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(New Standard Editions published 1897-98
By Small, Maynard & Company, Boston.)


LEAVES OF GRASS : Containing Whitman's Poetical Work complete, as collected

by him in the Osgood Edition of 1881, together with the subsequent An-
nexes to Leaves of Grass (Sands at Seventy and Good Bye my Fancy),
the whole finally revised and corrected by Whitman, during his last illness,
for the 1891 edition ; with a new section of poems, under the title, sug-
gested by Whitman himself for such a purpose, of Old Age Echoes, con-
cluding with A Backward Glance o'er Travel'd Roads, Whitman's sum-
ming-up (in prose) of the motives and purposes of Leaves of Grass.
taining an Index of First Lines and three illustrations: a frontispiece portrait
from the old-age photograph by Gutekunst; a double-page facsimile of the
original manuscript of a poem; and the steel portrait (from a daguerreotype
by Gabriel Harrison) which originally appeared in the first edition (1855),

now re-engraved. One volume, crown 8vo, pp. 455. COMPLETE Prose Works : Containing in a single volume all the material pre

viously published in Specimen Days and Collect, November Boughs, and Good Bye my Fancy: including Autobiographical Notes ; Memoranda of the Secession War and Army Hospitals ; Nature Notes and Memoranda of Travel ; Democratic Vistas ; Prefaces to Various Editions of Leaves of Grass ; a Collection of Pieces written in Early Youth (1834-42); and Essays, Critical and Speculative. With five full-page reproductions illustrating the autobiographical character of the book, namely : a frontispiece portrait from the painting by Charles Hine (1859); views of the Poet's birthplace, at West Hills, Long Island ; his residence (“s the little house in Mickle Street") in Camden, New Jersey ; his tomb at Harleigh Cemetery, near Camden ; and a portrait of Elias Hicks; together with a facsimile reproduction from one of

Whitman's Note-books. One volume, crown 8vo, 540 pp. CALAMUS : A series of letters written, during the years 1868-80, by Walt Whit

man to a young friend (Peter Doyle). Edited by Richard Maurice Bucke, M.D., with an introduction including a recent interview with Peter Doyle ; a table of chronological notes of Whitman's life ; and 110 letters illustrating one of the closest of those friendships with the common people which were so characteristic of Whitman. Illustrated by a hitherto unpublished portrait of Whitman and Doyle and a facsimile reproduction of one of the letters.

One volume, 12mo, pp. viii, 173. THE Wound Dresser: A series of letters written from the hospitals at Washing

ton, during the War of the Rebellion, by Walt Whitman, containing three letters published in war time in The New York Times and The Brooklyn Eagle, and fifty-nine letters to his mother and other members of the poet's family. Edited by Richard Maurice Bucke, M.D. Illustrated by war-time portraits of Whitman and his mother. One volume, 12mo, pp. x, 201.




Walt Whitman, by R. M. Bucke, M.D., Phil. 1883 (authorized biography),

with portrait of Whitman from painting by Gilchrist, and from photograph taken in 1880, portraits of Whitman's father and mother, and pen sketches in Long Island by Pennell. Contents: Chronology, Biographical Sketch, Personnel, Conversation, Letters from W. D. O'Connor and his “Good Gray Poet,” History of Leaves of Grass, Analysis of Poems, Appendix: Con

temporaneous Criticisms. IN RE Walt WHITMAN, ed. by Whitman's literary executors, H. L. Traubel,

