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8 Arise, O Lord, and now possess

Thy constant place of rest;
Be that, not only with thy ark,

But with thy presence, blest. 9, 10 Clothe thou thy priests with righteousness

Make thou thy saints rejoice ;
And, for thy servant David's sake,

Hear thy anointed's voice.
Il God sware to David in his truth,

Nor shall his oath be vain,
One of thy offspring after thee,

Upon thy throne shall reign :
12 And if thy seed my cov'nant keeps

And to my laws submit,
Their children too upon thy throne

For ever more shall sit.
13, 14 For Sion does, in God's esteem,

All other seats excel;
His place of everlasting rest,

Where he desires to dwell,
15, 16 Her store, says he, I will increase,

Her poor with plenty bless;
Her saints shall shout for joy, ker priests

My saving health confess.
17 There David's pow'r shall long remais

In his successive line,
And my anointed servant there

Shall with fresh lustre shine.
18 The faces of his vanquish'd foes.

Confusion shall o'erspread;
Whilst, with confirm'd success, his crown
Shall fiourish on his head.

1 TOW vast must their advantage be,

How great their pleasure prove,
Who live like brethren, and consent

In offices of love!
% True love is like that precious oil,

Which, pour'd on Aaron's head,
Ran down his beard, and o'er his robea.

Its costly moisture shed.
3 'Tis like refreshing dew, which does

On Hermon's top distil ;
Or like the carly drops that fall.

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O ;

For Sion is the chosen seat,

Where the Almighty King
The promis'd blessing has ordain'd,
And life's eternal spring.

LESS God, ye servants, that attend

Upon his solemn state,
That in bis temple, night by night,

With humble rev'rence wait :
2, 3. Within his house lift up your hands,

And bless his holy Name :
From Sion bless thy Israel, Lord,
Who earth and heaven didst frame.


PRAISE the Lord with one consent

And magnify his Name;
Let all the servants of the Lord

His worthy praise proclaim.
2 Praise him all ye that in his house

Attend with constant care ;
With those that to his outmost courts

With humble zeal repair. 3. For this our truest int'rest is,

Glad hymns of praise to sing ;
And with loud songs to bless his Name;

A most delightful thing.
4 For God his own peculiar choice

The sons of Jacob. makes ;.
And Israel's offspring for his own

Most valued treasure takes.
5- That God is great, we often have

By glad experience found;
And seen how he, with wondrous power,

Above all Gods is crown'd.
6 For he, with unresisted strength,

Performs his sov'reign will,
In heav'n and earth, and wat'ry stores.

That earth's deep caverns fill.
7 He raises vapours from the ground,

Which, pois'd in liquid air,
Fall down at last in show'rs, through which

His dreadful, lightnings glare,

8 He from his store-house brings the winds; :

And he, with vengeful hand,
The first-50"n slew of man and beast,

Tarouge Egypt's mourning land.
9 He dreadiul signs and wonders show'd,

Through stuborn Egypt's coasts ;
Nor Pharaoh could his plagues escape,

Nor a!l his nuln'rous hosts.
10, 11 Twas he that various nations smote,

And mighty kings suppress'd ;.
Sihon and Og, and all besides,

Who Canaan's land possess'd.
12, 13. Their land upon his chosen race

He firmly did entail ;
For which his fame shall always last,

His praise shall never fail.
$ For God shall soon his people's cause

With pitying eyes survey
Repent him of his wrath, and turn

His kindled rage away.-
15 Those idols whose false worship spreads

O'er all the heathen lands,
Are made of silver and of gold,

The work of human hands. 16, 17 They move not their fictitious tongues

Nor see with polish'd eyes ;
Their counterfeited ears are deaf,

No breath their mouth supplies. 18 As senseless as themselves are they

That all their skill apply
To make them, or in dangerous times

On them for aid rely:
19 Their just returns of thanks to God

Let grateful Israel pay ;
Nor let the prie-ts of Aaron's race

To bless the Lord delay.
20 Their sense of his unbounded love

Let Levi's house express ;
And let all those who fear the Lord,

His Name for ever bless.
21 Let all with thanks his wondrous works

In Sion's courts proclaim ;
Let them in Salem, where he dwells,

Exalt his holy Name,

"O God the mighty Lord

Your joyful thanks repeat ;
To him due praise afford,
As good as he is great :

For God does prove
Our constant friend,
His boundless love

Shall never end.
2,3 To him whose wondrous power

All other gods obey,
Whom earthly kings adore,
This grateful homage pay :

For God, &c.
4, 5 By his Almighty hand

Amazing works are wrought ;
The heav'ns by his command
Were to perfection brought :

For God, &c.
6 He spread the ocean round

About the spacious land ;
And made the rising ground
Above the waters stand :

For God, c. 7, 8, 9 Through heav'n he did display

His num'rous hosts of light ;
The sun to rule by day,
The moon and stars by night :

For God, &C.
LO, 11, 12 He struck the first-born dead

Of Egypt's stubborn land;
And thence his people led
With his resistless hand :

For God, &c.
13, 14. By him the raging seag.

As if in pieces rent,
Disclos'd a middle way,
Through which his people went :

For God, &c.
15 Where soon he overthrew

Proud Pbaraoh and his host,
Who, daring to pursue,
Were in the billows lost :

For Gus, &c.

16, 17, 18 Through deserts vast and wild

He led the chosen seed;
And famous princes foild,
And made great monarchs bleed :

For God, c.
19, 20 Sihon, whose potent hand

Great Ammon's sceptre sway'd ;
And Og, whose stern command

Bashan's land obey'd :

For God, c.
21, 22 And, of his wondrous grace,

Their lands whom Ite destroy'd,
He gave to Israel's race,
To be by them enjoy'd :

For God, Ee.
23, 24 He in our depth of woes,

On us with favour thought,
And from our cruel foes,
In peace and safety brought;

For God, c.
25, 26 He does the food supply,

On which all creatures live,
To God who reigns on high,
Eternal praises give :

For God will prove
Our constant friend,
His boundless love
Shall never end.


Sat down by proud Euphrates' stream; We wept, with doleful thoughts opprest,

And Sion was our mournful theme.
2 Our harps, that when with joy we sung,

Were wont their tuneful parts to bear,
With silent strings neglected hung

On willow trees, that wither'd there. 3 Mean while our foes, who all conspir'd

To triumph in our slavish wrongs,
Music and mirth of us requir'd,

“ Come, sing us one of Sion's songs." 4 How shall we tune our voice to sing,

Or touch our harps with skilful hand's

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