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time and Their most remarkable Transaktions. Transactions, conversion. place.



mediately added,

ver. 3.1 " That the people ihali “ bring free-will offerings as in the day of his power. They sold these lands too, in may be, the rather, because they expected the utter de. ftruction of the Jewish flate in a few years, according to Daniel's and our Saviour's predictions, Dan. ix. 26. Mat. xxiv. Luke xxi.

Peter and John, the two great apostles (the one who loved Jelas, the other who was beloved by Jesus, above all the rest), go up to the

Temple to prayer. As they Acts iii. go up, Peter, by faith in

2-9. Christ, heals a beggar that

had been lame from his mother's womb, at the gate of the Temple, called The Beautiful; and preaches to the peoJple,“ witnessing Christ's re-Ver. 15 fic surrection," and that God 26. having raised him

firn Acts iv. “: sent him to bless them"

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4 (the Jews), in turning away every one of them from his iniquities ; and converts a great number: the men who were present at this miracle, and heard and saw the apoitles (see Acts iii. 11. com

pared with chap. iv. 4—21.) were about five thouland.

The priests and the Sad-Acts iv. ducees being offended at 1-3, Ithis cure, at Peter's preach


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Proofs of the
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ing, through Jesus, the re-
lurrection of the dead, and
at the great number of con-
verts ; and the Roman ofi-
cer, who guarded the Tem-
Iple, being apprehensive of
che consequences of fo great
a concourie of people, went
with the priests and the Sad-
ducees, and seized Peter
and John, and put them in
hold and notwithstanding
Peter's bold avouching this
miracle to be wrought by
the name of Jesus, whom
they declare that God, the
God of Israel, whom they
acknowledged and
hiped, had “ raised from

" the dead,” and that by the name of that same Jesus alone, we can be saved; yet the rulers forbade them to preach any more : which though Peter and John (declaring that they cannot but speak the things which they i have seen and heard”) absolutely refused; yet are re. leased. They go to their own company (I suppose the hundred and twenty), rehearse the matter, and pray; and when they had prayed lihat God would give them Holdness to speak the word, and accompany it with signs Ver. 31. and wonders ;- the place was ihaken, where they were all Jasiembled together, and they


How often

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An. Proofs of the heen there Places wbi-

Proofs of the Dom. time and

Tbeir most remarkable Tranja Etions. Transactiens. place. lconversion, went.

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.vere all * filled with chel



' Holy Ghost," and spake he word with boldness. And, Ver. 29upon this fresh descent of 33. the Holy Ghost, the apostles continue to is witness the pas resurrection of the Lord • Jesus with great power,' notwithstanding the oppofi. rion they had given to them by the highest Jewish court of civil and ecclefiaftical judicature in Palestine. And great grace (xófos] was upon lchem all.

On this fresh descent of he Holy Ghost, not only the boldness, and the power of working miracles, but the charity, of the disciples is kncreased. Those of the 15000 who, were last conJverted follow the example of the 3000 (after the Holy Acts iv. Ghost was imparted 1032–346 them), sell their pofiessions, 35. and lay down the price of them at the feet of the apolitles. Among them was Joses (or Joleph) a Levite of Cyprus, who (either now or some time before) was, by the apostles, surnamed Barnabas, son of consolation (perhaps rather of exhortation, Juios praporxhciwe), who hav. ing land in Cyprus, fold it, and laid the price at the a postles seet: and thereby, perhaps, became the first in


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Their most remarkable Transaktions. Transacticns. conversion. place.

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ftance of any one's selling
land out of Palestine, or very

ar from it, towards raising:
fund for the poor.

But Ananias and Sapphiia 4&ts v. 1keeping back part of the 1o. price of their poffeffion, and yetdelivering it as the whole, are severely reprimanded by Peter: Ananias firit, who ails down dead; and Sap Iphira afterwards, on Peter': foretelling it.

An exem plary punishment on the firt: llie made co tempt (or try) che Holy Ghott in his æco.

7 nomy or dispensation : ne. ceffary to vindicate the ho nour of that dispensation, 2nd of the apostles, the chiel Ver. 13, lvinisters of it. After which, 14, 15. though the apottles and be lievers were much magnised

by all, yet durit none join ihemselves unto them, in or ier to partake of the benefit of the community of goods, purely with that view ; leli hey should share the fate of

hose notorious diffemblers Great numbers are

erted, and strange cures vrought by Peter's the dow.

The high priest, and they Ver. 18hat were with him (which 20. vas the feet of the Sad ucees), being filled with in lignation at these extraordi nary cures, and the growing Luinber of converti, proceed с



How often

Paul bad
An. Places wbi- been there Proofs of be

Preofs of Dom. tber iboy

after bis

time and Their most remarkable Transactions. Tranjatrica, conversion. place.



so far as to cast all the apo
Atles into the common prilon.
They are delivered by an an-

zel, and, according to his direction, go into the Temple, and speak all the words of this life (or of the doctrine of the resurrection, which had fo enraged the Sadducees, as to occasion their being im prisoned before, A&s iv. 2. as well as now). They speak again boldly to the council, on being brought before ! them, and reprimanded by lchem ;

6 and declare them.Ver. 29selves witnesses” of Christ's;2. death, resurrection, and exaltation ; 6 and also the “ Holy Ghoft, given to all " that obey him :” but yet, on account of the strange power and protection of God, that visibly attended them, and of their resolution and success, they are released, by

Ś the advice of Gamaliel : 'the Aas vi. meaning of whcie speech 1-6. feems to be this: " That

they should not at this
“ time go about to kill the
" apofles and disciples of
“ Jesus; for that if the
“ kingdom they preached
“ Thould at last prove a tem-
" poral kingdom, it would
" be the business of the
“ Romans to contend with
" them, and not theirs; that
l“ if the principles they went



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