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cable limits and in no case to exceed thirty minutes
inclusive of the time required for the report itself.

That all speakers presenting reports or conducting devotional services be requested to observe with accuracy the time limit fixed by the program committee, · or ordered by the Council, and that the Secretary be instructed to arrange that each one be notified of the expiration of the period assigned him.

That the door-keepers be directed to close the doors at 9:10 each morning and admit no one thereafter until the end of the devotional period.

That the floor of the church be reserved for delegates, honorary delegates, corresponding members and speakers. If there proves to be space remaining the Credentials Committee is instructed at its discretion to arrange that officers and directors of missionary organizations, etc., be admitted. All persons will be expected to assist the door-keepers in the discharge of their duties by display of badge or other

form of credentials. The Treasurer of the National Council made a report covering receipts and expenditures for 1913 and 1914: (See page 257).

The report of the Corporation for the National Council was presented by Hon. John H. Perry of Connecticut, approved and ordered filed. (See page 240.) Thursday, October 21st.

Devotional service at 9:00 A.M. was conducted by President John M. Thomas of Middlebury College.

Moderator H. M. Beardsley called the Council to order in business session at 9:30.

Rev. Charles F. Carter of Connecticut presented the report of the Executive Committee with comments on its principal features. Approved and ordered filed. (See page 223.)

Recommendations of the Committee were adopted as follows:

1. That the action of the Executive Committee in placing the accounting of the Council on the basis of the calendar year be approved.

2. That the churches be asked to make an annual per capita contribution of four cents per year on the basis of gross membership during the next two years for the support of the Council's work.

3. That the Commissions of the Council other than those required by the Constitution and By-Laws be six in number for the coming biennium, viz.: Evangelism; Social Service; Religious Education; Comity, Federation, and Unity; Temperance and Public Worship; that each of these Commissions consist of seven persons; that the functions assigned to the Commission on Bible Cause be given to the Executive Committee, and those hitherto assigned to the Commission on the Welfare of Enlisted Men be given to the Commission on Social Service.

4. That the Executive Committee be directed to inquire as to the possibility of meeting in part the expenses of delegates to the National Council and to report at the next Council meeting

5. That the Committee on Credentials be instructed to divide delegates unclassified as to term of service on an alphabetical plan so as to secure a number substantially the same in the two and four year classes.

6. That the Executive Committee be instructed to enter into correspondence with state officers in states having a double organization in the effort to secure uniformity of nomenclature.

7. That the annual sum of $749 apportioned the Congregational churches for maintenance of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America be paid from the Treasury of the National Council for the coming biennium.

8. That all churches of our fellowship be urged to make provision for a suitable observance of the four hundredth anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, October 31, 1917, and that the Commission on Religious and Moral Education be instructed to aid them as it may find feasible.

9. That state conferences and home missionary organizations be urged to continue their efforts to guard church property from alienation, and that the Congregational Home Missionary Society be asked to consider afresh whether arrangements cannot be made by which sums paid from its treasury in aid of a church shall be returned to denominational uses from the proceeds of the property of that church if it becomes extinct or changes its denominational relationship.

10. That Conferences and Associations be urged to use all possible diligence in securing the attendance of representatives at meetings of the National Council.

11. That the Executive Committee be instructed to proceed with arrangements for a suitable celebration of the Tercentenary of the landing at Plymouth Rock.

On recommendation of the Business Committee:

Voted: That Council Commissions be allowed time for presentation of special matters connected with their reports as follows:



Corporation ...
Public Worship
Religious Welfare of Men Under the Flag
Bible Cause ..
Social Service..
Religious and Moral Education .
Comity, Federation and Unity

10 minutes .10 .10 .30

30 .30 ..30 .30 10

The Treasurer of the National Council, Rev. Joel S. Ives of Connecticut, reported receipts and expenditures from January 1, 1915, to September 30, 1915, as follows:

Balance Jan. 1, 1915 ..
Received from per Capita dues.
Miscellaneous .

