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Library was dukedom, 26
License they mean when they cry
liberty, 150

Lick the dust, 5

Licks the hand just raised, 177
Lids of Juno's eyes, 49
Lie direct, 48

Lie, nothing can need a, 122
Lief not be, as live to be, 69
Liege of loiterers, 38
Lies like truth, 90
Life a galling load, 261
Life a walking shadow, 90
Life at a pin's fee, 94

Life, best portion of a good man's,

Life, blandishments of, 173
Life-blood of our enterprise, 58
Life, care's an enemy to, 51
Life, charmed, 90

Life, crowded hour of, 298
Life, crown of, 22

Life, daily beauty in, 111
Life, death in the midst of, 23
Life, his, I'm sure was right, 128
Life, hope while there is, 201
Life in short measures, 118
Life is all a cheat, 161
Life, loathed, 32

Life, nothing became him like the
leaving it, 82

Life o' the building, 85

Life, pleasant in thy morning, 261
Life protracted, woe, 219

Life rounded with a sleep, 27

Life set upon a cast, 67

Life, slits the thin-spun, 147

Life, sunset of, 290

Life, tedious as a twice-told tale,

Life, the wave of, 328

Life, the wine of, 85

Life, variety's the spice of, 245
Life was gentle, 73
Life, web of our, 50
Life's a jest, 201
Life's a poor player, 90
Life's common way, 270
Life's dull round, 223
Life's enchanted cup, 308
Life's fitful fever, 86
Life's great end, 209
Life's morning march, 289
Life's poor play is o'er, 180
Life's tale, 284

Light a foot, 79

Light, burning and a shining, 17

Light, casting a dim, religious, 148
Light fantastic toe, 149

Light for aftertimes, 281

Light heaven sheds, 302
Light in woman's eyes, 302
Light is sweet, 9

Light of a dark eye, 309
Light of hope, 289
Light of love, 314

Light of the Mæonian star, 188
Light of the world, 13
Light-seeking light, 37

Light, swift-winged arrows of, 251
Light that visits these sad eyes, 227
Light that led astray, 262

Light that never was on sea or land,

Light, walk while ye have, 18
Light within his own breast, 145
Lights, burning, 17

Lights of mild philosophy, 169
Lights that mislead the morn, 32
Like a forked radish, 61
Like a passing thought, 262
Like a wounded snake, 187
Like Aaron's serpent, 179

Like angels' visits, 166, 289
Like, but oh! how different, 273
Like following life, 182
Like the base Judean, 111
Like the dew on the mountain, 296
Like, we shall not look upon his, 92
Lilies of the field, consider the, 14
Lily, to paint the, 54
Limbs, recreant, 53

Limits of a vulgar fate, 227

Line he could wish to blot, 222
Line, in the very first, 237
Line too labours, 187

Line upon line, 11

Line, we carved not a, 326
Lineaments of gospel-books, 25
Linen, you're wearing out, 329
Lines fallen in pleasant places, 5
Link is broken, 349

Linked sweetness, 150
Linked with one virtue, 315
Lion among ladies, 36
Lion, beard the, 294,

Lion heart, lord of the, 239

Lion in the lobby roar, 383
Lion in the way, 8

Lion, lip of a, 62

Lion, living dog better than a dead,

[blocks in formation]

Lips had language, 250
Lips, heart on her, 315
Lips, smile on her, 294
Lips, steeped to the, 342
Lips suck forth my soul, 114
Lips, take away those, 32
Lips, tremble, 196

Lips were four red roses, 66
Lips were red, 123
Lips, when I ope my, 40
Liquid dew of youth, 93
Liquors, hot and rebellious, 44
Lisped in numbers, 190
Little cherub, 348
Little foxes spoil the vines, 10
Little learning dangerous, 186
Little leaven, 19
Little month, 92
Little more than kin, 91
Little one a thousand, II
Live alway, I would not, 4
Live laborious days, 147
Live, taught us how to, 200

Live to please must please to live,


Live unseen, unknown, 197
Live while you live, 218

Live with them less sweet, 301
Lively to severe, 182

Livery, evening in her sober, 139
Livery of heaven, 327

Lives, lovely and pleasant in their,


Lives most who thinks, 336

Lives of great men, 342
Lo, the poor Indian, 177
Loan loses itself and friend, 93
Lobster boiled, like a, 154
Local habitation and a name, 37
Locks, hyacinthine, 138

