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When the bright eye has lost its beam,
The cheek its roseate hue,

How melancholy then will seem

The sacred last adieu.

But tho' from life we mourning part,

A brighter world in view

Sheds its mild radiance o'er the past,

And gilds the last adieu.



I LIV'D as long as I would live,
Thy will, O Christ, was mine;
How long or short my life might be,
To Thee could well resign.

I liv'd to Thee, I die to Thee,
To Thee shall rise again;
Dying and living thine I am,

And ever shall remain.


THE years that o'er my head had flown
Before, to call me to my home,

The welcome summons came;
I did not think too long or short,
Knowing that all my wishes ought
With Christ's to be the same.

The time he should think fit to give
So long alone I wished to live;

For when my course was run
I knew that he would call me hence,
And give th' appointed recompense,

For faithful service done.

In Him alone I put my trust,

Quite sure that He who sav'd me, must

Know what is good for me;

That He, in life and death would keep,
And raise me from my last long sleep,

To immortality.


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TAUGHT by the power of grace divine,
My will, dear Saviour, to resign
To thy supreme command,
Cheerful on earth I passed my days,
Willing to spend them to thy praise,
While lengthened by thy hand.
Nor did the hours too swiftly roll,
Nor time hang heavy on my soul,
Supported by thy love;

Nor did I chide their rapid flight
When summoned from the realms of night
To sing thy praise above.

To Thee I lived, while life was given,
To Thee I died, the joys of heaven
Through Thy blest death to gain ;
Living and dying, I was thine,
And rising by thy power divine,

Thine ever shall remain.


I LIV'D as long as I desir'd to live ;
So long, O Lord, as thou didst will, to give
Me life, life I desir'd; to me 'twas not
A life too long, to me 'twas not too short;
I live to Thee, to Thee, O Lord, I die;
To Thee I shall ascend, and dwell on high,
That living, or in death, (by grace divine)
I am, and still remain, for ever, thine.


S. M.

Page 31-23rd line from the bottom for murmurs read mummeries.

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