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and Beloved, Worthy and Acceptable Guests at the Lord's Table, you must not think to recommend your selves by the artificial Tricks of Hypocrisie and Dislimulation, but entirely devest yourselves of this Hellish Clothing, and lay aside all Malice, and all Guile, and Hypo. crisies, and Envies, and all Évilspeakings, Forbearing one another, and Forgiving one another, (if any of you have a Quarrel against another) even as God for Christ's fake hath forgiven you. Lastly, We must evidence the sincerity of our Love, not only by Forgiving, but by Giving too. We must remember the Hardships, Streights, and Difficulties of the Poor and Indigent, and according to our Abilities, relieve and afliit them, it being infinitely unreasonable that we should shut up our Bowels of Compassion from our Brethren, when all the Treasures of the Divine Goodness are open'd to us, especially since our Gracious Lord has promis’d, 9 That if we cast our Bread upon these Waters, we shall most certainly find it after many Days.

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Now to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, three Persons and one most Glorious and Gracious Lord God, be ascribd (as is most due) all Honour, Glory, Power, Might, Majesty, Dominion, and Thanksgiving for evermore.

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EPHES. 4. 8.

When be ascended up on high, he led

Captivity Captive, and gave Gifts
unto Men.


HE whole Race of the Sun of Righ

teousness,was nothing else but one glorious display of his infinite Mercy and Power. He arose in such Majesty upon our Horizon, as not only commanded the Doxologies of the Angels, the Adoration of the Eastern Magi, and the Proftration of the a Idols of Egypt;a Vid. Euf. but so amaz'd likewise, so affrighted de Demonso the Prince of Darkness, that this Beast of Prey immediately got him away, Arbenas: and hid himself close in his Den, The lib. de in. most famous Oracles in the World were & Sozome accordingly doom'd to filence: The Hift. Ecco

lib. 5. cap Devil either not replying at all to the

21, earn

Ev. lib. cap. 20.

P 2

cap. 16.


earnest Addresses and most intense and vehement Applications of his ad

miring Votaries; or plainly b Consulas Porphyrium περί της 'εκ Λογίων acknowledging, that the otrogogías. Et Eufeb. bright Glory of his Oracles de præpar. Ev. lib. 5.

was entring into an everlast

ing Eclipse, becauseň 'Avatoning the Day-spring, the Man, whose Name c Zach. 6. is the c East, the Origen and Fountain

of all Light and Glory appear'd to him with insupportable Splendor from on

High, and visited the World. There is • Vid.Suid. a Hebrew Child, d says he, to the imin Aug. 8 cedren, in

portunate Roman Emperor, who, tho' Synops.

veild under the Infirmities of Humane Hiftor. Nature, is King of the Blessed Gods,

that commands me to leave these Dwellings, and to return to Hell. He afterwards most shamefully foild this roaring Lyon in his most vigorous Encounters in the Wilderness, upon the high Mountain, upon the pinacle of the Temple, and wherever else he presum'd to grapple with the Lamb of God. Nay, he hunted him like a Par. tridge upon the tops of the Mountains, drove him with ineffable Shame and Contempt out of the Bodies he had possess’d, frequently compelling him to roar out, even at a distance, and with


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