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The Dispensation of the Gospel from Himself alone, After are God to Mankind; or, the Period of the Gospel's being taught, By the ministry or dispensation of Jesus; or, the period of such things being

na taught by Jesus relating to the kingdom of God at hand, in parables and pro: Himself together verbs, as the Jews and disciples could with his discibear; or, the period of Jesus's teaching ples, confisting of and testifying to the Jews from and for the Father, and of Jesus's being witnessed to by John Baptift, by the Father, and by the Spirit given to him without meafure, and abiding on him, through

Spirit. which he taught, and wrought his won

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à xiii. 5.

rom which

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2,4449 52, 43, 46


8, 11-19 Lord, Acts

Afts XV, 1,

Es, Cephas,






In a Scheme; representing their commisiions, Travels,

and Transactions, in one View; especially with regard to what peculiarly belonged to the Apoftolical Office, and the Method in which they propagated the CHRISTIAN RELIGION

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How often

Paul bad
An. Places whi-been ibere
Proofs of the

Proofs of the Dom, aber ibey after bis time and

Their mos remarkable Transactions. Tranfa&tions. went. converfion. place.

31 Mountain

in Gali-

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Luke vi. ESU S, having spent al Luke vi.

night in

Mark üi. mountain in Galilee, cal s

his disciples unto him; anc
out of them he chooses twelve,
by the direction of God,
through the Spirit: Johr
xvii. 6, 9, 12.

Alts i. 2.
x. 41. whom also he named
apostles : that he might lenc Mark iii.
thein forth to preach, and to 14, 15.
have power to heal fick
nesses, and cast out devils,
and that they might be with:


| How often

Paul bad
Ar. Places wbi-been tbere

Proofs of the
after bis

time and went. fconversion. place.

Dom. aber ebey

Proofs of the Their most remarkable transactions. Transactions


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Luke viii Some time after, Jesu: Mat. X. l.

called these twelve unto him,
and gave them power and
authority over all devils and

inclean spirits, to calt them
bat, and to heal all manner
if tickness and disease : and
lends them forth two by two, Mark vi.
saying, Go not into the way 7.
of the Gentiles, and into any
of the cities of the Samaritans
jenter ye not; but go rather Luke ix.
co the loft sheep of the house 1, 2,
of Israel, to preach the king-
dom of God, which “ is at

hand.” Heal the fick, Mat. X. clean fe the lepers, cartout de-115. vils; freely ye have received. Mark vi. frely give. And whofoeveru. will not hear your words, Mat. x. hakeoff the dust of your feet, 40. as a testimony against them. Lukeix.5.

And they departed, and Mark vi. went through the towns, 12, 13. preaching the gospel: and preached that men should re. pent.

And they cast out Lukeix.6. many devils, and anointed with oyl many that were lick, and healed them.

Some time after, the apo- Mark vi. ities gathered themselves to

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130. gether unto Jesus, and told nim all things, both what Luke ixo they had done, and what 10. they had taught. Here the commission ends. And now they continue with him, to be the better acquainted with what Jesus said and


near the


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How often

Paul bad
Ar. Places wbie been obere Proofs of

Proofs of be Dom. tber obey

lebe time and Their most remarkable Transactions Transactions. converficu. place.

after kis



did. And the harvest being
great, Jesus send's forth othei
leventy, with the same com-
mission, in their stead.

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Mat. xvi. On Peter's noble confer Mat, xvi. 13.

ion, Jesus faid unto him, 18, 19. Mark viii. Thou art Peter, and or 27.

" this rock will I build my

church, and the gates of før hell Thall not prevail against it.

And I will give unto thee the keys of " the kingdom of heaven: "s whatsoever thou shalt bind

on earth shall be bound " in heaven; and whatsoever " thou shalt loose on earth,

" shall be loosed in heaven." Mat, xvii. At Capernaum, Chris Mat. xviii. 24.

faid unto the twelve (begin-18, 19. ning now to open their new commission for life to them),

Verily I say unto you, " whatsoever ye shall bind

on earth, shall be bound - in heaven ; and whatso

ever ye thall loose on " earth, fhall be loosed in • heaven. Again, I say

you, that if two of you shall agree on earth, " as touching any thing that " they shall' ak, it shall be “ done for them of my Faf" ther which is in heaven. " For where two or three " are gathered together in

my name, there am I in " the midst of them.


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