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Blessing. Blessed / faysi he) be the Lord God of Israel, for he hath visited and redeemed his people. And hath rais'd up a mighty Salvation for us, in the House of his Servant David. Nay, when God was this Day manifested in the Flesh, the kind Spirits above instru. cted us how to receive him. One of them (as you have seen ) immediately took wing, and cloath'd with amazing Light and Splendour, carried the glad Tidings to the humble Shepherds ; which he had no sooner deliver'd, but suddenly the Glory increas'd, and there was with him a Multitude of the Heavenly Host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth, Peace, Good Will towards Men. Heaven and Earth go hand in hand together : Angels and Men joyn in Consort; and for the unfathomable, mysterious, incomprehensible Mercy of this Day, unanimously Rejoyce and Sing, and make Melody with their Voices to the Lord. Strike in then, my Pious Brethren, with these happy Quires ; and in like manner give Glory, and Honour, and Thanks to the Holy Child Jesus: Welcom him into the World with Anthems and Allelu


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jah's, and sing and speak Praises unto
the Lord. Welcom him in the way,

that he likes best; not in Rioting and
: Drunkenness, not in Chambering and.

Wantonness, ( as the manner of too

many is.) for these things his Soul ha: tech: But in relieving his poor Brethi ren, in attending upon the Sacred 5 Offices of his Church, in commemo

Fating his Infinite Love at his Holy
Supper; and by all the Expressions
of Christian Joy, of Chast and Ra-
tional Delights. This he requires at

your Hands by his Evangelical Proiphet. Sing, says he, o ye Heavens, Isa. 44.23.

fhout ge lower parts of the Earth :
Break forth into finging ye Mour-
tains, O Forrest, and every Tree there-
in : for the Lord

the Lord bath redeemed
Jacob, and glorified himfelf in Israel.
And again,

Break forth into Joy, Chap. 52. fing together ye wast places of feru. v. 9, 16. Salem : for the Lord hath comforted his people, he hath redeemed Jerusalem. The Lord hath made bare his Holy Arm in the Eyes of all the Nations, and all the Ends of the Earth shall see the Salvation of our God.


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To conclude: There are (you know) in the bright Mansions above, several Orders of Intellectual Beings, whose Beauties infinitely out-shine the Sun, even in its Meridian Glory : And yet, their Splendours (as excellent as they are) fall unspeakably short of the Glories of Human Nature. This in its mysterious llnion with the Person of the Son of God, shines with such Lustre, even to Cherubims and Seraphims, that those most glorious and strong-sighted Intelligences are forc'd to veil their Faces with their Wings, and to divert the

insupportable Glory. The Highest Heb. 1.6. Orders of Angels ( I say) began this

Day, and have ever since continu'd to adore our Nature in the Personal Union of the Godhead with the Humanity. They cast their Crowns before the Throne, and worship the Medv@pwa, who fits thereupon, and reigneth for ever and ever. Let us not then debase that Nature, which the Son of God hath so highly exalted : Let us not defile it through any Uncleanness, which the Holy Jesus hath rendred purer than the Angels, and brighter than the Seraphim. But since he graciously condescends to



become our Head, and to make us Bone of his Bone, and Flesh of his Flesh, let us never presume to take his Members, and make them the Members of an Harlot; but be infinitely careful to pre. serve them always in Sanctification and Honour: That at his Second Coming, when he shall appear from Heaven artended with all his Glorious Retinue of Holy Angels, we may awake up after his Likeness, and appear with him in Glory. Amen.

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