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How often

Paul bad
An. Places wbi- been there
Proof of the

Proof of the
Domber they afier bis Hime and Tbeir most remarkable Transactions. Tranjaties,

went. conversion, place.

33 Jerusalem.




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lion xvii. At Jerufalem, just before

he lait paflover that Jelus
sept with his apostles, fore-
elling whai should come to
Jals after his death; he says,

“ They should be luke ni
brought betore kings ano 12-16.
' rulers for his name sake ;
- but that they should lettle
- it in their hearts, not to
s meditate before what they
" should answer. For," says

“ I will give you a for mouth

and wisdom, for which


adveriaries " thall not be able to re

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In the last discourse and John xiv. prayer that Jesus inakes a-12-15 finong his disciples, he says, * Verily, verily, I say unto

you, he that believeth on

me, the works that I do
“ fhall he doallo, and greater
“ works than there shall he

do; because I
" Father. And whatsoever ye
" shall alk in my name, that
for will I do, that the Father
"may be glorified in the Son.
for If ye shall alk any thing in

my name, I will do it. ** -- And I will pray the Fa-John xiv. " ther, and he thall give you 16, 17. “ another comforter, that he

may abide with you for

ever, even the Spirit o! “ Truth.”—But the Com- John xiv. - forter, which is the Holy 26. “ Ghost, whom the Fatheid

How often

Paul bad
An. Places wbi. been tbere Proofs of the

Proofs of tbe Branber ibcy

time and Their most remarkable Transactions. Transactions. conversion, place.

efter bis



““ will send in my name, he
" shall teach you all things.
“ and bring all things to

your remembrance,what-
soever I have said unto

When the com-John xv. ·s forter is come, he shall

teftify, of me: and then
(fearful as you now are)

you also shall bear wit.
"nels, because ye have been
** with me from the begin.
“ ning. - Nevertheless, John'xvi.
• tell you the truth; it is 7, 8.

expedient for you that I
go away : for if I go noi

the Comforter wil
not come unto you; buil
" if I depart, I will send
" him unto you. And when
" he is come, he will re-

prove the world of fin, " and of righteousness and " of judgment. — And he John xvi. |" will guide you into al!

11315 • truth: for he shall not le speak of himself, but

' whatsoever he shall hear, "" that shall he speak; and f he will sew you things to

come. He shall glorify “ me : for he shall receive

of nine, and shall new it

unto you. All things tha: " the Father hach are mine, Los therefore, said I, he thall " take of mine, and thew it urto you.

Audio tra ljohn zvi. 'day ye thall a& ne r. 13:"A los ching; verily, very,

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How often

Paul bad
An. Places wbi. been there Proofs of tbel

Proofs of the Dom. ber ibey

time and Their most remarkable Transactions. Tranje Tions. converfion. place.

afier bis



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say unto you, whatsoever
ye shall ask the Father in
my name, he thall give ii
you. Hitherto ye have

afked nothing in my name:
" alk, and ye shall receive,
" that your joy may be full.
"-And, addresling himselt John xvii.

to God, he says, As thou 8, 19.
* haft fent me into the
" world, even so have I also
« fent them into the world.
2. And for their fakes I' sanc-
f" tify myself, that they also

may be fanctified through
" the truth. And the glo- John xvii.

which thou gave it me, 22.
I have given unto them :
" that they may be one, e-

ven as we are one.'
Luke The evening of the day, Luke
xxiv. 33-in which he arose from the xxiv. 46-
136. lead, he said unto them ; 49.

Thus it is written; and
- thus it behoved Christ to

suffer, and rise from the
· dead the third day, ano
" that repentance and re
.6 million of fins should be

preached in his name, or
by his authority, among
all nations, beginning at

Jeru!alcm.” He being,
Wy his resurrection from the
lead, declared to be the Son
of God, and the heir and
overnor of all things, ana
eing in a few daw to have
ll power put into his

" And

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7?ow ofien

Paul bad
Ano Places wbi. been tbere Proofs of the

Proofs of the
Dem.rber shey

time and Ibeir moff remarkable Transactions. Tranfuciiuris. onversion, place.

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in Galilee.

117, 18.

Mat. Jesus met the eleven in al
xxviii. nountain in Galilee (perhaps
xvi. 7. and ihe very mountain where he
xxvi. 32. chose them, and where, it
Mark xvi. may be, he was transfigured).

according to his appoini ment
before his death ; Mat. xxvi.
32, and Mark iv. 28, and
Just after his resurrection ;
Mark xvi. 7. And being
affembled together with them
inere, Aits i. 4. (the other
times he appeared to them
after his relurrection, seems
1:0 have been by surprize),

ays to them; 5 Go into al Mark xvi.
• the world, and preach ihe 15. 19.

gospel to every creature

And these signs Thall fol1. low them that believe. In

my name shall they can " out devils; they shall speak “ with new tongues, they f" fhall take up serpents, and us if they drink any deadly

thing, it Thall not hurt f" them; they shall lay hands


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!now often

Paul nad
An, laces wbi- 'beon there Profs of the

Proofs of tbe Dom. beribey

time and Their most remarkable Transaaliens. Tranja.Zices, conulífion. piace.

Jafter it is



" on the fick, andthey fall for recover.”

And Jesus spake to them, Mat. faying, “ All power is (nowlxxviii. |« declared to be, and will 18-20.

very suddenly, viz. at my " alcenfion, actually be) si

ven unto me in heaven and " earth : go ye therefore " and teach all nations, " baptizing them in the

name of the Father, and
“ of the Son, and of the
** Holy Ghost, teaching!
" them to observe all things,
" whatsoever I have com-
“ manded : and lo, I am
for with you to the end of the

Age." Then he directs
them to go up to Jeru!alem
(whither their prelent fears
would probably have hinder-
led them from going, with:
Jout his particular orders),
and commands them to carry
there till they were endued
with power trom on high ;
for till they received the pro-
mise of the Father: “which,"
says he, ye

have heard of
"me: That John baptized
" with water, ye shall be
" baptized with the Holy Luke
" Gioit not many days xxiv. 41.
“ hence."

Acts i. 5. The eleven return with Jesus from Galilee to Jerutalem, Acts xiii. 31. 'And Ads i. 6. lu hen they were come together there, they ask him,



i “ If

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