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poor and unworthy Conceptions of
his Maker : For can anything be too
hard for him, (*) who hath measur’d() Ila. 40.
the Waters

in the Hollomo of his Hand, and meeted ont Heaven with a Span, and comprehended the Duft of the Earth in & Measure, and weigh'd the Mountains in Scales, and the Hills in a Balance ? For him, whose immortal Spirit is in all things : Essentially present both to the Habitations of the Living, and also to the Darksom Receptacles and Dormitories of the Dead ? For Him, who knows our Divided, as well as United Particles ; and distinguisheth

all the Dusts and Atoms of our Subí stance, as they lye under their various

Disguises in the Wilderness of Forms; $ For him, whom Vacuity or Emptiness i it self obey'd ; at his Command bring

ing forch of its Fruitless and bar

ren Womb, such a multitude of Beo ings, as none, but Himself, can num1 ber? Can any thing (I say ) be too

hard for Him, who is thus irresistable ñ in Power, and in Knowledge infinite ? & Far be it from Christians to think so

meanly of their God: The very Hea1 thens will stand up, and teach them a D2


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better Lesson. Nihil est,

Nihil est, quod Deus efficere non poffit, & quidem fine ullo Labore, says their Orator ; and their Poet,

Πάτερ ημέτερε κρονίδη, ύπατε

Kρειόντων, “Ευ γυ και ήμεϊς ίδμεν ότι θένο εκ

επιεικτον. .

97. 9.


The Sence of both which is in the (s) Pfal. Language of ($) Holy Writ, The

Lord is High above all the Earth, He is exalted far above áll Gods. He doth-according to his Will, in the Armies of Heaven, and among ft the Inhabitants of the Earth, and none can stay his Hand, or say unto him, what doft thon? Tho' there. fore our Bodies are turn’d into Putre. faction, or crumbled into Dust, and made the sport and pastime of the Winds and Whirlwinds : Nay, though their Particles are all feparaced from one another, and lye scatter'd and dispers'd up and down in different Quarters of the Earth; yet can God, who is equally pre. fent to them all, most easily gather them up with his Hand, and unite them on. der the same Vital Principles again.


of this we carry Evidence enough, e even in our own Bosoms : It being as

easy to conceive the Reformation of our Bodies at the last Day, as their Formation at, first in the sacred Clo. sets of the Womb. For how were their parts Organiz'd, and Fashion'd, their Bones stretcht out and knit together, and wrought over with the unimitable Embroydery of skin, Sinews, Veins and Arteries?' The Contemplative Prophet could, after the urmost

Scrutiny, give no account at all of this : matter ;

but was forcd. to (t) confess, (o) Psal. - that this Knowledge was too wonder

ful and excellent for him, and that he
I could not attain unto it. Nay, this
I would shine with irresistable Clarity
1 and Brightness into our Souls, if we
Ć would acquaint our felves with, and

seriously consider the wonderful Pro-
ductions and Operations of Nature.
The Botanists reckon about Six thou- Su Mr.
sand kinds of Vegetables, that adorn Boyle's

the Surface of the Earth; and in what ment. Nat. [ bulky, huge, stupendous Substances thilp: 12.

do many of them arise ? They grow,
and are strong ; yea, their lofty Heads

ascend into the Heaven, and the Beasts o


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2d Edit.

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of the Field have thadow under them, and the Fowls of the Airfix their Habitations, and dwell among their Branches. But are these immense, tall, prodigious Bodies produced out of such despicable, small, unlikely Prin. ciples by the Agency of Second Causes; and can we think it impossible for the immediate Power of God, to reproduce our Bodies out of the fame matter they were constituted with before ? The Swallows at the Beginning of Winter, retire by multitudes into the Dusty Beds, where they lie close, and sleep together in their Chaos, till hear. ing the Voice of returning Nature at the Spring, they awake out of their dead Sleep, and take Wing, and fly among the Fowls of the Air again. The Loadstone is of so wonderful a Nature, that it not only draws to it self a solid, maslie Body of Steel, but likewise if this Steel be ground to Powder, and that Powder scatter'd up and down, and buried in a lump of Clay, it will, if gently mov'd upon the Superficies of the Cake, attract into a Lump all those Dusts so strangely buried and dispers’d. Mercury, though mortify'd

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m into a thousand Shapes, will assume ei its own again, and return into its ei Numerical Self. And ( which is more ! wonderful yet ) the Chymists assure

That the Forms of Things are 1. kept invisible in Store, though the S Materials of them be never so much [ alter'd, and that by vertue of those

Forms, the things themselves will be restor’d to their former Being ; which they make good by an Experiment now grown common in the World. But does Nature thus preserve from the Jaws of Corruption; and is the Hand of the God of Nature shortned, that it cannot save! Can she restore Life, and Motion, and Wing to senseless

Matter ; and cannot the Almighty i command our dead Bodies to revive

and live again? Can Nature to our Amazement, recollect the scatter'd, dis(pers’d Atoms into one Body? And cannot He, from whom the derives all

her Power, reunite our estrang'd and d divided Particles ? Can the Sons of

Art call forth those Forms which seem to be utterly destroy'd , and cause them to rise up even from their Ashes, in their Verdant Beauty and Colours : And cannot the Voice


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