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ui dren of Men, they all equally confess, ve That Christ is the Efficient and Meritote rious Cause of it : That we have Re.

demption only in his Bloods and that

there is no other Name under Heaven ff given among Men, whereby they may u be sav'd. The Heathens then

(you see) e are no Argument at all against this Do.

&rine : They drink, though not fo o freely as Christians do, out of the pure

River of Life, and have Grace Cuffici-
ent (if they please to make use of
it) for their Conversion and Sal-

Thus then does my Propofition
( notwithstanding these Objections )
stand good. I. From the Natpre of

the New Covenant. 2. From those i manifold Calls and Invitations, and i thole Pathetical and most Affectioi paté Protestations and Promises, which j God makes to Sinners : And, 3. From e plain and express Texts of Scripture.

I thall now infer from what has been dir çours'd, and conclude. And,

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1. Since God in his infinite Mercy offers to all the Children of Men, Grace sufficient for their Copyerfion


crees, Se&t.

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Let. to Dr. and Salvation, we are to consider, that Sanderson, the Fault lies wholly at our own Doors, concerning if we miscarry, or come sort of the and Deo Glory of God. Indeed, were any of Sed us ( as the Learned Hammond speaks )

so left or past by, as to be deny'd sufficient Grace, and yet destin’d to perilo merely through want of Necedaries, the whole Blame could not rationally fall on our selves. It could not be said of Christ's Yoke, that it is easy, or his Commandment not far from us. The Fault that was found with the Mofaical Oeconomy, Heb. 8.8. and which made another (the Evangelical) Necessary, would still lie against this, viz. That Men were not enabled to perform what was requir’d, and yet the Non-perfor mance eternally reveng'd on many of them. But now fufficient Grace being tendred by God, and by no Default, but their own, proving ineffectu. al, the entire Blame falls unavoidably on those, who do not open to him, that knocks ; fo receive, as to make use of it; but refift, or grieve, or quench what was so mercifully design'd, and might have been improv'd by the hum. ble and diligent Receivers unto their greatest Advantages.

2. Since

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2. Since God in his Infinite Merde cy, offers to all the Children of Men, i Grace sufficient for their Conversion

and Salvation, let none of us suffer If any distrustful Thoughts of the Dii vine Goodness to lie lurking in our di Souls, but firmly believe, That if

we humbly and devoutly address our selves to him, we shall obtain Mer

cy, and find Grace to help in time T

of need. He hath made (as you have heard ) a New Covenant with US ; seald it with no less than the Blood of his own Son; and; upon our Performance of its Conditions, viz. Faith and Repentance, promis'd Remission and Forgiveness of all our Sins. But he cannot deny himself, cannot deny his own Covenant; cannot deny his Sons Blood, and therefore will infallibly make good his Promise, if, with the foremention'd Qualifications, we return to him. Otherwise indeed, all that Christ hath done and suffer'd for us, will stand us in no ftead. For though he has appeas'd the Wrath of God; taken away the Hand-writing that was against us, and purchas'd our Re


demption by his most precious Blood, yet he has not as the Antinomians contend ) actually absolv'd us from our Sins and Wickednesses.

He expects our Performance of the Conditions of his Covenant, before he thus figns our Acquittance and Discharge. He has put us only into a Salvable State, into a capability of Pardon, which he will actually grant to none but such as keep his Commandments. In a word, He'll be the Author of Salvation only to them, who receive him in all his Offices; as their Prophet to teach, and as their King to govern, as well as their Priest to save them : Who faithfully serve and obey him: Who fulfil his Commands, and hearken unto the Voice of his Word: Who repent and turn from their Evil Ways; and when they have done all the good that they can, humbly depend upon his Merits for their Eternal Salvation. Where fore,


Lastly, Since God in his infinite Mercy, offers to all the Children of Men, Grace sufficient for their Conversion and Salvation ; fince we shall reap no mad.


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ner of Benefit from the Death of Christ, can but the Wrath of God still abides upon in us, if we do not accept and use it as

we ought ;' let none of us for the fu

ture refift or frustrate, but receive and 1

improve it to the Salvation of our Souls.

Let us be no longer stiff-necked and re* bellious; no longer grieve the Holy do Spirit of God; but hearken to his * Voice, who so affc&tionately sets Life

and Death before us, and conjures us to choose the better part, and to refuse the other. Let us (as we are prudently and piously advis'd in the 17th Article of our Church) lay hold upon the Promises of God, as they are reach'd out to us in the Holy Scriptures; giving no

heed to the groundless, unwarrantable | Discourses of some Men concerning # Absolute, Peremptory, and Irresistable 5 Decrees, but working out our Salvation

with all that Care and Solicitude a matter of such moment requires, even with Fear and Trembling. Let us beseech the God of all Grace,the Author and Finisher of our Faith, the whole and fole Foun.

dation and Cause of our Hope, our only 1 Saviour the Lord Christ Jesus, to enable

us both to Will and to Do according to 1 his good Pleasure; to convert our Souls,


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