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Meditation, fancy free, 36
Meditative spleen, 277
Meed of some melodious tear, 147
Meek-eyed morn, 215.
Meet like a pleasant thought, 271
Meeting points the hair dissever,

Melancholy days, 338

Melancholy, green and yellow, 51
Melancholy main, 216
Melancholy marked him, 230
Melancholy, moping, 142
Melancholy, most musical, 148
Melancholy of mine own, 47
Melodies, heard, are sweet, 325
Melodies, thousand, 331
Melodious tear, 147

Melody, crack the voice of, 344
Melody of every grace, 125
Mellowing of occasion, 38
Mellowing year, 146

Melrose, if thou would'st view, 291
Melting mood, III

Memory, dear son of, 150
Memory holds a seat, 95

Memory indebted for his jests, 258

Memory, morning star of, 313
Memory of all he stole, 194

Memory, pluck from the, 89
Memory, table of my, 95
Memory, throng into my, 144
Memory, ventricle of, 38
Memory, Walton's heavenly, 274
Memory, warder of the brain, 84
Memory watches, 288

Men, all, have their price, 362
Men, all things to all, 19
Men are April when they woo, 47
Men are but children, 160
Men, are you good and true, 34
Men, beneath the rule of, 332
Men, busy hum of, 149

Men by losing rendered sager, 315
Men cradled into poetry, 323
Men draw near their eternal home,

Men drawn as they ought to be,

Men, forty thousand, went up a

hill, 173

Men have died, not for love, 47
Men, impious, bear sway, 170
Men in the catalogue, 86

Men, justify the ways of God to,

[blocks in formation]

Men of inward light, 155
Men of sense approve, 188
Men only disagree, 136
Men, rich, rule the law, 234
Men, schemes o' mice and, 260
Men, sleek-headed, 70

Men, some to business take, 184
Men that are fat, 70

Men, the evil they do lives after
them, 72

Men think all men mortal, 206
Men think their little set mankind,


Men, tide in the affairs of, 73
Men were deceivers ever, 33
Men dare do, what, 34

Men, what other, think, 69
Men, when bad, combine, 365
Men who their duties know, 255
Men, world knows nothing of its
greatest, 335

Men would be angels, 177
Men's business and bosoms, 353
Men's evil manners, 68

Merchants do congregate, 40
Merchants are princes, 10

Mercy, a God all, 208

Mercy and truth are met, 5

Mercy I to others show, 196
Mercy is not strained, 41

Mercy, nobility's true badge, 77
Mercy, season's justice, 42
Mercy, shut the gates of, 229
Mercy sighed farewell, 315

Mercy, temper justice with, 142
Mercy we pray for, 42

Merit, her, lessened yours, 222
Merit, modest men dumb on their

[blocks in formation]

Mice, and such small deer, 76
Mice, little, stole in and out, 123
Miching mallecho, 101

Middle age, 295

Midnight dances, 197

Midnight oil consumed, 201
Midnight revels, 134

Midnight shout and revelry, 144
Midst of life, 23

Mien, vice is a monster of so fright-
ful, 179

Might say her body thought, 117
Mightiest in the mightiest, 41
Mighty fallen, how are the, 3
Mighty minds of old, 281
Mile, measured many a, 39
Miles, travel twelve stout, 268
Militia swarms, rude, 160
Milk and water, O, 316
Milk of human kindness, 82
Mill, brook that turns a, 331
Mills of God grind slowly, 343
Millions for defence, 368

Millions of spiritual creatures, 139
Millions of surprises, 122
Millions ready saddled, 359
Millions yet to be, 340
Mill-stone about his neck, 17
Milton, mute inglorious, 229
Mind, be fully persuaded in, 19
Mind, farewell the tranquil, 110
Mind, fleet is a glance of the, 251
Mind forbids to crave, 241
Mind, gives to her, what he steals
from her youth, 223
Mind is its own place, 132
Mind's the standard of the man,

[blocks in formation]

Minister, one fair spirit for my, 311
Minister to a mind diseased, 89
Ministering angel, 295
Ministers of love, 283

Minnows, Triton of the, 69
Miracle instead of wit, 211
Mirror to a gaping age, 341
Mirror up to nature, 100
Mirth and innocence, 316
Mirth grew fast and furious, 259
Mirth into folly, 297

Mirth, limit of becoming, 38
Mirth, string attuned to, 329
Mirth, you have displaced the, 87
Miserable comforters, 4

