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Hoever attentively considers the

Dignity and Excellency of Human Nature, what noble and enlarg'd Enjoyments 'tis capable of in this Life, and what Seraphick Joys and Entertainments expect it in the next: How monstrous and unnatural a thing Vice is, and withal, how amiable and charming the Beauty of Holiness: How empty and unsatisfying all the pleasures and Profits of this World are, and that nothing is able to terminate the boundless Aspirations of our immortal Spirits, but the adequate and commensurate Happiness

ess of the next; must needs wonder, what strange Philtrum or LovePotion the generality of Mankind have


imbib’d, who, forgetful of themselves, forgetful of their God, preposterously court the Embraces of these most un. worthy and disproportionate Objects. The active and restless Soul is always in the pursuit after Happiness, and whenever she attempts to stop and bottom upon any of these present Enter. tainments, she finds her Expectations still frustrated and disappointed. Thu' She ransacks all the Treasuries of Na. ture,

and sucks the most delicious Sweet. ness out of every the finest Flower in this Garden of God; yet so disproportionate is it all to the comprehension of her Desires, that, even in the midst of Fruition, her Hands are empty and she finds nothing. And yet such is the de. ceitfulness of Sin, so tenacious and enchanting its Baits and Allurements; that, instead of seeking his Face, which would satisfie and terminate all her De. fires, the enslav'd Soul (notwithstanding all her disappointments) persists in her courtship of this treacherous Si. rene,

suffers herself to be continually roll'd up and down by her ponderous Wickedness from one Vanity, one Cloud, one dissatisfying Object to another, never considering that the


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lower she sinks into Matter, the farther
she is from Happiness: True Rest and
Peace being only there to be found,
where the throughly awaken’d and en-
larg'd Spirit has withdrawn her Affe-
¿tions from sensible Objects, and lives
in the sweet enjoyment of her God.

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The fubftantial and eternal Wisdom mov'd with Pity and Compassion at this i unhappy aud degenerate state of the * Soul, and griev'd to see so excellent a

Being unaccountably spending its pre-
cious Hours, like the thoughtless Roman
Emperor, in killing Flies, or catching
at Toys and Trifles, graciously endea-
vours by all the various methods of ever-
lafting Love to awaken her into a Sense
of her Vileness and Degeneracy. 'How
long, says he, ye fimple ones, will

'love fimplicity, and the Scorners de-
light in their Scorning, and Fools hate

Knowledge ? How long will ye give - your Money for that which is not Bread,

for that which satisfieth not? Turn ye at my reproof: Behold, I will pour qut my Spirit unto you, I will make kņown my Words unto you. He calls her from those Cisterns she hath hewn out unto her felf; those broken Cisterns


u Prov. I.

that can hold no Water to the Fountain of Living Waters, those Wells of Salvation, whereof if a Man drink, he shall thirst no more. He warns her not to build her Happiness upon these san. dy Foundations, but to look unto the Rock whence she was hewn. That there at last she may dwell safely, and be refresh'd in a multitude of Peace. In a Word, that there is no other way to Rest and Happiness, but by Repentance and Conversion unto God. Re. pent, says he, and turn to God.

The Words are Synonymous, or of

the same signification; Repentance (as i Pig.107

the Learned x Mede defines it) being a
Conversion, or turning of the whole
Heart from Sin and Satan unto God.
In which Definition, you see, are three
Things observable.

I. An aversion or turning away.

II. A conversion or turning unto. An aversion or turning away from Sin and Satan, then a conversion or turning unto God by newness of Life.

III. The

III. The measures of this Converfion, which are absolute, entire, and universal. 'Tis the Conversion of the whole Heart.

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1. Repentance includes our Aversion ör turning away from Sin: And indeed good reafon it should ; for alass! What is Sin in its proper shape? The body of Iniquity divested of its Paint and colours ? 'Tis the habitude or relation of the Will to the worst of Objects; to that which is diametrically opposite and repugnant to the essential Purity and Holiness

of the best Being, which is God. 'Tis the excess or extremity of the foulest Ingratitude, violating the Commands, and trampling upon the Authority of that awful Excellence, to which we owe our Life, our Motion, and our very Being.'Tis that thick Cloud which separates between the Soul and her God; that great Gulf which hinders our passage into Abraham's Bosom, and for ever excludes us from the Confolations and Refreshments of the Ceeleftial Paradice. 'Tis the Disease and Deformity, those Stains and Blemishes of the Soul, which render it far more


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