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Lord Ashley
Sir James Ash, Bart.
Sir James Ash, Bart.
Sir Francis Andrew, Bart.
Charles Adderley, Esq.
Mrs Ann Ash
Edw. Ash, Esq.
Mr Francis Atterbury
Sam. Atkins, Esq.
Tho. Austen, Esq.
Ro. Austen, Esq.

The Hon. Henry Boyl, Esq.
Rich. Boyl, Esq.
Chidley Brook, Esq.
Will. Bromley, Esq. of Warwick.

Mich. Bruneau, Esq.
Tho. Bulkley, Esq.
Theoph. Butler, Esq.
Capt. John Berkeley
Mr Jo. Bowes, Prebend. of Dar-

Mr Jeremiah Ball
Mr John Ball
Mr Richard Banks
Mrs Elizabeth Barry
Mr Beckford
Mr Tho. Betterton
Mrs Catharine Blount
Mr Bond
Mr Bond
Mrs Ann Bracegirdle
Mr Samuel Brockenborough
Mrs Elizabeth Brown
Mr Moses Bruche
Mr Lancelot Burton


Earl of Bullingbrook
Sir Ed. Bettenson, Bart.
Sir Tho. Pope Blount, Bart.
Sir John Bolles
Sir Will. Bowes
Will. Blathwayt, Esq.
Secretary of War
Will. Barlow, Esq.
Peregrine Bertye. Esq.
Will. Bridgman, Esq.
Orlando Bridgman, Esq.
Will. Bridges, Esq.
Char. Bloodworth, Esq.

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Lord Henry Cavendish
Lord Clifford
Lord Coningsby
Lord Cutts
Lady Chudleigh, of the West
The Hon. Char. Cornwallis, son

to the Lord Cornwallis
Sir Walt. Clarges, Bart.
Sir Ro. Cotton
Sir Will. Cooper
The Hon. Will. Cheyney
James Calthorp, Esq.
Charles Chamberlayn, Esq.
Edmond Clifford, Esq.
Charles Cocks, Esq.
Tho. Coel, Esq.
Tho. Coke, Esq.
Hugh Colville, Esq.
Jo. Crawley, Esq.
Courtney Crocker, Esq.
Henry Curwyn, Esq.
Capt. James Conoway
Mr Will. Claret
Mr John Claney
Mr Will. Congreve
Mr Henry Cook
Mr Will. Cooper
Mrs Elizabeth Creede

Sir Edm. Fettiplace, Bart
Sir Will. Forester
Sir James Forbys
Lady Mary Fenwick
The Hop. Col. Finch
The lion, Doctour Finch
The Hon. Will. Fielding
Rich. Franklin, Postmaster, Esq:
Charles Fergesen, Esq. Com. of

the Navy
Doctor Fuller, D. of Lincoln
Henry Farmer, Esq.
Tho. Finch, Esq.
Tho. Frewin, Esq.
Mr George Finch


Sir Bevill Granvill, Bart.
Oliver St George, Esq.
Tho. Gifford, Esq.
Rich. Goulston, Esq.
Richard Graham, Esq.
Fergus Grahme, Esq.
Will. Grove, Esq.
Dr Gath, M.D.
Mr George Goulding
Mr Grinlin Guibbong



Duchess of Devonshire
Paul Docmenique, Esq.
Mountague Drake, Esq.
Will. Draper, Esq.
Mr Mich. Dahl
Mr Davenport
Mr Will. Delawn
Mrs Dorothy Draycot
Mr Edward Dryden

Lord Archibald Hamilton
Lord Hide
Sir Richard Haddock
Sir Christop. Hales, Bart.
Sir Tho. Hussey
Rob. Ilarley, Esq.
Rob. Heuley, Esq. M.P.
Will. Hewer, Esq.
Rodger Hewet, Esq.
He. Heveningham, Esq.
John Holdworthy, Esq.
Matt. Holdworthy, Esq.
Nath. Hornby, Esq.
The Hon. Bern Howard
Craren Howard, Esq.
Mansel Howe, Esq.


