of the, 67
Die, taught us how to, 200
Die with harness on, go
Die, who tell us love can, 280
Died in freedom's cause, 267
Dies and makes no sign, 64
Digestion wait on appetite, 86
Dignity in every gesture, 141
Dim and perilous way, 277
Dim eclipse, 133
Dim religious light, 148
Diminished heads, 138
Dine, that jurymen may, 189
Dinner of herbs, better is, 7
Dire was the noise of conflict, 140
Disastrous chances, 106
Disastrous twilight, 133
Discontent, nights in pensive, 25
Discontent, winter of our, 65
Discourse eloquent music, 101
Discourse of reason, 92
Discourse, such large, 103
Discourse, voluble in, 38
Discreetest, best, 142
Discretion better part of valour, 59
Diseases, desperate, 103
Disinheriting countenance, 257
Disorder, most admired, 87
Disposer of other men's stuff, 117
Dispraise no small praise, 143
Dissension between hearts, 299
Distance lends enchantinent, 284
Distemper, died of no, 161
Distressed, griefs that harass the,
Divided duty, 107
Dividends, incarnation of fat, 341
Divine, all save the spirit of man

is, 314
Divine, human face, 138
Divine philosophy, 146
Divine, to forgive, 187
Divinity doth hedge a king, 103
Divinity in odd numbers, 29
Divinity that shapes our ends, 105
Divinity that stirs within us, 170
Division of a battle, 105
Doctor, dismissing the, 264
Doctors disagree, who shall decide

when, 184
Doctrine, orthodox, 152
Doctrines clear, what makes, 156
Do good by stealth, 193
Dog, and bay the moon, 73


Dog, hunts in dreams like a, 333
Dog it was that died, 238
Dog, let no, bark, 40
Dog, living, better than dead lion,

Dog, not one to throw at a, 43
Dog shall bear him company, 17?
Dog, something better than his,

Dog went mad, 238
Dog, whose, are you, 198
Dog will have his day, 105
Dog, word to throw at, 43
Dogs delight to bark and bite, 212
Dogs eat of the crumbs, 15
Dogs of war, let slip the, 71
Dogs, the little, and all, 76
Dogs, throw physic to the, 89
Doit, beggarly, 247
Doleful sound, 213
Dome, him of the western, 159
Dome of many-coloured glass, 323
Dome of thought, 303
Domestic happiness, 245
Dominions, the sun never sets in

my, 371
Done quickly, if 't were, 83
Doom, the crack of, 88
Doom, regardless of their, 226
Door, sweetest thing beside, 268
Dorian mood of flutes, 133
Dotage, tears of, 219
Dotes, yet doubts, 109
Double debt to pay, 236
Double toil and trouble, 87
Doubly dying, 293,
Doubt, never stand to, 124
Doubt, once in, 109
Doubt the stars are fire, 96
Doubts are traitors, 30
Dove, gently as a sucking, 36
Dove, wings like a, 5
Doves, harmless as, 14
Doves, moan of, 334
Down among the dead men, 387
Down, he that is, can fall no lower,

Drachenfels, crag of, 309
Drags at each remove, 233
Drags its slow length along, 187
Draw men as they ought to be,

Dread of something after death, 99
Dream, a change came o'er my,

Dream, consecration and the

poet's, 276
Dream, forgotten, 271
Dream, which was not all a, 318
Dream, life but an empty, 341

Dream, the old men's, 158
Dreams, a dog hunts in, 333
Dreams, books, are each a world,

Dreams, pleasing, 295
Dreams, so full of fearful, 66
Dreams, such stuff as, 27
Dreams, true, I talk of, 78
Dregs of life, 161
Drew iron tears, 148
Drink deep, or taste not, 186
Drink, if he thirst, give him, 18
Drink, pretty creature, 268
Drink to me only, 117
Drinking largely sobers us, 186
Driveller and a show, 219
Drop a tear and bid adieu, 218
Drop of a bucket, 11
Dropped a tear, 363
Drops, ruddy, 71
Drowned honour, 56
Drudgery at the desk, 282
Drudgery, make, divine, 122
Druid, lies in yonder grave, 232
Drum was heard, 327
Drunk, hasten to be, 160
Drunkard clasp his teeth, 347
Drunken man, stagger like a, 6
Dry as the remainder biscuit, 45
Dues, render unto all their, 19
Dukedom, my library was, 26
Dull tame shore, 330
Dulness ever loves a joke, 194
Dumb on their own merits, 264
Duncan hath borne his faculties, 33
Duncan is in his grave, 86
Dunce sent to roam, 249
Dunce with wits, 194
Dundee, single hour of, 279
Durance vile, 261
Dusky race, 333
Dust, blossom in the, 125
Dust, hearts dry as summer's, 277
Dust, his enemies shall lick the, 5
Dust learned, 255
Dust of the balance, II
Dust return to the earth, 10
Dust, shalt thou return unto, i
Dust, the knight's bones are, 284
Dust thou art, I
Dust to dust, 23.
Duties primal, shine aloft, 278
Duty, perceive here a divided, 107
Dyer's hand, like the, 113
Dying man to dying men, 133
Each particular hair, 94
Eagle inewing her youth, 357
Eagle, so the struck, 317
Eagle's fate and mine are one, 139

