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W. LEWIS, Priater, 21, Finch-lane, Cornbill.

had there existed any popular work, exhibiting all Religions and Religious Ceremonies in a manner similar to the following Volume, it would not have been added to the number.

Dr. Evans's liberal work on the Sects and Denominations of the Christian World, is, professedly, “a Sketch," and does not come within the scope and plan of this Volume. It is, however, an excellent summary and guide to the inost popular Christian Sects; and in treating of that portion of the religious world, the author of the present publication has repeatedly drawn information from it, and has, as often, acknowledged the obligation.

Mr. Bellamy's Volume on all Religions, is a useful compendium; yet, not treating originally on the subjects spoken of, it has not been consulted in this compilation.

Mrs. Hannah ADAMS's View of all Religions, is a good book of the kind, but appears somewhat objectionable on account of the plan. It is, moreover, too multifarious in its subjects, and, of course, too meagre in its details.

Mr. Adams's large work is a very excellent book, but too expensive and bulky for general use.

Abundance of information is to be gleaned from Dr. Robincon's invaluable Theological Dictionary, which constitutes a complete Library of Divinity; nor are Mr. Buck's two volumes, on a similar plan, destitute of great merit; but both works are, in a great measure, irrelevant to the present design.

Hurd's Religious Ceremonies, and BROUGHton's Dictionary, but, above all, Picart's great work on Religious Ceremonies, have furnished ample materials for the purposes of the present volume. This latter work, however, is now extremely scarce. It extends to six folio volumes, and is not to be purchased for less than thirty or forty pounds: yet there is nothing of real interest contained in it, nor in the others above-mentioned, which has not been incorporated into the performance.

SOLVYN's splendid work, in four volumes, atlas folio, intituled “ The Hindoos; a Picturesque Delineation of the Manners, Customs, and Religious Ceremonies of that People," has been

W. LEWIS, Printer, 21, Finch-lane, Cornbill.

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