Earl of Essex
Sir Edw. Ernle
Will. Elson, Esq.
Tho. Elyot, Esq.
Thomas Earl, Major-General

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Jos. Keally, Esq.
Coll. James Kendall
Dr Knipe
Mr Mich. Kinkead


Sir Berkely Lucy, Bart.
Lady Jave Leveson Gower
Tbo. Langley, Esq.
Patrick Lamb, Esq.
Will. Latton, Esq.
James Long, of Draycot, Esq.
Will. Lownds, Esq.
Dennis Lydal, Esq.
Mr Char. Longueville,

The Right Hon. Charles Earl of

Sir Henry Pechy, Bart.
Sir John Phillips, Bart.
Sir John Pykering, Bart.
Sir John Parsons
Ro. Palmer, Esq.
Guy Palmes, Esq.
Ben. Parry, Esq.
Sam. Pepys, Esq:
James Petre, Esq.
Will. Pezeley, Esq.
Craven Peyton, Esq.
John Pitts, Esq.
Will. Plowden of Plowden, Esq.
Mr Theoph. Pykering, Prebend

of Durham
Coll. Will. Parsons
Capt. Phillips
Capt. Pitts
Mr Daniel Peck



Charles Mannours, Esq.
Tho. Mansel, Esq.
Bussy, Mansel, Esq.
Will. Martyn, Esq.
Henry Maxwell, Esq.
Charles Mein, Esq.
Rich. Minshul, Esq.
Ro. Molesworth, Esq.
The Hon. Henry Mordaunt
George Moult, Esq.
Christoph. Mountague, Esq.
Walter Moyl, Esq.
Mr Charles Marbury
Mr Chistoph. Metcalf
Mrs Monneur

Duchess of Richmond
Earl of Radnor
Lord Ranelagh
Tho. Rawlings, Esq.
Will. Rider, Esq.
Francis Roberts, Esq.
Mr Rose


Lord Spencer

Major-Gen. Trelawney
Col. John Tidcomb
Col. Trelawney
Mr George Townsend
Mr Tho. Tyldesley
Mr Tyndall


Sir Tho. Skipwith, Bart.
Sir John Seymour
Sir Charles Skrimpshire
J. Scroop of Danby, Esq.
Ralph Sheldon, Com. 'Warw.

Edw. Sheldon, Esq.
John Smith, Esq.
James Sothern, Esq.
The Hon. James Stanley, Esq.
Ro. Stopford, Esq.
The Hon. Major-Gen. Edward

Col. J. Stanhope
Col. Strangways
Mr James Seamer
Mr William Seeks
Mr Joseph Sherwood
Mr Laurence Smith
Mr Tho. Southern
Mr Paris Slaughter
Mr Lancelot Stepney

Jolin Verney, Esq. Henry Vernon, Esq. James Vernon, Esq.


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Lord Marquis of Winchester Earl of Weymouth Lady Windham Sir John Walter, Bart. Sir John Woodhouse, Bart. Sir Francis Windham James Ward, Esq. Will. Wardour, jun. Esq. Will. Welby, Esq. Will. Weld, Esq. Th. Brome Whorwood, Esq. Salw. Winnington, Esq. Col. Cornelius Wood Mrs Mary Walter Mr Leonard Wessel

Sir John Trevillion, Bart.
Sir Edm. Turner
Henry Temple, Esq.
Ashburnam Toll, Esq.
Sam. Travers, Esq.
John Tucker, Esq.
Major-Gen. Charles Trelawney






Whene'er great Virgil's lofty verse I see,
The pompous scene charms my admiring eye.
There different beauties in perfection meet;
The thoughts as proper, as the numbers sweet;
And, when wild Fancy mounts a daring height,
Judgment steps in, and moderates her fight.
Wisely he manages his wealthy store,
Still says enough, and yet implies still more:
For, though the weighty sense be closely wrought,
The reader's left to improve the pleasing thought.

Hence we despaired to see an English dress.
Should e'er his nervous energy express;
For who could that in fettered rhyme inclose,
Which, without loss, can scarce bc told in prose?

But you, great Sir, his manly genius raise,
And make your copy share an equal praise.
Oh! how I see thee, in soft scenes of love,
Renew those passions he alone could move!
Here Cupid's charms are with new art exprest,
And pale Eliza leaves her peaceful rest-
Leaves her Elysium, as if glad to live,
To love, and wish, to sigh, despair, and grieve,

And die again for him that would again deceive. VOL. XIII,


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