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AN ENTIRELY NEW EDITION, Thoroughly Revised, considerably Enlarged, and

reset in new type from beginning to end.

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PRICES: Cloth, £ I IIs. 6d.; Sheep, £2 25.;

Half Russia, £2 55. ; Calf, £2 8s. Editorial work upon this revision has been in active progress for over 10 years. Not less than 100 editorial labourers have been engaged upon it. Over 60,0001. was expended in its preparation before the first copy was printed. Webster is the Standard in our Postal Telegraph Department. Webster is the Standard in the U.S. Government Printing Office. The Times said of the last edition : 'It has all along kept a leading position.' The Quarterly Review said : Certainly the best practical dictionary extant.' The Lord Chief Justice of England said: 'I have looked, so that I

may not wrong, at WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY, a work of the greatest learning, research, and ability.'

The Chief Justice of the U.S.A. said : 'I have used and relied on WEBSTER'S UNABRIDGED DICTIONARY for many years, and entirely concur in the general commendation it has received.'

The only Authorised and Complete Edition.



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