Locks, never shake thy gory, 86
Lodge in some vast wilderness, 244
Lodgings in unfurnished head, 152
Lofty and sour, 69
Loins be girded, 17
Long choosing, 142
Long-drawn aisle, 228
Long majestic march, 193
Longing after immortality, 170
Look, a lean and hungry, 70
Look before you leap, 113, 155
Look drew audience, 136
Look, longing, lingering, 229
Look not upon the wine, 7
Look on her face, 188

Look round the habitable world,

Look upon this picture, 102
Looked and loved, 47

Looked unutterable things, 216

Looker-on here in Vienna, 32
Looking before and after, 103
Looks commercing with the skies,

Looks the cottage might adorn, 236
Looks through nature, 182
Looks, with dispatchful, 140
Looming bastion, 334
Loop-holes of retreat, 246
Loose his beard, 227
Lord among wits, 249
Lord chasteneth, 22

Lord Fanny spins a thousand such,


Lord hath taken away, 4
Lord of all things, 179
Lord of folded arms, 38
Lord of himself, 117, 318
Lord of nature's works, 24
Lord of thy presence, 52
Lord's anointed temple, 85
Lords of human kind, 234
Lords of ladies intellectual, 319
Lords, stories of great, 264
Lords, women who love their, 232
Lore, skilled in gestic, 234
Loss, promise to his, 23
Losses, fellow that hath had, 35
Lost, all save honour, 379
Lost, who neither won nor, 242
Loth to depart, 168
Lothario, gallant, gay, 176
Lot's wife, remember, 17
Loud surges lash, 187

Love, all ministers of, 283

Love, and unrelenting foe to, 217

Love and hate in like extreme, 199

Love and then to part, 284

Love at first sight, 114
Love, beggary in, 74
Love can hope, 222
Love cannot die, 280
Love casteth out fear, 22
Love-darting eyes, 146
Love, deep as first, 334
Love, ecstacy of, 96
Love endures no tie, 106
Love, free as air, 195

Love, greater, hath no man, 18
Love, if there's delight in, 175
Love in every gesture, 141
Love in peace and war, 292
Love in such a wilderness, 290
Love in tears, 296

Love is a boy, 154

Love is heaven, 292

Love is light from heaven, 313
Love is the fulfilling of the law, 19
Love, labour of, 23

Love, last not least in, 71

[blocks in formation]

Love of praise, 210
Love of women, 320
Love on through all ills, 299
Love, pity's akin to, 172
Love prove variable, 79
Love, purple light of, 226
Love rules the court, 292

Love seeth with the heart, 286
Love, she never told her, 51
Love sought is good, 52
Love the offender, 196

Love, the secret sympathy, 293

Love, the silver link, 293

Love thyself last, 68

Love to hatred turned, 175
Love to me was wonderful, 3

Love, true, is the gift of Heaven,

[blocks in formation]


Loveliness needs no ornament, 216
Lovely in death, 208
Lovely in their lives, 3
Lover to listening maid, 338
Lover with a woful ballad, 46
Lover, why so pale, 123
Lovers' perjuries, 79

Lovers love the western star, 292
Lower, can fall no, 153
Lowly born, better to be, 67
Lucent syrups, 325
Lucifer, falls like, 68

Lucifer, son of the morning, 10
Lucky chance, 216

Lucre, not greedy of filthy, 21
Lumber, learned, 188

Lunatic, lover, and the poet, 36
Lunes, old, 29

Lustre see, I ne'er could any, 257
Lute, listened to a, 336

[blocks in formation]


Luxury in self-dispraise, 277

Luxury of doing good, 233
Luxury of woe, 304
Luxury to be, 284

Lydian airs, lap me in, 149
Lying, easy as, 101

Lying, this world is given to, 59
Lyre, each mood of the, 304
Lyre, waked to ecstasy the, 228

MACASSAR, incomparable, 319
Macbeth does murder sleep, 85
Macduff, lay on, 90

MacGregor, my name is, 297
Machiavel had ne'er a trick, 156
Mad, an undevout astronomer is,


Mad, pleasure in being, 162
Mad, 'tis true that he is, 96
Madden round the land, 189
Madden to crime, 313.

Madness, great wits allied to, 158
Madness in the brain, 283
Madness lies that way, 75.

