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The true HAPPINESS of a


Explain’d in a



Fifth of November, 1714.


PRO V. XXV. 5.


the Wicked from
before the King, and his Tlrone shall be Efia-
blished in Righteousness.

The Second Edition.

Printed lecken ERA Rad the Bible and
SARAH Cappucanje

Portry: And

Bible and Three-Crowns in Cheapsicle, near Mercer's-Chappel. 1714.

Price Four Pence.

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PSALM Lxiii. 11.


The King Mall rejoice in God, every one that

sweareth by him fall Glory; but the Mouth
of them that speak Lyes, shall be stopped.

OU will learn by the Title of this Psalm
that David wrote it when he was in the Wil-
derness of Judah ; a Place of continualDan-
ger and Sorrow to him : There did Saul

hunt him as a Partridge upon the Mountains :
There did the Ziphites discover his Abode, and, from
a villainous Principle that some call Loyalty, would
have betray'd him to the Ravage of a greedy Court :
There did Nabal deny him Bread, when his Army
was just a starving, and all the while he continued in
that barren and dry Land, he wanted the Sanétuary of
God, which lay heavier upon him than 'his other
Afflictions : And yet, tho” he seems to be laid aside
from Devotion and Property too, driven out from abie
ding in tbe Inheritance of the Lord, and, atthe same time
expos'd in his Person; yet in this Psalm he opens
such a Confidence, as if his Life had been secure,
and his Religion unmolefted : Which lets us see how
well it is with thar Soul, who hath Faith in a Pro-
mise ; such a One cannot only hope for a Turn that
his Affairs will take, but the Word of God hath with
him both the sweetness and the Credit of the Thing
that he is waiting f&t. He goes faster than Providence
leads him, and can taste the Mercy before it comes.
He takes it for granted that it will be, and he behaves
himself with that Presence of Joy as if he really had

Advantage is the Grace of God; it doth
re us for a Blessing, but brightens all


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the Darkness we are under till it comes: Tho' David was driven out both from the Sanctuary and Court, yer He speaks as if he wanted none of the true Benefits that might have been had in either. For,

Ver. 2.

Ver. 3.

First, THE Work of Religion in his Soul went

He gives out a large Experience both of his Desires towards GOD, and the Returns that were made from him. Tho he could not see the Divine Power and Glory as he had done, yet his Meditation run out upon a Loving-kindness that was better than Life. His Soul was satisfied as with Marrom and Fat

ness. His Mouth could then praise God with joyful lips. He Ver. 5; 6. remembred him in the Night. He followed hard after him, Ver. 8.

and was upheld by his right Hand; so that whatever Enemies were able to do, as Heaven is self was sure, the Passage to it was open.

Secondly, HE speaks with the same persuasion of his Temporal Concerns ; not only what related to him as a Saint, but what he must come to as a Sovereign. He knew that the Malice of Men could neither chear him of a Treasure in Heaven, nor of a Crown in Ifrael: and, therefore, at a Time when they seemed to have

their full Scope against him, he could look to the end Ver.9, 1o, of that Noise and Rage. They that seek my Soul to de

stroy it, shall go into the lower parts of the Earth; They mall fall by the Sword, and be a portion for foxes : But the King Mall rejoyce in God, every one that sweareth by him svall Glory, but the Mouth of them that speak Lyes fall be Stopped. He is very particular you see in describing the various methods of Vengeance that the Justice of

God and Man Thall follow them with : Which I will not consider now, but place them under that part of my Text where they will best come in.

THESE Words give us the true Glories of a Right Government in all its Branches.


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