R. M. Bucke, T. B. Harned, Phil. 1893 (supplementary to Dr. Bucke's Walt Whitman, 1883). Contents : Love and Death: A Symphony by J. A. Symonds, Walt Whitman and his Poems by Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, An English and American Poet by Walt Whitman, Notes from Conversations with George W. Wbirman (1893) by H. L. Traubel, A Woman's Estimate of Walt Whitman by Anne Gilchrist, The Man Walt Whitman by R. M. Bucke, Letters in Sickness (Washington, 1873) by Walt Whitman, Walt Whitman and his Recent Critics by J. Burroughs, Walt Whitman at Date by H. L. Traubel, The Good Gray Poet," Supplemental, by W. D. O'Connor, Walt Whitman by Gabriel Sarrazin (tr. fr. French), Dutch Traits of Walt Whitman by W. S. Kennedy, Poet and Philosopher and Man by H. L. Traubel, Quaker Traits of Walt Whitman by W. S. Kennedy, Walt Whitman by Karl Knortz (tr. fr. German), Walt Whitman, the Poet of American Democracy, by Rudolph Schmidt (tr. fr. Danish), “ Leaves of Grassand Modern Science by R. M. Bucke, Liberty in Literature, by R. G. Ingersoll, Walt Whitman by T. W. Rolleston (tr. fr. German), Round Table with Walt Whitman by H. L. Traubel, Walt Whitman and the Cosmic Sense by R. M. Bucke, Immortality by Walt Whitman, The Poet of Immortality by T. B. Harned, Walt Whitman and the Common People J. Burroughs, My Summer with Walt Whitman (1887) by S. H. Morse, The Last Sickness and Death of Walt Whitman by Daniel Longaker, Last Days of Walt Whitman by J. W. Wallace, At the Graveside of Walt Whitman by H. L. Traubel (addresses

by Harned, Brinton, Bucke, Ingersoll), Poems and Minor Pieces. Camden's COMPLIMENTS TO WALT WHITMAN May 31, 1889, Notes, Addresses,

Letters, Telegrams, ed. by Horace L. Traubel, Phil. 1889. Frontispiece: photograph of Whitman's bust from the clay model by Sidney H. Morse, 1887. Contents: Autobiographic Note, Response, To Walt Whitman (poem) by Ernest Rhys, Recorders Ages Henceby H. L. Traubel, Addresses by Gray, Harned, Gilchrist, Williams, Clifford, Garrison, Armstrong, Gilder, Hawthorne, Garland, Bonsall, Eyre ; Letters from Tennyson, Rossetti, William Morris, Dowden, Carpenter, Burroughs, Stedman, Howells, Whittier, Aldrich, Furness, Childs, Mark Twain, Carleton, Curtis, and

others; Telegrams and Postscript. Walt Whitman, by William Clarke, London, 1892, with portrait of Whitman.

Contents: Personality, Message to America, Art, Democracy, Spiritual

Creed. Walt Whitman, A Study, by J. A. Symonds, with portrait and four illustrations,

London, 1893. Contents: Notice of Walt Whitman's Life, Study of Walt

Whitman: Religion, Personality, Sex-love, Love of Comrades, Democracy,

Art. BROWNING AND WHITMAN: A Study in Democracy, by Oscar L. Triggs, Lon

don, New York, 1893. Contents: ch. v., Whitman, General Relationship ; vi., Browning and Whitman, the Personality, Man and Nature, Man

in his Entirety, Life and Immortality, Love or the Social Side of Life. REMINISCENCES OF Walt WHITMAN: With Extracts from his Letters and Re

marks on his Writings, by William Sloane Kennedy, London, 1896. WHITMAN: A Study, by John Burroughs, Boston, 1896, with portrait. Con

tents: Preliminary, Biographical and Personal, Ruling Ideas and Aims, Self-reliance, Relation to Art and Literature, Relation to Life and Morals, Relation to Culture, Relation to Country and Times, Relation to Science,

Relation to Religion, A Final Word. Walt Whitman: The Man, by Thomas Donaldson, New York, 1896, with

portrait and facsimile. Contents: Mr. Whitman in Washington, 1862-73 ; in Camden, 1873-92; as a Lecturer ; Literary Aims, Hopes, Expected Literary Results, and Religious Views; Services to the Union in the War of the Rebellion, 1862-65 ; Horse and Buggy, 1885; Friends and Correspondents, 1872-92 ; Last Illness, Death and Burial.

