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to town before me, and the people went all up and asked him, What have they done to Mr. Elwall ? Have they put him in prison ? He answered “ No, he preached there an hour together, " and our parsons could say never a word. What “ must they put him in prison for? I told our “ foreman of the jury, Mr. Elwall was an honest * man, and his father was an honest man, I knew “ him very well.” So they were all damped; but there was great joy in my family, and amongst all my friends : Praises, living praises be attributed to that good God who delivered me out of their hands!

Christ never told us of that scandalous popish invention, of his human nature praying to his divine nature; but, like a true obedient son of God, submitted to death, even that cruel death which the hatred and envy of persecuting wicked priests inflicted on him, because he had so plainly and truly told them all of their blindness, covetousness, pride, and hypocrisy. And therefore God raised him from the dead; and for his faithfulness God has exalted him to be a prince and a faviour to all those that obey that pure doctrine which God gave him to teach ; that denying ungodliness and sinful lufts, we should live føberly and righteously in this world. Then are we bis disciples indeed, when we do those things that he hath commanded. Then shall we. be saved, not by the merits of Christ, that is another popish invention ; fór he never did any thing but


what it was his duty to do, and therefore could not merit any thing for others; but he taught us the true way to find acceptance with God, and that was by doing the will of his Father which is in heaven: and therein he is the way, the truth, and the life, because no one cometh unto the Father, but by that way.

Neither did he make satisfaction unto God for us. It was impoflible; and what God never required : But he who had no pleasure in the death of finners, but rather that they should turn from their wickedness and live, out of the immeasurable height and depth of his love, directed our lord Jesus Chrift to teach mankind a never-failing way of being reconciled to God; and that was by sincere repentance and reformation. This was the gospel or good tidings of Jesus Chrift, Repent je, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. He tells us, I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance; and by that beautiful excellent parable of the prodigal fon, he illustrates the tender mercy of his God and our God, of his Father and our Father, without any satisfaction. The compassionate Father required none at all, but humble confession and submission, with fincere repentance and reformas tion, and then comes the best robe, the ring, the Jhoes, and the fatted calf, to demonstrate the paternal acceptance without satisfaction or sacrifice, but a broken and a contrite heart which he will never re

fuse; fuse'; for he can as soon cease to be God, as ceafe to be merciful.

And as to the trinitarians, nothing is more plain, than that they feed upon ashes ; a deceived heart hath turned them aside, because they will not make use of those rational faculties which God hath given them ; nor say, Is there not a lye in my right hand ? otherwise they would never flatter the humble Jesus, nor make the most high God to be a plurality of persons.

For as to the holy ghost (their third Goa) it is evidently no distinct person from God, any more than a man's spirit is a distinct person from the man; so that the spirit of God is God's spirit, as is manisest from scripture and reason, Gen. vi. 3. My Spirit shall not always strive with man: And the Spirit of God moved upor the face of the waters : And God said, Let there be light, and there was light. And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters. And God made all things by the word of kis power. So that the word of God, and the fpirit of God, are not distinct persons from God, but the power of God, and the energy of God. So the word of a man, and the spirit of a man, are not distinct persons from the man, but the man himself; if his word be false, or his fpirit be wicked, the man is false and wicked.

The fame degree of stupidity that leads trinitarians 'to call the word of God, and the fpirit of

God, God, distinct persons, would lead them to call the wisdom of God, the goodness of God, the love of God, the peace of God, the power of God, and the mercy of God, distinct persons; and make God to be a trinity of trinities ; for it is cereain, God is expressly called by all those names.

But whosoever goes about to father this absurd and horrid doctrine of the trinity upon Jesus Christ, does egregiously abuse hini ; who told us plainly, his Father was greater than h2; and that he could do nothing of himself, which is a denonstration that he is not God: For we are sure God is omnipotent, and can do all things of himself; being self-exista ent and independent, the supreme creator of the universe ; and in this it is, that the unitarians triumph as unanswerable, believing in Jesus Chrift, who told us his Father was the only true God, John xvii. 3.

P.S. By these last words of Christ, I myself was convinced many years ago.

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