Miserable, no other medicine, 31
Miserable to be weak, 131

Miseries, in shallows and in, 73
Miser's pensioner, 276

Miser's treasure, 145

Misery, a tear to, 230

Misery acquaints a

strange bedfellows, 26

man with

Misery, steeped to the lips in, 342
Misery's darkest cavern, 220
Mist of years, 308

Mistress of herself, though china
fall, 184

Misty mountain-tops, 80
Mixture of earth's mould, 145
Moan of doves, 334

Mob of gentlemen, 192
Mockery of woe, 197
Mockery, unreal, 87
Modes of faith, 180
Modesty, bounds of, 80
Module of earth, 55

Moment, give to God each, 218
Moments make the year, 211
Monarch of all I survey, 251
Monarchies, mightiest, 136
Monarchs, change perplexes, 133
Monastic brotherhood, 277
Money, much, as 't will bring, 154
Money in thy purse, put, 107
Money, still get, 119.

Money the root of all evil, 21
Mongrel, puppy, whelp, 238
Monster, a faultless, 165
Monster, green-eyed, 109

Monster of the pit, 193

Month, a little, 92

Months without an R, 379

Monument, patience on a, 51
Mood, listening, 295

Mood, that blessed, 272

Mood, unused to the melting, III
Moody madness, 226

Moon, auld, in her arm, 385
Moon, be a dog and bay the, 73

[blocks in formation]

Moon-struck madness, 142

Moor, lady married to the, 276
Moral, to point a, 219
Morality expires, 195
Morality is perplexed, 365
More blessed to give, 18

More in heaven than dreamt of, 96
More in sorrow than anger, 92
More is meant than meets the ear,

More safe I sing, 140
More sinned against, 75
More than kin, 91

More than painting can express,

More than the Pope of Rome, 153
Morn and liquid dew, 93
Morn of toil, 296

Morn risen on mid-noon, 140, 280
Morn to noon he fell, 134
Morn, tresses like the, 146
Morn with rosy steps, 139
Morning-drum beat circles the

earth, 370

Morning stars sang together, 4
Morrow, good night, till it be, 79
Morrow, no thought for the, 14
Mortal, all men think all men, 206
Mortal coil, 98

Mortal through a crown's disguise,

[blocks in formation]

Mother of arts and eloquence, 143
Mother, the holiest thing alive,

Moth, the desire of the, 323
Moths, maidens like, 307
Motionless torrents, 284
Motley's the only wear, 45
Mould, ethereal, 135

Mould, mixture of earth's, 145
Mould of form, 99

Moulder piecemeal, 313
Mountain, robes the, 287

Mountain-waves, her march is o'er
the, 290

Mountains, Greenland's icy, 306
Mountains make enemies, 244
Mounting in hot haste, 309
Mourn, lacks time to, 335
Mourned, the loved and, 310
Mourning, the oil of joy for, 11
Mousing owl, 85

Mouth, gift horse in the, 389
Mouth, out of thine own, 17
Mouths, put an enemy in their,

Mouths a sentence, 242

Mouths of wisest censure, 108
Mouths without hands, 160
Muck, run a, 192

Multitude of counsellors, 6
Multitude of sins, 22
Multitudinous seas, 85

Murder a specious name, 211
Murder made a villain, one, 241
Murder, one to destroy, 211
Murder, though it have no tongue,

Murders, twenty mortal, 86
Murmurs died away, hollow, 231
Murmurs of running brooks, 275
Music, discourse most eloquent,

[blocks in formation]

Music with its voluptuous swell,

Musical as is Apollo's lute, 146
Musical, most melancholy, 148
Music's golden tongue, 325
Musing on companions, 294
Musing, the fire burned, 5
Muskets aimed at duck or plover,

Mute nature mourns, 292
Muttons, to return to our, 350
My Father made them all, 247
My father's brother, 92
My kingdom for a horse, 67
My native land, good-night, 307
My own, my native land, 293
My poverty, not my will, 80
My prophetic soul, 95

My sentence is for open war, 135
My voice is still for war, 170
Myriads of rivulets, 334
Myrtle, cypress and, 313
Myself, in awe of such a thing as
I, 69

Mystery, burden of the, 272
Mystery, heart of my, 101

Mystery of mysteries, 298

NAIAD of the strand, 295

Naiad or a grace, 295
Naked human heart, 208
Naked to my enemies, 68
Naked villany, 66

