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Proofs of ibe Jafter bis rime and Their most remarkable Transactions. Transactions. conversion, place.

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j“ If the meaning of his

coming back with them. “: thither, was to restore the f" kingdom to Israel?" which they do not ask fo much out of fo great a degree of impatience for reitoring the kingdom ; as out 0

furprize at the thought that the should restore the king. dom to a nation, that had used him with such cruelty so lately at this very place. Jesus tells them, it is not for them to know the times and reasons ; but adds, " ye shal: Acts i. 8. " receive power, after that " the Holy Ghost is come

upon you, and ye shal. “ be witnesses unto me,

both " in Jerusalem, and in all " Judæa, and in Samaria,

Mark xvi. “ and in the uttermott parts “s of the earth.” And af. terward they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the words with the figns following: as

will appear in the sequel.
Luke Jesus, on the fortieth day
xxiv. 50. after his resurrection, led the
Acts i. 12. leleven out of Jerusalem to-

wards Bethany, as far as the
Mount of Qlives. Where he
blessed them, and was then
taken up from them. They Acts i. 9.
feeing him ascend gradually, Luke
till at latt a cloud of glory xxiv. 51.
look him out of their fight.





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Ar. Places wbi- 'been there Proofs of the

Proofs of the after bis

Lime and Their most remarkable Transactions. Tranjactionin converfios. place.


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xxiv. 52.


They then receive a mef-
fage from angels, that he
fhould come again from hea
Iven in the same manner he
went thicher

They return from Mount Aus i. 13.
Olivet to Jerusalem. And
when they were come into
their upper room,

flood up among the dif-
ciples, the number of the
names was about one hun-
dred and twenty (the num-
Iber of a Jewish council), and
bespoke them thus : that of Ver. 21*
thole who had accompanied 26.
them all the time that the
lord Jesus went in and out
among them; beginning
from the baptism of John,
unto the same day that he
was taken up from among
them, one should be ordain-
ed, and appointed to be a
witness with them of the re-

And they ap
pointed two, Joseph, called
Barsabas (or Jofes, called
Barnabas), who was sur-
named Justus, and Matthias.
And they prayed and said,
“ Thou, Lord, which know-
"s eft the hearts of all men,
“ Thew whether of these two
" thou haft chosen ; that he

may take part of this mi
" niltry and apostleship,
" from which Judas, by
“ transgresiion, feil.” And
they gave 'forth their lois,


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\Paul had Ar. Places wbi- been ibere Proofs of the

Proofs of the Dom. tber obey

time and Their most remarkable Transaktions.Tranjačtions. conversion. place.

after bis



and the lot fell upon Mat-
thias, and he was numbered
with the eleven apostles.

God ordered it so, that a ewelfth apostle should be ap. pointed before the feast of Pentecoft, that the Holy Ghost might then fall on him, as well as on the other eleven.

Jesus having, a little beore his death, intimated heir new

commission to |-hem, and, after his refur. frection, given it to them in ample terms, but refpiting che execution of it till the

leicent of the Holy Ghost ; chat restraint was now to be caken off. When the day of Pentecost therefore was Acts ii. ,fully come (being the fiftieth/

5. day after Jesus's resurrection, and the tenth after bis ascenfon, in the morning), he being now feated at the right hand of God, and exalted to be Lord of all things, having received the gift of the Holy Ghost from the Facher, or for the filling his hurch with all fullnes, and being invelled with all power, fends down the Holy Ghost on the apostles, to qualify them for his ambar

and on the rest of the hundred and twenty, to iprove more fully his being


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Ar. Places wbi. been ibere
Proofs of the

Proofs of the
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rime and
Their most remarkable Transations. Transalliski

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exalted to the right hand of
God; and in this manner.
As they were all, with one
accord, in one place; sud-
denly there came a sound
from heaven, as of a rushing
wind, and it filled all the
house where they were fit
ling. And there appeared
unto them cloven tongues as
of fire ; and ii sat upon each
of them. And they
“ all filled with the Holy
" Ghost," and began “ to

speak with other tongues,

as the Spirit gave them ut" terancé.” And there were dwelling (or sojourning, xa. Ver.7-14 Mouveles, for some of them were dwellers, i xalouxsies, in Melopotamia, ver. 9, and therefore could only be so journing at Jerusalem) at Je frusalem, Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven, and profelytes of frighteousness from Rome. Peter preaches, and “ wir

“ ne les Christ's reiurrection"41.
to them, saying, “ Ye Jews,
fós and all ye that sojourn a. Ver. 32.

Jerufalem” (and whom
afterwards he calls “
“ of Israel,” ver. 22.) “re

pent and be baptized every

one of you, and ye shall “ receive the gift of the

Holy Ghoft. For the “ promise is to you, and

to your children, and tol

Ver. 14


στις often

Paul had
An. Places whi- been there Proofs of ibe

Proofs of the
Dom.. ber they

after bis Jrime and Their most remarkable Transa7ions. Tranfeftions, zuen! conversion. place.


"s all that are afar off : (your
us moit diftant countrymen,

or, those Jews who live in
« countries as remote from
" Judæa, as the countries
" which gave you birth, and
“ their most citant poiteri.
" ty).” And with many
other words did he testify
unto them. And they thai
gladly received the word were
baprized. And the same day Ver. 48.
there were added unto them
about three thousand fouls.
Peter imparts the Holy Acts ii.
Ghost to them.

The be 38, 441 lievers had all things fo far

in common, that none lack-
ed. For that none might
want, they did not only con-
cribute to the neceflities of
che poor out of their revenues,
but sold their goods and por
sessions : an high instance of
the disinteretedness, self-de
nial, and charity, that this
dispensation of the Spirit was)
designed to produce in the
minds of men.
haps an homage they were
desirous publicly to pay to
Chrit at his advancement to
his royal power, bringing
presents to the apostles his
chief minifters, and his poor
er subjects ; agreeable to the
prophecy of the 110th psalm:
where Christ's invefiture
with royal power being fore.
Jold, ver. 1, 2, it is im.


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