Madness, there's method in it, 96
Madness, moody, 226

Madness, moon-struck, 142
Madness to defer, 206

Madness would gambol from, 102

Mæonian star, light of, 188

Magic numbers, 175

Magic of a name, 288
Magic of the mind, 315
Maid, the chariest, 93

Maid, none to love and praise, 269
Maid who modestly conceals, 222
Maiden betrayed for gold, 294
Maiden meditation, 36

Maiden of bashful fifteen, 257
Maiden shame, blush of, 338
Maidens, like moths, 307
Maidens withering on the stalk,

[blocks in formation]

Mammon wins his way, 307.
Man, a Christian is the highest
style of, 208

Man, abridgment of, 237

Man a debtor to his profession,

Man a fool at forty, 206

Man, a proper, as one shall see, 36
Man, a sadder and a wiser, 282
Man after his desert, 97
Man after his own heart, 2

Man, all may do what has been

done by, 209

Man, architect of his own fortune,

Man, as good kill a, as a book, 356
Man bear his own burden, 20
Man, better spared a better, 59
Man of Scio, blind old, 314
Man, broken with the storms of
state, 68

Man, child is father of the, 268

Man, dare do all that may become
a, 84

Man, what, dare, I dare, 87

Man, despised old, 75
Man delights not me, 97

Man dress'd in a little brief autho-

[blocks in formation]

a, 102

Man goeth to his long home, 9

Man, good old, 34

Man, happy the, 162

Man hath always treasures, 285
Man, he felt as a, 242

Man, honest, the noblest work, 181
Man, I love not, the less, 311
Man is born unto trouble, 4
Man is his own star, 181
Man is one world, 122

Man is the nobler growth, 254
Man lay down his life, 18
Man, let him pass for a, 40

Man, little better than the wicked,

Man, little round, fat, oily, 217
Man, living dead, 28

Man made the town, 244

Man made us citizens, 345

Man makes a death, 208

Man, mark the perfect, 5
Man, mildest mannered, 320
Man, mind's the standard of, 213

Man never is, but always to be
blest, 176

Man not suddenly good, 352
Man, not good to be alone, I
Man not passion's slave, 100
Man not suddenly evil, 352
Man of a cheese-paring, 61
Man of mettle, 214
Man of morals, 128
Man of my kidney, 29

Man of pleasure, man of pains, 209
Man of Ross, 185

Man of such a feeble temper, 70
Man of the world, 249

Man of unbounded stomach, 68
Man of wisdom is the man of years,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Man with large gray eyes, 268

Man without a tear, 297
Man with soul so dead, 293
Man, worth makes the, 181
Mane, hand upon thy, 311
Manichean god, 247

Mankind, survey, from China to
Peru, 218

Mankind, wisest, brightest, mean-
est of, 181

Mankind's epitome, 159

Manna, his tongue dropped, 135
Manners, evil communications

corrupt good, 20
Manners, of gentle, 198
Manners with fortunes, 183
Man's best things, 327
Man's first disobedience, 130
Man's house his castle, 354
Man's inhumanity to man, 262
Man's love a thing apart, 319
Man's as true as steel, 79
Man's the gowd for a' that, 263
Mansions, in my Father's house,


Mantle of the standing pool, 76
Many a time and oft, 40
Many are called, 15
Many-headed monster, 297
Many labour for the one, 315
Mar what's well, 75
Marathon, gray, 308

Marathon looks on the sea, 320
Marble leapt to life a god, 347
Marble, sleep in dull cold, 68
Marble to retain, 315
Marble with his name, 185
Marcellus exiled feels, 181
March, beware the Ides of, 69
March, in life's morning, 289
March is o'er the mountain-waves,

[blocks in formation]

Marcia towers above her sex, 170
Mare, gray, the better horse, 388
Margin, a meadow of, 257
Mariners of England, 289
Mark, death loves a shining, 209
Mark the archer little meant, 297
Mark the perfect man, 5
Marlborough's eyes, 219
Marmion, the last words of, 295
Marred the lofty line, 293
Marriage-bell, merry as a, 309
Marriage of true minds, 113
Marriage tables, 92
Married to immortal verse, 149
Marry ancient people, 358
Mars, an eye like, 102
Marshal's truncheon, 30
Marshal'st me the way, 84

Martial cloak around him, 326

Martyrdom of John Rogers, 386
Martyrs, blood of the, 375

Mary hath chosen that good part,


[blocks in formation]
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