Nail to the mast, 344

Name, a good, better than precious
ointment, 9

Name at which the world grew
pale, 219

Name, deed without a, 87

Name, filches from me my good,

[blocks in formation]

Nation, noble and puissant, 357
Nation of shopkeepers, 376
Nations drop of a bucket, 11
Nations, cheap defence of, 364
Nations, mountains make enemies
of, 244

Native and to the manner born, 94
Native hue of resolution, 99
Native wood-notes wild, 149
Natural in him to please, 158
Naturalists observe a flea, 174
Nature recoils, affrighted, 365
Nature and nature's laws, 193
Nature broke the die, 317
Nature cannot miss, 162
Nature, commonplace of, 271
Nature could no further go, 163
Nature, extremes in, 184
Nature, force of, 163

Nature formed but one such, 317
Nature framed strange fellows, 39
Nature, the mirror up to, 100
Nature holds communion, 337
Nature, I do fear thy, 82

Nature, in spite of, 153

Nature is but art unknown, 178

Nature is subdued to what it works

[blocks in formation]

Nature's sweet restorer, 205

Nature's teachings, 338

Nature's walks, 176
Navies are stranded, 297
Nazareth, good come out of, 17
Neat-handed Phyllis, 149
Necessity, make a virtue of, 390
Necessity, the tyrant's plea, 139
Nectar on a lip, 257
Nectared sweets, 146

Need, deserted at his utmost, 157
Needful, one thing is, 16
Needle, true as the, 243
Needle true, like the, 252
Needle turns at touch, 252
Needless Alexandrine, 187
Neither here nor there, III
Nestor swear, though, 39
Nests, birds of the air have, 14
Nests, no birds in last year's, 342
Nettle, danger, 57

Nettle, tender-handed stroke a,

Never ending flight of days, 135
Never ending, still beginning, 157
Never-failing friends, 281
Never less alone, 331
Never loved sae blindly, 263
Never met or never parted, 263
New-made honour, 52
New-spangled ore, 147,

News, bringer of unwelcome, 60
Nicanor lay dead in his harness,


Nick, our old, 156

Night and chaos, 137

Night, and storm, and darkness,

Night, azure robe of, 323
Night, beauty like the, 318
Night, day brought back my, 150
Night, empty-vaulted, 145
Night, endless, 227

Night follows the day, 94
Night, fair good, 295
Night hideous, 94, 194
Night, how beautiful is, 280
Night in Russia, 30
Night joint labourer, 91
Night, meaner beauties of, 117
Night of fearful dreams, 66
Night, silver lining on the, 145
Night that fordoes me, 111
Night, upon the cheek of, 78
Night, witching time of, 101
Nightingale, music in, 28
Nightingale was mute, 336
Nightingale's note, 313

Nightly pitch my moving tent, 287
Nights are wholesome, 91

Night's candles, 80
Nimshi, son of, 3
Ninth part of a hair, 58
Ninny, Handel's but a, 202
Niobe, all tears, 92
Niobe of nations, 310
No hammers fell, 305
No more of that, Hal, 57
No pent-up Utica, 306
No love lost, 389

No reckoning made, 95
Nobility, betwixt the wind and his,

Nobility's true badge, 77
Noble in reason, 97

Noble to be good, 240, 335

Nobler loves, and nobler cares, 276

Noblest mind contentment has, 24

Noblest Roman of them all, 73
Noblest work of God, 181
Nobody cares for me, 174
Nods and becks, 148
Noise of conflict, 140
Noise of endless wars, 137
None but the brave, 156
None but the great unhappy, 210
None knew thee but to love, 340
None without hope loved, 222
Nook, seat in poetic, 322
Nooks to lie and read in, 322
Noon of thought, 254

Noon, sailing on obscene wings
athwart the, 283

Noon to dewy eve, 134
North, unripened beauties of the,


Norval, my name is, 232

Nose, nose, jolly red nose, 385
Not a stone tell where I lie, 197
Not dead, but gone before, 331
Not in the vein, 66

Not of an age, 119

Not one immoral thought, 222
Not only hating David, 159
Not she with trait'rous kiss, 348
Not to know me argues yourself
unknown, 139

Not to speak it profanely, 100
Not what we wish, 259
Note of preparation, 63
Note that swells the gale, 230
Notes, a chiel's amang you taking,


[blocks in formation]
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