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WALT WHITMAN, POET AND DEMOCRAT, by John Robertson in Round Table

Series, Edinburgh, 1884. THE POET AS A CRAFTSMAN, by William Sloane Kennedy, Phil. 1886. THE DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT IN LITERATURE: WALT WHITMAN, by James

Wilkie, Cupar-Fife (Scot.), 1886. Walt WHITMAN : Man and Poet, by Thomas T. Greg, Warrington (Eng

land), 1888. Notes or Visit TO WALT WHITman, by Dr. J. Johnston, Bolton (Eng.), 1890

(privately printed). Walt WHITMAN: His Relation to Science and Philosophy, a Paper read at the

meeting of the Australasian Ass’n for the Adv. of Science, in Jan. 1895, by

William Gay, Melbourne, 1895.
Walt Whitman Fellowship PAPERS (Fel. org. May 31, 1894, Phil., H. L.

Traubel, Sec., Camden, N.J.): Walt Whitman as Deliverer, by F. H.
Williams (No. 4). Whitman's Self-reliance, by John Burroughs (No. 9).
A Visit to West Hills, by D. G. Brinton and H. L. Traubel (No. 10
A Short Reading Course in Whitman, by Charlotte Porter and Helen Á.
Clarke (No. 13).

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PREFATORY Notice, by W. M. Rossetti, in his edition of Whitman's poems,

London, 1868. WALT WHITMAN, in David Gray and Other Essays, by Robert Buchanan,

London, 1868. The Flight of the Eagle, in Birds and Poets, by John Burroughs, Boston,

1878. Walt Whitman, in Familiar Studies of Men and Books, by Robert Louis

Stevenson, London, 1882.

Walt WHITMAN, in Poets of America, by Edmund Clarence Stedman, Boston,

1885. A STUDY OF Walt Whitman, in Essays on Poetry and Poets, by Roden Noël,

London, 1886. INTRODUCTION to the Poems of Walt Whitman, by Ernest Rhys in his ed., Lon

don, 1886. INTRODUCTION to Italian edition of Leaves of Grass (Canti Scelti), by Luigi

Gamberale, Milan, 1887. THE AMERICAN Socrates, in A Look around Literature, by Robert Buchanan,

London, 1887. AN ENGLISHWOMAN's EsTIMATE of Walt WHITMAN : A Confession of Faitb,

in Anne Gilchrist, ber Life and Writings, ed. by Herbert H. Gilchrist,

London, 1887. Introduction by W. M. Rossetti, passim. Vorwort UND EINLEITUNG, introducing German translation of Selected Poems

(Grashalme) by Karl Knortz and T. W. Rolleston, Zürich, 1889. The Poetry of Democracy: Walt Whitman, in Studies in Literature 1789

1877, by Edward Dowden, London, 1892. WHITMAN, in The New Spirit, by Havelock Ellis, London, 1892 (relation

with Diderot, Heine, Ibsen, Tolstoi ). Democratic Art, in Essays Speculative and Suggestive, by J. A. Symonds,

London, 1893. INTRODUCTION to selected poems of Walt Whitman, in Penny Poets' Series, by

W. T. Stead, London, 1894. Walt Whitman, in That Dome in Air, by John Vance Cheney, Chicago, 1895. Walt Whitman, in Modern Poet-prophets, by William Norman Guthrie,

Cincinnati, 1897.

