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row'd their Model from the Complotters against St. Paul's Life, so wreitless were they till the fatal Blow was over, and so eager to try the most deftruative force of their own murderous Invention. And since such a shock as this, must have carried after it an universal Ruin, since the Laws, Lives, and Liberties, of so many thousands were wrapt up in the Success of this Design, had not God thought fit to blaft and disappoint it by a Discovery, as strange as formable; we might at this time have been lamenting the Funeral of a most happy constitution, and serving Baal upon a false Altar, instead of paying the true God our thanks and praise in a decent, folemn and primitive way of Worship. But what yet advances the Honour of Gods Power and Goodness in our common Safety, is the seasonableness of the Deliverance it self; for we were repriev'd in the very minute and article of Death, and pulld as a Firebrand out of the Fire; the happy presages of a wise Prince, join'd with the fortunate construction of a dark Letter, occasion'd a timely Enquiry into this Mine of Darkness,



and when a desperate Miscreant was just going to Sacrifice himself, and an whole Kingdom, then did the Eye of Providence unveil the Scene, and discover to us, not only our own Safety, but what Principles the Church of Rome deals in, and what Saints she owns! And ever blessed be that God, who has relcu'd us from the Hands of those Men, whose very Mercies are cruel! may they live to Retract and Repent of such wicked Practices, and may we by the Benefit of the same Providence, for ever escape them!

But now having in fo copious a man. ner, prov'd the point of God's Omnipotence, I shall bespeak your farther Pa. tience, 'till I have apply'd the Doctrine in one or two Inferences.

And the first practical Instruction which it seems to offer us, is a very high and awful Regard to the Majesty of a Being, who is cloath'd with Power as with a Garment ; we are apt to respect the Ensigns of Power and Sovereignty, tho’ plac'd in frail and mortal Creatures, with a very profound Veneration, and the more hurt or good we are capa


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ble of receiving from those above us, the more do we commonly distinguish

them by our Fear or Esteem. But what | manner of Proportion can the scanty

and limited, the deriv'd and dependant Power of Man, bear to the unbounded and original Sovereignty of God? As therefore Divine Power exceeds Human, as far as finite and infinite can differ, so should we dread and reverse the one, in an infinite Proportion beyond the other ; especially when the Omnipotence of God, may, if it please, exert it felf in the Ryin or Annihilation of Sinful Man, since his Anger is equally Almighty, as his Goodness! "How ought we to have before our Eyes the fear and dread of this Attribute? And not dare to provoke a Being who can blast us into nothing with the least Breath of his Displeasure? If an Earthy Kings Wrath be as the Messenger of Death, who then can stand before the King of Kings when he is Angry, or would ever be so hardy to tempt that Wrath, which is a consuming Fire? 'Twas a wise and merciful Advice of our Saviour, to bid us, Fear him that could destroy both Body and Soul in Hell, Mat. 10. 28. And therefore for Men to live


and act, without a due Sense of this Attribute, and either to value their own Strength or Power, as to contemn God's, is such a degree of Stupidity, as must and will be awaken’d by a very fearful Doom,

But a 2d Inference to be drawn from the Doctrine of an Almighty Power, consider'd together with Man's wants and weaknesses, is the great Reason we have, upon this Account, to repose a most free, cheerful and absolute Confidence in God, and to place our Perfons and Affairs in his Hands, with a firm and entire Resignation ; for if God be Almighty, where can we be safer than under the shelter of Om. nipotence? Or why should we fear what Man can do unto when God, who holds the very Hearts of Men' in his Hand, vouchsafes to be our Safeguard and Defence ? Especially when God hath done so great things already for us, whereof we rejoice; since he has so wonderfully delivered us from the Teeth of the Lion, and the Paws of the Bear, and

and heard us, Royal Prophet delights to phrase it, from among the Horns of the Unicorns;

us ,


as the

what better ground of future Comforts and Reliance could a most glorious Providence have supplied us with? In a word

as God is Omnipotent fo he can save us in all Dangers, and free and rescue us in every Distress; and as he is Gracious, he will do so. But then our Case must be, not to distrust his Power or Goodness; not to misplace our confidence, tempt by ill Arts and Methods, to become our own Saviours. For then may we surely expect to Perish, and Miscarry, when ever we remove our Hope from the true, fole and proper Object of it.



But lastly, and to conclude, since we have felt and tasted by a blessed Experiment, that God is infinite in Power, and can do Wonders, should not this excite us to praise and adore that glorious Attribute, and exalt that Power which has rais'd us up from the Dust of Death, and the very Pit of Destruction ! 'Twas the pious Custom of che Jewish Church, and 'tis now the practice of all Christian and well-govern’d States, to appoint Seasons of publick and folemn Thanksgivings, for


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