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Mace is a covering of the nutmeg.

Pepper and allspice are berries.

The inner bark of a laurel tree furnishes cinnamon. Ginger is the root of a plant found on the island of Jamaica.

Cloves are the dried flower-buds of a tree that grows in the East Indies.

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Copy the lesson. Write the abbreviation for the first day of the week; the last; second; fifth; third; sixth; fourth.

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Dear Ruth,


Nantucket, Aug 1, 1891.

I will tell you what I am

doing on this dear old island. Every morning I study one hour with my father. Then comes the bathing. What fun we have! I am learning to

swim and can take ten strokes alone.

In the afternoon, Julia and I play store on the beach with sand, pebbles, sea weed, and shells. We can sell you anything, from brown bread to gay ribbons and bright gems. Sometimes we walk on the moors to find wildflowers. I wish you were here too. Your friend.

82-Parts of the Body


fist, el bow, heel, skin, nerves, thumb, ar ter y, sole, pore, lungs, wrist, limbs, brain, knuck le, chest, heart, thigh, throat, stomach, nos trils.

[blocks in formation]

Select and write ten words and what each person does.

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Copy, and fill in the blanks with words from the list.

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The silk worm feeds upon the leaves of the mulberry.
Corn, wheat, rye, oats, and barley are called cereals.

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Write answers: Which sports do we have in summer? In winter? In spring? In autumn ?

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Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.— Chesterfield.

If a task is once begun,

Never leave it till it's done.

We can do more good by being good than in any other


Pronunciation.—1 Krō kā' ; 2 slä’Ing; 'dŭn'jăn; ‘skān.

[blocks in formation]

Mister and Mistress George Brown bought ten yards of carpet.

Doctor Charles Smith has one barrel of flour.

I picked three bushels of cranberries in September.

The boy bought one quart of milk and one pound of beefsteak at the store.

Copy the lesson, using abbreviations and figures in place of words.

1 Mistress was a title formerly given to a woman having power, authority, or superior position; it is now usually shortened to Missis in spoken language and given to all married women. In writing and printing the abbreviation is commonly used. "The abbreviation of quarts is qts.; of yards, yds.

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