3612.70 23,953.91

1142.38 $28,708.99

Issuing Year Book ..
Salaries of Secretaries.
Clerical Labor.
Travel, Printing, Rent and Miscellaneous
Balance on hand Sept. 30, 1915..

$ 5751.99

6000.00 2492.50 6493.79

7970.71 $28,708.99

On report of the Nominating Committee the following persons were elected to the positions named: Secretary of the National Council - Rev. Hubert C. Herring of Massachusetts. Members of the Executive Committee for a term of six years: Mr. Herbert J. Brown of Maine; Mr. O. J. Hill of Missouri; Mr. D. M. Ferry, Jr., of Michigan. Commission on Missions for four years: Mr. Arthur L. Shipman of Connecticut; Mr. Burton Payne Gray of Massachusetts; Mr. David P. Jones of Minnesota; Rev. Henry C. King of Ohio; Mr. Roger Leavitt of Iowa; Rev. Albert P. Fitch of Massachusetts; Rev. Lewis T. Reed of New York. For two years to fill vacancies: Mr. H. W. Darling of Kansas; Rev. Archibald Hadden of Michigan; Mr. Frank Kimball of Illinois.

On the Nomination of the Societies for four years: A. B. C.F. M., -- Rev. Edward M. Noyes of Massachusetts; C. E. S., - Rev. William R. Campbell of Massachusetts; C. B. M. R., -- Mr. Dyer B. Holmes of New York; Woman's Boards of Missions — Miss Sarah Louise Day of Massachusetts.

An addition to the By-Laws to be known as Number 18, proposed the previous day by Hon. John H. Perry, was adopted as follows:

“A duly enrolled delegate may deputize any alternate duly appointed by the body appointing the delegate to act for him at any session of the Council by special designation applicable to the session in question."

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Rey. Clarence F. Swift presented the report of the Commission on Evangelism which was approved and ordered filed. (See page 280). The following recommendations were adopted:

* That we urge upon our Conferences the appointment of a strong Committee on Evangelism in every state where such a Committee does not now exist for careful attention to the work of evangelism especially among smaller churches,

“That in line with the endeavor of the Commission on Evangelism of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ to secure a higher standard for evangelistic workers the Commission on Evangelism be instructed to take under careful consideration the character and fitness of men in our denomination who desire to

serve the Kingdom of God as evangelists, seeking al-
ways the co-operation of the local body in which the
ministerial standing of such evangelistic worker is


Friday, October 22nd - The devotional service was ducted by President John M. Thomas of Middlebury College.

Council called to order at 9:30 by Moderator Beardsley.

On report of the Greetings Committee the following communication was approved:

Rev. Edward Robie, D.D., Greenland, N. H.

The National Council of the Congregational Churches of the United States assembled in New Haven, Connecticut, October 22, 1915, sends this fraternal greeting in gratitude for the sixty-three years during which you have been enabled by the bounty and grace of our Heavenly Father to continue the work of the ministry of Jesus Christ in the parish which still rejoices to hear from your lips the message of redeeming love and to receive at your hands the emblems of the sacrificial death of our Lord.

We rejoice in your life-long fidelity to the Gospel and Kingdom of Christ. . We find strength in your faith and love. In your person we greet the company of over two hundred of our number who for more than fifty years have lived and witnessed for their Divine Master in the Christian Ministry.

We pray that the abiding comfort and power of the Spirit of all grace may be with you and with them. For all at evening time may it be light. Also the following:

The National Council of the Congregational Churches of the October United States assembled at New Haven, Connecticut, 20, 1915, send greetings to the South India United Church with gratitude for the fraternal spirit which has prompted the sending of Rev. J. S. Chandler as its delegate. The prayers of the Council are with you as you labor for the building of God's Kingdom in India. We look forward with confidence to the success which shall crown your efforts through Him "who is able to subdue all things unto himself.”

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