Eagles gather the carcass, 16
Ear, give every man thy, 93
Ear, jewel in an Ethiop's, 78
Ear, more is meant than meets the,

Ear, night's dull, 63
Ear, word of promise to our, 90
Ear, wrong sow by the, 391
Ear-piercing fife, 110
Ears, in my ancient, 79
Ears, let him hear that hath, 16
Ears of fiesh and blood, 95
Ears of the groundlings, 99
Ears took captive, 50
Earth, best of men that e'er wore,

Earth, but one beloved face on, 316
Earth, earthy, 20
Earth'felt the wound, 142
Earth, first flower of, 302
Earth for charity, 68
Earth forgot, 300
Earth, giants in the, 1
Earth, growth of mother, 273
Earth has no sorrow, 304
Earth hath bubbles, 82
Earth her thousand voices, 284
Earth, less of, 296
Earth, more things in heaven and,

Earth proudly wears the Parthe-

non, 339
Earth, put a girdle round the, 36
Earth, salt of the, 13
Earth, so much of, 27!
Earth soaks up the rain, 128
Earth, thou sure and firm-set, 84
Earth to earth, 23
Earth, to smell a turf of fresh, 358
Earth, truth crushed to, 338
Earth, way of all the, 2
Earth's a thief, 81
Earth's noblest thing, 345
Earthlier happy, 35
Earthly hope, 306
Earthy, of the earth, 20
Ease and alternate labour, 215
Ease, he did with so much, 158
Ease in mine inn, 58
Easy as lying, 101
Easy writing, curst hard reading,
Eat, drink, and be merry, 9
Eaten out of house and home, 60
Echo, applaud to the very, 89
Echoing walks, 142
Eclipse, built in the, 147
Ecstacy of love, 96
Edified, whoe'er was, 245
Education forms the mind, 183

Education, virtuous and noble, 356
Eel of science, 194
Egregiously, an ass, 107
Egg, the learned roast, 193
Either, happy with, 201
Elder, let the woman take an, 51
Elegant sufficiency, 215
Elephants, for want of towns, 174
Elements, dare the, 314.
Elements so mixed in him, 73
Elms, immemorial, 334
Eloquence, heavenly, 159
Eloquence the soul, 136
Eloquence to woe, 315
Eloquent, old man, 150
Elves, criticizing, 242
Elysium, lap it in, 145
Elysium on earth, 299
Embattled farmers, 339
Emblems of decency, 224
Eminence, that bad, 134
Empire, the course of, 204
Empire, the rod of, 228
Employment, how various his, 246
Employment, wishing the worst,

Empty-vaulted night, 145
Enameld stones, 27
Enchantment, distance lends, 287
Encounter of our wits, 65
End-all, might be the, 83
End, attempt the, 124
End must justify the means, 169
Endow a college, 184
Ends, thy country's, 68
Endure, then pity, 179
Endured, not to be, 34
Enemies, His, shall lick the dust, 5
Enemies, naked to mine, 68
Enemy, feed thine, 18
Enemy, thing devised by the, 66
Engineer, hoist with his own petar,
England, with all thy faults, 244
England, ye gentlemen of, 374
Englishe undefyled, 24
Enjoy your dear wit, 146
Ensanguined hearts, 246
Ensign tattered, 344,
Enskyed and sainted, 30
Enterprise, life-blood of, 58
Enterprises, impediments to great,

Enterprises of great pith, 99
Entertained angels unawares, 22
Entire chrysolite, 111
Entrance to a quarrel, 93
Envious tongues, 68
Envy will merit, 187
Envy withers at another's joy, 215



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