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Preach'd before the University


At St. Peters Church in the East
on Mid-Lent Sunday March
29. 1685. in


John Norris M. A. and Fellow of All-Souls

College in OXFORD.

Seest thou a man wife in his own Conceit? There is

more hopes of a Fool than of Him. Prov. 26. 12.

Printed by Leonard Lichfield, for Thomas

Fickus Bookseller. 168 5.

BX :

523 . N%22 : 54

Dunning Broure a 12. 20-42 · 46617

To the Reverend Dr. HENRY MORE of

Christ's College in Cambridge.

Reverend SIR,

Either the Ambition of honouring this
Discourse with your Great Name, nor

the Vanity of thinking this slender Oblation a sufficient discharge from those strong Obligations whereby I stand endebted to you, were the Motives which determind my Choice in this Dedication. I intend-only hereby to expreß my great Veneration for your Worth, and my Gratitude for that Particular pare which you have been pleasd to vouchsafe me in your Favour.

As for the Discourse which now beggs your acceptance and protection, I am not unsensible that much of it lies out of the common road of thinking, and may upon that Score incur the Censure of those narrow-spirited Theorists, who confine their SpecuLations to the limits of Antiquity, resign up the


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