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Letter from Emerson to Carlyle, May 6, 1856. Correspondence of Carlyle and

Emerson, ii. p. 250.
WILLIAM BLAKE, A Critical Essay, by A. C. Swinburne, London, 1868.

parison of Whitman and Blake, pp. 300–303.
THE CARPENTER, a story by W. D. O'Connor, New York, 1868, passim.
Our Living Poets, the Introduction, by H. Buxton Forman, London, 1871.
Note on Walt Whitman, in The Fleshly School of Poetry (p. 96), by Robert

Buchanan, London, 1872. NATURE AND THE Poets, in Pepacton, by John Burroughs, Boston, 1881. A STUDY OF SHELLEY, by John Todhunter, pp. 1, 2, London, 1880. COMPARATIVE LITERATURE, by H. M. Posnett, New York, 1886, passim. Cosmic Emotion, in Lectures and Addresses, by W. K. Clifford. Modern Authors, by Arthur Lynch, London, 1891, passim. The Man of Genius, by Professor Lombroso, trans. into English by H. Ellis,

London, 1891, pt. iv., ch. i., p. 318. SEAS and Lands, by Sir Edwin Arnold, London, 1892, pp. 78–84. DEGENERACY, by Max Nordau, trans. into English, New York, 1894. Cosmic Consciousness, a Paper read before the Amer. Medico-Psychological Ass'n

in Phil. 1894, by Dr. R. M. Bucke. ART IN THeory, by George Lansing Raymond, 1894. Whitman as a Romanti

cist, ch. ii. THE SENSE OF Beauty, by George Santayana, pp. 110-112, New York, 1896. IN Portia's Gardens, by William Sloane Kennedy, pp. 28, 152, 156, 217,

Boston, 1897, passim.


Appendix to 1856 ed. Leaves of Grass.
Leaves of Grass Imprints, Boston, 1860.
Appendix to Bucke's Walt Whitman, pp. 193–236.
Other reviews in the current numbers of The Conservator, Philadelphia

(Monthly). Walt WHITMAN, Fortnightly Review, Oct. 15, 1866, by Rev. Moncure D.

Conway. Walt WHITMAN AND His Drum-TAPs, The Galaxy, Dec. 1, 1866, by John

Burroughs. Walt WHITMAN, Allgemeine Zeitung, May 10, 1868, by Ferdinand Freiligrath. WALT WHITMAN, Revue des Deux Mondes, June 1, 1872, by Mme. Th.

Bentzon. Walt WHITMAN, THE Port of Joy, The Gentleman's Magazine, December,

1875, by Arthur Clive. WALT WHITMAN, The Radical Review, August, 1877, by Joseph B. Marvin. WALT WHITMAN, Atlantic Monthly, December, 1877, Contributors' Club. A STUDY OF WALT WHITMAN, The Californian, February, 1881, by William

Sloane Kennedy. REVIEW OF SPECIMEN DAYS AND COLLECT, The Academy, Nov. 18, 1882,

by Edward Dowden. WALT WHITMAN, The Nineteenth Century, December, 1882, by G. C. Maculey. WALT WHITMAN, in Zagranichny Viestnik (The Foreign Messenger), March,

1883, by Dr. P. Popoff (with translation of Leaves of Grass into Russian). Walt WHITMAN, in Nuova Antologia, August, 1885, by Signor Enrico

Neucioni. Walt WHITMAN, Leisure Moments, December, 1886, by H. D. Hughes. LEAVES of Grass, Murray's Magazine, September, 1887, by Walter Lewin. WALT WHITMAN AND His Philosophy, Harvard Monthly, January, 1888, by

Charles T. Sempers. THE POETRY or Walt WHITMAN, The American, June 9, 16, July 15, 1888,

by Francis Howard Williams. WHITMAN AS A Socialist Poet, To-day, July, 1888, by Reginald A. Beckett. Walt WHITMAN: A Dialogue, Harvard Monthly, May, 1890, by George

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Burroughs. A Child Poet : WALT WHITMAN, The Gentleman's Magazine, May, 1892,

by Pauline W. Roose.
Review : Leaves of Grass, Poet-Lore, May, 1892.
WHITMAN, Atlantic Montbly, June, 1892 ; in Contributors' Club, same number.
Walt WHITMAN; by George D. Black. Walt WHITMAN in Boston; by

Sylvester Baxter. Walt Whitman's DEMOCRACY ; by Walter Blackburn
Harte, with portrait. New England Magazine, August, 1892.

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