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one living and true God, even thee our Father in heaven, and one mediator, the man Christ Jesus.

Having divested thee, in their imaginations, of the most amiable of all thy attributes, even the effential placability of thy nature, they have repre. fented thy free mercy to penitent finners as purchased by the blood of thy innocent son. Forgetting that thou art good to all, and that thy tender-mercies are over all thy works, and also that thou, the righteous Lord, lovest righteousness, they have ascribed to thee an arbitary and unreasonable partiality in favour of some of the human race, and a moft cruel and unjust severity towards others, as condemning them to everlasting torments for crimes of which they could not be guilty, and expecting of them that which thou hadft not enabled them to do. And, having lost the idea of the purity of thy nature and thy regard to moral righteousness, as the only juft ground of acceptance and favour with thee, they have had recourse to un. meaning and even base and mischievous superstitions as compensations for their non-observance of thy holy commandments.

To confirm all these, and innumerable other corruptions of thy holy religion, supreme authority has been openly usurped by men over that church, in which thou haft given all power to our Lord and master Jesus Chrift; and those of thy faithful fervants, who have justly refused to submit to their

usurpations usurpations, have by them been subjected to the greatest hardships, and even persecuted unto death ; so that these temporal antichristian powers are drunk with the blood of thy holy martyrs.

We deeply lament this almost universal departure from the true faith of thy fon's gospel, the stop that has by this means been so long put to the propagation of christianity among jews, mahomedans, and heathens, and the prevalence which it has occafio oned of infidelity and profaneness in christian countries.

But we thank thee, who, in thine own due time, wilt, we doubt not, bring light out of all darkness, and order out of all confusion, that, in several christian countries, many of these corruptions and abuses have been reformed, and that antichristian tyranny is every where giving place to the power of truth, and 'the just liberties of mankind, in thinking and acting for themselves in all matters of religion.

For these great and invaluable blessings we are, under thee, indebted to the strenuouş labours of thy faithful servants, who have not accounted even their lives dear unto them; but, for the love of thy truth, have renounced all worldly advantages, boldly asserting their christian liberty, and holding themselves accountable to none but thee, the sole and immediate lord of conscience, and to the great


Thepherd and bishop of souls, acting by commiffion from thee, Jesus Christ.

We adore the wisdom of thy providence in bringing about the restoration of useful learning, and making it fubservient to the reformation of thy church; so that thy servants, having recovered the genuine, but long-forgotten sense of the scriptures, were able to discover the false grounds of the reigning superstition, and of the ecclefiaftical tyranny of their times. Grant that, by a continued and diligent study of the same word of thy truth, we may, in due time, be led to the full discovery of every remaining corruption of our holy religion, and be brought to receive the whole truth in the love thereof.

Hasten, we intreat thee, the approach of that glorious time when, according to the faithful and true writings of thy servants the prophets, our holy. religion thall recover its primitive purity and efficacy; when thou alone, as the only true God, a being of perfect rectitude, spotless purity, and essential goodness and mercy, shalt be the object of supreme worship; when thy creatures of mankind shall have recourse to no method of rendering them. selves acceptable to thee, but unfeigned repentance for their trangressions of thy laws, and a fincerc endeavour to conform to them for the future, in a course of upright intentions and worthy actions, through the whole of their lives; and when no


apprehension of arbitrary decrees shall alarm the fears of the humble, or encourage the prefumption of the confident.

Dispose all who profess the christian name to study the scriptures of truth with unprejudiced minds; and inspire all those who attain to the truth with a iuft zeal for the propagation of it, as far as thy providence fhall give them ability and opportunity. to do it. May neither the love of popular applause, of filthy lucre, or any worldly advantage; may neither the fear of man, of reproach, or of death, be a snare to them, in this work of love, and may they daily rejoice in the testimony of their confciences, and in the happy fruits of their pious and affiduous labours.

May all those powers of this world, which have usurped any authority belonging to our only rightful lord and king in his church, become disposed to relinquish their unjust claims; and may those kings and princes, who will not acknowledge the fovereignty of Jesus in his church, and especially those who obstinately oppose the reformation of it, be utterly confounded, and, by his power, be broken in pieces like a potter's vessel. Take to thyself, O Lord God Almighty, thy great power, and reign; and may the gospel of Jesus Christ go forth conquering and to conquer. May the everlasting gospel, in its primitive purity, be preached to all that dwell on the earth, to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people. By the brightness of our Lord's appearance, may the man of



fin be utterly consumed, that all the kingdoms of this world may become the kingdoms of our lord. and of his Chrift, and may he reign for ever and ever.

In the mean time, may we thy faithful servants, in the patient waiting for this coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, be fearless and unwearied in asserting thy truth, be ready to lay hold of every favourable opportunity to promote it, and, more especially, be careful to recommend it by a suitable life and conversation. May we distinguish ourselves by having the same mind that was also in Christ Jesus, by genuine humility, meekness, forbearance, brotherly love, heavenly-mindedness, and habitual chearful devotion ; that when our lord shall return, and take account of his servants, we may be found without spot and blameless, and not be ainamed before him at his coming.

Now to thee, who alone art eternal, immortal, and invisible, the only wise, living, and true God, be glory, through Jesus Christ, for ever and ever, Amen,

THE CONCLUSION. This publication completes the scheme which was begun in the Appeal, and continued in the Triumph of Truth; being intended to be a plain and earneft address to the common people, and especi

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