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Sir Robert

and the


Sir James

equal (if not to exceed) all that went before you, in Grace and greatnefs? if you do but fet your heart to feek, and to ferve God, confidering how religiously your Highnefs hath been educated by godly and vertuous Governours and Tutors as alfo that you live x The Hor in fuch a time, wherein Gods Providence nourable and the Kings Religious care have placed over car, this Church (to the unspeakable comfort there- Knight, of) another venerable Jehoiada, that doth religious good in our Ifrael, both towards God, Lady Caand towards his Houfe: of whom your High- his nefs at all times, in all doubts, may learn Thomas the fincerity of Religion, for the Salvation Murray: of your inward Soul; and the wisest coun- Fullerton. fel for the direction of your outward state. y 2 Chron. And to excite you the rather to the zealous 24. 16. The graciPractice of Divine Piety, often fuppofe with your felf, that your Highness hears your bishop of Religious Father JAMES Speaking unto you, as fometimes holy David fpake to his 1 Chro. Son Solomon: And thou Charles my Son, know thou the God of thy Father and ferve him with a perfect heart, and with a willing mind for the Lord fearcheth all hearts, and underftandeth all the imaginations of the thoughts: if thou feek him, he will be found of thee; but if thou forfake him, he will caft thee off for ever.

ous Arch

Cant. G.A.



To help you the better to seck and ferve this God Almighty, who must be your chief Protector in life, and only comfort in death:


I bere once again, on my bended knees, offer my old Mite new fampt, into your High nefs hands: daily for your Highness offering up unto the most High, my humbleft Prayers: that as you grow in age and ftature, fo you may (like your Master Chrift) increase in wifdom and favour with God and all good men. This fuit will I never ceafe: In all other matters I will ever reft

Tour Highness bumble Servant,
during life to be commanded,



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Tolle malos, extolle Pios, cognofce Teipfum: Sacra tene, Paci confule, disce pati.

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Conde de de de de d


To the Devout READER.


Had not purpofed to enlarge the last Edition, fave that the importunity of many devoutly difpofed, prevailed with me, to add fome Points, and to amplifie others. To fatisfie whofe Godly Re quefts, I have done my beft endeavour: and withal finifhed all that I intend in this Argument. If thou shalt reap any more Profit, Give God the more Praife: And remember him in thy Prayers, who hath vowed both his Life and his Labours, to further thy Salvation as his own.

Farewel in the Lord


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