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to make him the Joy of Angels,the Friend of God. Thus then let us accomplish the Refining's of our Souls,and fill up the Measure of our Mortifications. To which end let us add this one further Consideration to what has been already said that Humility in the Judgement even of the High and Lofty one thats inhabits Eternity is a Vertue of fuch great Excellency, and singular advantage to the happiness of Mankind, that our Blessed Saviour came down from Heaven to teach it, that his whole life was one continu'd Exercise of it, and that he has dignify'd it with the firstplace among his Beatitudes. Let us then as many as profess the Religion of the Humble and Crucify'd JESUS make it our strict Care that we neglect not this his great Commandment, nor omit to Copy out this Principal Line, this main-stroke of the Pattern he has fet us. Especially let us of this place who are set among the greater Lights of the Firmament, and whose profession and business is to contemplate Truth and to think of things as God made them in Number, Weight and Meafure, labour in the first place to take just and true Measures of our Selves, that our Knowledge puff us not up, nor our Height become our Ruin.

Now to the only Wife God , Father, Son and Holy Ghost be all Adoration and Thanksgiving now and for ever. Amen.



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AUG 24 1944



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