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and to co-operate with us in all our Alpirations after him, till at length he accomplish his own Work in us, and to the immortal Praise of his Free Grace and Mercy, reward our Sinceré and Persevering, though imperfect, Obedience with a Crown of Glory, Amen.

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PSALM 84.1.
O bow amiable are thy Dwel-

lings: Thou Lord of
Hofts !


Hese Words Ć conceive ) are à

passionate Ejaculation of the Royal Plalmist, when he was unnatu: rally driven by his Rebelious Son AbSalom, from the House of God. He bears his other Affiliations with wonder. ful Patience and Resignation : The Revilings of his Enemies, the Revolts of his Friends, the Rebellion of his own Son, the Disgrace of his Family, and the Eclypse of his Glory. But to be banishid from the Presence of the Lord, to be fore'd from the Place of

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his peculiar Abode, tu be depriv'd of the publick Worship of the San&ua. ry: This is à Meditation that finks his Pious Soul almost into Impatience, and causeth him even to 'cry out for the Disquitness of his Heart. My Soul longeth,says he, yea, even fainteth for the Courts_of the Lord : My Heart and my Flesh cry out for the Living God. , the

he goes on in his Elegant Complaints bath found her an House, and the Spallove ï Nest where she may lay her Young ; even thine Altars, O Lord of Hosts, my King, and


God. But I am debarr'd that Liberty, which those little Birds, that know nothing of thee, enjoy. Whilst they securely fly about and sing, yea, build their Nefts, and hatch their Young Ones in thy Ho•

ly Place. Thy Servant wanders up (a)2Sam. and down in the Solitary (a) Moun17.22, 29. tains, overwhelm'd with Sorrows,

overwhelm'd with Vexations, because

vastly remote from thy Dwelling-Place (6) Pal. in Sion. (b) O then, send out thy Light 43. 3, 4. and thy Truth; let them lead me, let them

guide me unto thy Holy Hill, and to thy Tabernacle. Then will I go unto the Altar of God, into God my ex


Psal. 42.

c ceeding Joy, yea, upon the Harp will u I praise thee, O God, my God." In a ok word; In all his Afflictions be seems

to be griev'd at nothing else, but chis unhappy 'Banishment from the 9. Sanduary of the Lord. This makes

him fadly to call to mind his former happiness. How he went with the Multitude, and brought them fortb into 4, S. the House of God, in the Voice of Praise and Thanksgiving; among such as keep Haly. Day. How his soul was then fillid, not with Heaviness, as now; but with Extasies, and Raptures, and Joys. How ravishing he always found the Beauty of Holiness, how

transporting the Courts of the Lords : House, and

and how unspeakable the Consolations and Refreshments of his Service. All which is elegantly com

pris d in this most Affectionate and SeE raphick Ejaculation : 0 how amiable-aré À thy Dwellings: thou Lord of Hofts !

This ( I say ) was the Case of the Royal Palmilt; nothing so lovely, nothing so desirable, nothing so amiable in his Eyes, as the Beauty of Holiness. And thus is it likewise with all the Children of God.


(c) As

(c) Pfal. (c) As the Hart panteth after the IVater42. 1, 2. brooks, so do their Souls pant after God.

Their Souls are athirst for God, yea, even for the Living God: and they re. joyce to come publickly, and appear before the presence of God. And that,

ist. Because here they are sure to meet him, whom their Soul loveth; to meet him with all his Endear. ments and Caresses, and to be wonderfully refresht with the Solaces of his Love. Here especially they experience the kind Aslistances of Angels, and the Extraordinary Visitations and Blandishments of the Holy Spirit. Here they are delighted with Anthems of Praise and Adoration, and feast upon Allelujah's, Here they melt in Calentures of Devotion, and feel the most Extatick Aspirations after God. Here they converse with the Brightest and Best Being, which oftentimes vouchsafes them such clear Perceptions, and lively Impressions of his Divine Beauty, that they seem to be with Saint Paul in Paradise, encircled and surrounded with Amazing Glories, lifting up their Voices with


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